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Country Ambassadors for Free TON Stage 1: Ambassador Selection [10-24.08.2020.]

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Hi all! Here is my submission: Name: Genrikh (tg @GenrX)

Personal information

Address: Kiev, Ukraine

Age : 37

Nationality : Ukrainian


National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», department of Computer Engineering. Master’s degree in Computer Engineering (2000–2006).

I have a diploma on topic “Using a private key encryption systems with in banking networks” and I passed the PhD’s exam of “philosophy of science”.


I am actively interested in crypto for over a 2 years. I read relevant news and social media every day. A read and fully understood many blockchain whitepapers. I know how blockchain works and modern trends in crypto.

Work and blockchain experience

I am Co-founder of a site about blockchain games

I write articles and do research on blockchain and cryptocurrency topics. Sometimes for various ICO projects, sometimes at Here are examples of my articles (done throw Upwork):

Special skills

  • Native Russian
  • Native Ukrainian
  • Fluent English
  • Software development skills (Java, C#, Delphi)
  • Blockchain and DeFi experience.

Free TON Promotion plans:

Writing a series of introductory articles about cryptocurrencies in general and Free TON’s place in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Development of educational materials that allow people with no experience in the field of cryptocurrencies to start interacting with Free TON.

Creation of a cycle of training videos on working with Free TON.

Attracting people interested in blockchain to the Free TON ecosystem.

Searching for new areas for the application of Free TON. In particular, for the field of blockchain games, since in this area I have experience, a website and connections in the community.


Hello everyone! Great contest.
You can find my submission on governance page, Submission #7 [Here]


I plan to do the main promotion of the project in our country and specifically in Baku as follows. :boom: :love_letter:

The goal of all communities is to attract as much attention as possible and to tell about the project in our country. Cryptocurrencies here are not so widespread, but I believe that in the long run it is the future of the financial system. :fire: :fire: :trophy:

To the moon!!


Hello, my name is Andrei (@rondondron). I decided to become an ambassador of Free TON to promote it to Russian speaking and English speaking community and bust awareness of Free TON.

Here is a list of my skills:

  1. Setting the marketing strategy for long term/short term campaigns.

  2. Generation and design of content: text, photos, videos, infographics. Most common in Instagram/TikTok.

  3. Attracting subscribers, increasing audience by organic CEO traffic.

  4. Management of a team of specialists of 6 people, involved in crypto since 2017-2018.

  5. Analysis of the market, audience and competitors.

Last project developed by my team is - it’s the aggregator of all useful information about with translations into Russian language: guides, news, articles and announcements.

We have achieved 100 average users per day in period of 20 days.

Portfolio list:

  1. Website

  2. CEO traffic

  3. Mockups and other design stuff also for Keep network

  4. Non animated sticker packs in completely different styles:




  1. Animated sticker pack for Free Ton contest, unfortunately wasn’t submitted correctly due to my mistake

  1. Animated videos:





Please note that we prepared audio accompaniment non-professional level due to budget deficit. We will prevent it now.

Here is my plan for further implementation.

Main goal to bootstrap first wave of active MICRO influencers on Youtube/Instagram/TikTok/Twitch



My team will prepare 1 pager with short information. This will help our further influencers to familiarize with concepts of Free TON before going deep in the water.


My team will produce several informational/educational videos:

  • what is Free TON

  • how to setup node

Exact videos will be finally conform at Stage 2


My team will brainstorm flexible questions for quiz. More detailed will be set out beyond.


of the market, audience through various social media channels crypto and non-crypto related, preparing budget for ads.



Videos content will be uploaded on new youtube channel. Then videos will be promoted separately according to people’s preferences. For example “Current stage of contests and proposals” video will be shared in telegram/youtube channels/chats more designers/content creators heavy, “How to setup node” will be promoted with help of youtubers more tech savvy and who are keen on running nodes etc.

Each advertising depends on the audience and ERR coefficient of telegram/youtube channel. This is short explanation, but we have more precise formula to filter channels for ads.

Our focus - small influencers with ready to action people behind them. In this phase we track their attention.

As soon as we track attention and stir up interest with help of ads we direct people to next phase - QUIZ.


To participate people need:

  1. submit google form with their e-mail and telegram/twitter/freeton forum handles and correctly answer 20 questions about Free TON. All the proper answers can be found in video tutorials. This will prevent bots/multi accs from grabbing all the prize pool. Answers will be shuffled also.

  2. register at

  3. Subscribe to Free TON social media channels/chats.

Everyone who succeeded with quiz will get X TON, where X depends on current prices for user acquisition. Exact numbers will be calculated later.

Quiz cap - 300-500 persons. As soon as we climb to the max cap of 300 Quiz will go on involve people in Free TON but without payment.



I suggest to divide all new “HR” members to such rank system:

  1. Base

  2. Pro

  3. Elite

Each rank in their turn is subject to be divided into 3 separate ranks: diamond, gold and silver. So Elite Diamond in most valuable players and Base Silver level is mostly include small influencers and newcomers.

How to separate people in different ranks:

First week each participant starts with lowest rank Base Silver and try to prove themself and jump to the next step or even jump over several stairs at once.

Requirements to become Base Silver

  1. Be a user and sign a declaration on decentralization
  2. Read 1 pager
  3. Have an active instagram account with 100 users+ or TikTok with 1 500+ users.
  4. Produce and share viral & creative video with your audience. More reasonable to start challenges and share it with your friends forcing them to compete in this challenge. Challenges should be easy to repeat and maximum funny as it possible.
    We will pay 10 TikTokers to start challenges in their preferred way.
  5. Each onboarded member should:
    a) register on and sign a declaration on decentralization

b) follow twitter account
c) follow telegram channel/chat
d) pass the Quiz

  1. For each onboarded person influencer get 1+ TON. More detailed at Stage 2.

Rewards will be distributed after thorough analysis participant’s social media accounts.

If any fraud and malicious activity will be detected during campaign participant will not get payment.

Other activities (telegram bot, collaborations with non-crypto communities and so on) will be announced in Stage 2.

All the above calculation is subject to be reconsidered close to start line of campaign and must be recalculated based on current prices for content development and advertising.

Predicted time to perform it through Stage 2 - 2-3 months.

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It is @WuChi001X (Forum and TG). I am a member of the forum since 14 July 2020 and have participated on some topics:

I would like to inform you that I have some skills related to the promotion of telegram groups. I am a Python programmer and have used telethon library for a while:

I can Identify the interests of telegram users by considering their membership and activities in various telegram groups. Then, I can invite them to the goal group either by sending them invitation letters or just by adding them directly, if they wish.

So, I think I deserve to be elected as an ambassador for Free TON. I am an expert in attracting related and interested guys (not random guys) to the @TONCRYSTAL. If I got elected to be an ambassador of Free TON, I would do my best to bring 10K members to the @TONCRYSTAL. For sure, the new members will be interested in Crypto concepts including Free TON.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to reach out to me by TON forum or telegram username @WuChi001X


image Free TON Ambassador for Instagram Promotion

Today, social media is a necessary tool and solution for all businesses. The social media marketing is an effective means to build a brand and increase a brand’s visibility, through active relationships between business and end users. The influencers on social media can expedite the Free TON promotion by using the power of their users.

I saw that Free TON is very active on Telegram with many group chats and channels including WiKi chat, local language chats in different countries, validator chats, etc. However, the Free TON place is really empty on Instagram.

I, as a social medial promoter, will build Instagram page for Free TON English, will activate the Free TON announcements, posts and news on Instagram, and will try to promote the Free TON to reach 100K followers , all among interested and specialized people to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.


I am with username @SaDE242 on the forum.


Great idea :+1: :+1: :+1:

One of my best sides is market intelligence, which for me means examining the marketplaces populated by customers or prospects. Understanding the areas where my target audiences are most active helps me to identify the right media mix, the touchpoints and channels to use and where my products can fit into those elements.

Second thing is understanding my customers which helps me effectively target new customers for less marketing spend, while helping boost retention rates. The focus is always on gaining one new customer while retaining the existing ones.

The third thing is using the appropriate marketing platform, which is again understanding where my customers better respond to, which social networks or perhaps TV.

Another thing is creating unique advantages that others do not have, creating specific aspects that can distinguish me from others, that could be quality, speed, editing options etc.

All this strengths can help me put TON LABS in Armenia on the NEW level. :fire: :fire:

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Hi. Here’s my CV + submission.


Hello! Attached is my CV and Free TON promotion presentation

Привет! Прилагаю мое резюме и презентацию продвижения Free TON

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Hello to everyone!

My name is Platon Knyazev. I’ve been following the project since its inception.

Many the community members already know me, as I am an active member of the project and do everything in my ability to develop it.

I am one of the Master Ludi validators who passed the contest and I also became a member of the 1.1 jury family.

Besides the FreeTON project I am a co-owner of 2 companies - Analytics Group (big data visualization and Analytics) and Axiom (IT integration for big business).

We have already made a BI report for the project to keep the correct balance in the FreeTON staking. You can view the interactive dashboard here:

We are also currently making a new cool dashboard. It will help you evaluate the market for Crystal tokens. Historical values, best sell/buy prices, weighted average price, volumes, top sellers, and a number of other useful data and useful indicators for the community. The project is not yet complete, but it is already at the final stage of testing and improvement.

I have been familiar with blockchain since 2013 (mining). In 2016-2017, I participated in almost all blockchain events in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In the same years, I gathered a group of enthusiasts and independently organized blockchain meetups, hackathons and free training courses for everyone. One of our finest examples: (

In this regard, I would like to note:

• I have knowledge of the history of blockchain development, successful and unsuccessful cases in this area.

• I personally know a lot of opinion leaders from the CIS blockchain community, and I also have a direct connection with people like Michael Gan (founder of Kucoin) and others.

• I have experience in conducting major events in this area and beyond.

• I am a frequent guest at many events dedicated to blockchain and the digital economy.

I consider that my competence, experience and commitment to the FreeTon ideology allow me to become a worthy representative of our community.

In addition to promoting FreeTON and the project’s ideology wherever possible and appropriate, I want to offer the following as my KPI:

I am ready to fully organize the first offline FreeTON summit on my own.

I am ready to take full responsibility for all financial and organizational issues.

Reason: Launch of the FreeTON mainnet network

Location: Moscow, Radisson ship.

When: one of the next days off, after the launch of the mainnet

Event program: 3-4 hour walk along the Moscow river. During the voyage, there will be a summit, speeches by people who have made a significant contribution to the development of the project, a large buffet and naturally networking.

The event will be dedicated entirely to the FreeTON project.

Who will be there: community members and I will personally invite representatives of such projects as cointelegraph, forklog and RBC to the event. I will also invite independent journalists from major publications and opinion leaders of the CIS blockchain community.

Terms of participation: Places on the deck are limited to 150-170 people. I suggest setting a conditional ticket price for crystals, so as not to face the problem that there will be more people willing to attend the event than there are seats. And spend the entire collected budget on international charity on behalf of the FreeTON project.


  • As a result of the event, our project will be able to loudly declare its existence.
  • Engaged a large audience through the media and opinion leaders.
  • Make a large number of PR materials for the future.
  • It will allow all active members of the community to get acquainted with each other, establish networking and discuss the future development of the project in detail.

I repeat, I am ready to take all financial costs and organizational issues completely on myself!

My activities as an Ambassador will include many other actions for the development of FreeTON, but in this contest, I ask you to consider the above-mentioned summit as the key KPI.

I hope my candidacy and ideas will be liked by members of the jury and the entire community! Best regards, Platon Knyazev.


I heard about TON since 2018 and was carefully following TON LAB’s success throughout the time. I will try do anything possible to promote TON in Latvia. :love_you_gesture:t2:

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Зравствуйте! Мое резюме для участия в данном конкурсе:

Hello! My CV for this competition:

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Name: Luciano Cornelia

Free TON forum account: Aldo

My Telegram:

My Linkedin account:

Languages: English (fluent), Brazilian (native), French (upper-intermediate)

Education: Master’s Degree in IT, Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics and Management

My Free TON Activities

  1. I took part in all Free TON Weekly Meetups on YouTube.
  2. At this moment I am developing a free TON Brand Masters program.
  3. Me and my partner started to integrate BTC in our main business. We build financial products with Blockchain technology to boost the economy in Latin America in our plans integrate Free TON payment system.
  4. I plan to take an active part in Free TON Ambassadors Governance Development.

My Experience and Skills

What I’m going to do if you chose me:

  • Interaction with the community and publishing the project concerning getting bitcoins (English, Brazilian).
  • Launching the official project Twitter page for the Brazilian Community
  • Become a Telegram Brazilian Community Manager -
  • Keep active and is in charge of the work of the Brazilian channel
  • Translate into Brazilian the mobile wallet application -
  • Translate several articles for the project and published on the internal forum, where I am an active member as well as on other platforms:

  • Video recording experience for projects and community in Portuguese.
  • Local Hackathon

Free TON Promotion

I am planning to become a contemporary representative of the Free TON for the Brazilian-, English-, speaking community all over the world.

I have chosen this Brand Ambassador program because I appreciate the opportunity to communicate with people of the same interests and if I can give the crypto community something new in the form of Free TON it will be a huge success for me.

As soon as my job is to develop this successful project, I know all the subtleties and nuances of the Brand Ambassador’s work that will help me promote Free TON for the crypto community.

I find the Free TON concept outstanding and profitable and I wish as many people as possible could learn about the project and all communities would have the opportunity to receive proper support from Free TON in different languages all over the world. I can give such an opportunity to develop the Free TON community in several language groups at once (English, Brazilian).

I can work with such a big project, since I have something to share with Free TON. I believe that the cryptocurrency future is with the Free TON.

As a Brand Ambassador for Free TON I am going to complete the following tasks:

Ambassadors Governance 2.0 development.

  • Total change of the whole structure of Brand Ambassadors project;
  • Helping to create decentralized governance 2.0;
  • Attract referrals;
  • Attraction media influencers;
  • Creation of a full-fledged support for the local community of Brazil and Portugal.

Free TON One Pager Creating.

A 1-2 page document describing the project idea. Executive summary is sent to investors/ambassadors/users to get acquainted with the project idea. Should include a description of the problem your project is solving, a go-to-market strategy, a description of your competitors, and the project’s financial prospects.

Support of the Free TON information background:

  • Content creation will be an additional task to maintain the Free TON Information background;
  • Writing articles about Free TON and further translation of those articles into appropriate languages (Brazilian and Italian);
  • Providing information about Free TON via my channels and channels of my campaigners.
  • Translation of Free TON news, articles, on-line streams into Brazilian, Italian or French.

My total goal is to invite 5 media persons on regular terms. 10-20 media press releases in Brazil. 8 more Brand Ambassadors and 5000 new active Free TON community members.

Deadline for completing all tasks is 3-4 months. As I am interested in the quality of the activities of new members and their contribution to the development of the Free TON.


FreeTON: Country Ambassador

Part I

24 AUGUST 2020

CV Link:


I am applying for the position of Country Ambassador for India. India is a vast country with more than 1.3 Billion people with vast opportunity and an appetite for technology for a relatively young tech savvy population.

I have been a very active member of the FreeTON community for the past 3 months, and following TON for around 1.5 years. I have participated in various contests in the past and also won rewards. Apart from that I have been also developing my own community to support and popularize the FreeTON in my county and around the world.

If I get selected for Country Ambassador for India, I can easily commit myself to bring at least 10000+ new members in the Ecosystem.

I have been part of various Crypto projects over the years and have a good reputation and contact among the crypto community in my country. I believe these experiences and connections will help me in popularizing FreeTON in India and increasing its adoption among crypto enthusiasts as well as among common people and investors.

For making FreeTON popular in India I have devised these six main strategies:

  1. Telegram Strategy
  2. Twitter Strategy
  3. Website Strategy
  4. Youtube Strategy
  5. Webinar Strategy
  6. Instagram and Facebook and Others Strategy

I have elaborated all these strategies below in detail.

Telegram Strategy

Telegram is a very vital platform for upcoming Crypto projects to gather support among crypto enthusiasts, investors and tech savvy people. It also allows us to reach millions of people across the globe because of its open nature and features like groups and channels. I will be capitalizing on the existing crypto ecosystem on Telegram to gather support for our FreeTON project.

I am very active on Telegram and a part of various various Cryptocurrencies and Investment related groups and channels. I am also owner of various telegram groups with an audience of more than 20,000.

In total I am in more than 450+ Telegram Groups related to cryptocurrencies and investment. Recently I have started a Telegram group dedicated to FreeTON in India, currently it has more than 300 members and is growing rapidly.

Here are some groups and channels I own related to FereTON :

  1. @ton_crystal
  2. @FreeTONIn
  3. @TONCrystalShop
  4. @TONIndia
  5. @TONWebsite
  6. @FreeTONIndia
  7. @TON_domain
  8. @FreeTONSeller
  9. @BuySellTON

With these premium Telegram usernames, I am trying to make a good community around FreeTON Blockchain where people will be able to trade and exchange goods and also help in growing the community further.

Apart from that I have some big International groups like International Friends and Chat Lounge and some other smaller groups which I will be using to bring members in FreeTON Community Groups and Channels.

Twitter Strategy

Twitter is also very vital for any Crypto project to create buzz about the cryptocurrency and bring early adopters as well as big investors to the project. It can also be used to do giveaways and various competitions to support the project as well as increase wide scale adoption of FreeTON.

I will be using my personal Twitter id as well as Business Ids:

  1. @ashutosh_ceo
  2. @koinindia
  3. @freetonin

I have good following on these Ids on Twitter and will use them to create buzz on Twitter about FreeTON. I will organize various competitions where people have to do promotional stuff like hashtag, retweets and tagging their friends in order to win FreeTON Crystal as giveaways.

I believe giveaways are a very good method to create buzz and awareness about our project on Twitter.

Website Strategy

Having a good presence on search engines is also a very important aspect of any upcoming crypto project. Any individual who searches for FreeTON should get ample information about the project, it’s use cases and from where they can get FreeTON.

Keeping these requirements in mind I have registered some premium domain and will be using them to make various applications around FreeTON as well as also give opportunity for people to trade them.

I have registered these 2 domains and started development :


I will also be using my company website ( to popularize the project and will write articles on it so that it can come up in google search results whenever someone searches for FreeTON.

YouTube Strategy

Youtube is the 2nd most visited platform in the world, having a presence on Youtube is a must. To promote FreeTON through youtube I will be partnering with all the big Indian Crypto Youtube Channels, as many of them are my friends.

I will do partnership with them and also organize small giveaways through competition on Youtube. In total I will be reaching 100000+ crypto enthusiasts through these collaborations.

Possible Collaborations:


Currently I don’t have any YouTube channel dedicated to FreeTON, but I have plans to start some channels in the very near future as the adoption of freeton grows.

Webinar Strategy

Due to Covid 19 situation it’s very difficult to organize Offline Events, thus I am planning to host some webinars where I and other industry experts will be discussing the FreeTON and its use cases and why it’s better and innovative than other existing blockchain technologies.

It can be both in the form of updates as well as QnA sessions where I and other members from the community will be sharing our insights with new people as well as clearing any doubts about the project and discuss the roadmap for the future.

Instagram and Facebook and Others Strategy

Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and other social media also have a very huge audience which we simply can’t ignore. Thus I will also be focussing on these areas too where I atleast keep the people updated about the latest news and happenings about the FreeTON.

I have made some very good designs in previous Graphic Competition for Social Media Images, I will be using those promotional materials to promote FreeTon on these platforms.



I am a Russian developer who have been living in Argentina for 5 years. I would like to promote Free TON in Argentina and Latin America.

Before leaving Russia I was taking part in Bitrix partner program. Our team of 4 like-minded people was in TOP-100 of 20’000+ total partners in Russia.
We were keeping a blog with articles about the topic, making commercial ads and organizing offline meetings and conferences:

  • Twice per year - for 20-30 participants;
  • Once a year - 100-300 participants;

For my success in attracting customers in 2013, I was awarded an iPad by Bitrix company.

Last year I studied some parts of TON technology and took part in TG TON contest.
This year I took part in the Validator competition. Now I’m taking part on DePool contest.
I am also a member of Free TON Jury 1.1;

Education: teacher of Math and Computer Science


I prefer to promise less and do more than not deliver on what I promised. So my KPI for the next two months are:

  • Create a web-site on domain zone;
  • Write one article per week about Free TON and common blockchain principles;
  • Publish one news a week;
  • Post review of Free TON Weekly Meetups;


tg: @anovi alexnew


My name is Tatiana Sorokina.
Profession: graphic designer
citizenship: Belarus
place of residence: Poland Krakow
Languages: Polish fluently, English communicative
intended audience: Polish-speaking community, Russian-speaking community,
English-speaking community.

my already existing media: 711k views per month 4.2k followers

media I’m going to work in: telegram,

strategy: attracting people who are not specialists in programming. Blockchain training,
a native way of working, in the form of posts on related topics with the introduction
of training and promotion of blockchain technologies. Demonstration of examples
of blockchain use in everyday life. I consider it optimal to use not only content related
to cryptocurrencies, but also content that is interesting to potential users, but not directly
related to cryptocurrencies, since this way of promotion allows you to generate more trust
and improve the quality of the audience. This approach allows you to attract people who
are not engaged in the blockchain community and allows you to break the public stereotype
that blockchain is a complex technology that is not applicable in everyday life, a toy
for geeks or a tool for speculating on the stock exchange, a financial pyramid.

Features of the audience: people which don’t have special technical skills in blockchain
technology , but are ready to start using this technologies for ideological reasons
(disagreement with censorship in the media, concern for privacy, disagreement with the
principles of the world monetary system and taxation).
Examples of social media target audience:

ways to attract:
free and paid posts, contests with the distribution of tokens, personal communication
at meetings, distribution of educational printed materials
performance check: social media statistics: subscribers / views / audience engagement
photo reports from personal meetings

Меня зовут Татьяна Сорокина.
Профессия: дизайнер.
гражданство: Беларусь
место проживания: Польша Краков
владение языками: польский свободно владею, английский коммуникативный
предпологаяемая аудитория: польскоязычное сообщество,
русскоязычное сообщество, англоязычное сообщество.

мои уже существующие медиа: 711k просмотров в месяц 4.2k подписчиков

медиа, в которых собираюсь работать: telegram,

стратегия: привлечение людей не специалистов в программировании. Обучение
использованию блокчейн, нативный способ работы, в виде постов на смежные темы
с внедрением обучения и пропаганды технологий блокчейн. Демонстрация примеров
использоваения блокчейн в обычной жизни. Считаю оптимальным использовать не
только контент касающийся криптовалют, но так же контент интересный
потенциальным пользователям, но не связанные напрямую с криптовалютами, так как
это такой способ продвижения позволяет вызвать большее доверие и улучшить
качество аудитории. Такой подход позволяет привлечь людей, не ангажированных в
блокчейн комьюнити и позволяет переломить общественный стереотип о том,
что блокчейн это сложная не применимая в обычной жизни технология, игрушка
для гиков или инструмент для спекуляций на бирже, финансовая пирамида.

Особенности аудитории: люди, не имеющие специальной технической подготовки,
но готовые к переходу на новые технологии по идеологическим причинам (несогласие
с цензурой в медиа, забота о приватности, несогласие с принципами мировой
денежной системы и налогообложения).

Примеры соц медиа целевой аудитории:

способы привлечения:
бесплатные и платные посты, конкурсы с раздачей токенов, личное общение на
встречах, раздача обучающих печатных материалов

проверка эффективности: статистика социальных сетей: количество
подписчиков/количество просмотров/уровень вовлеченности аудитории
фотоотчеты с личных встреч

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Hello to everyone! My name is Kader.

My Telegram

About me:

I’m from Saudi Arabia. I’m 28 y.o. I have a big family, I like traveling around the world.

I have more than 8 years of experience in Procurement, Contracts, Estimation & Administration.

I am presently working for Medgulf Construction Co. WLL. where my job as a procurement officer provides me exposure to lot of things in a single working day. Since this position requires that a person is organized and result oriented, I work hard to manage the logistics of supplies and goods procurement. I have had great success in managing cost reduction for my company by employing purchasing techniques that I believe very few people in this industry have knowledge of. With my strong negotiation skills, I consider myself a breed apart whether it is managing everyday work or picking up new projects to do.
Moreover, I am highly skilled in preparing purchase requisitions, approving, and issuing purchase orders, coordinating vendor activity, and negotiating service agreements.

I know how to measure value of any product. I see that Free TON has a huge value, that’s why I’m here and participate in this contest

Work and blockchain experience

I have my own business. I am the Co-founder of Together with my business partner, we’re launching a program that allows getting bitcoins (faucet)

My main skills

  • Blockchain enthusiast
  • Negotiation
  • Groups management
  • Media buyer. I can help to promote Free TON via the paid channels in Saudi Arabia.

My Free TON Local Project Development Plan:

  • Publications in the news media about the Free TON project

  • TikTok content creation as for DogeCoin

  • Writing instructions, translations

  • Free TON animation video creation.

  • Conducting local meetings.

  • Attracting ambassadors from neighboring Arabic-speaking countries such as Egypt, Qatar, UAE.


My goal is to spread the influence of the project to many Arabic-speaking countries.

  • I want to invite 10,000 people to chat.
  • Write some articles about the project.
  • Make a local community meeting.
  • TikTok users attraction. (It’s very important to attract a young audience to the project see why)

I really hope that the jury will appreciate my work and I will be happy to become an ambassador of Free TON project.


Hi, my name is Grant.

I intend to promote Free TON in the Armenian community.
The population of Armenia itself is about 3,000,000 people, and another 7-8 million Armenians live outside of it.

We are a very close-knit and active nationality, which many of you may have already noticed from our activity in social networks;) And due to the wide geographical distribution of the population, the community is not closed within any one linguistic or national group. Therefore, if the Armenians understand the advantages of the FreeTON blockchain and love it, there is no need to doubt the rapid organic distribution around the world.


I have no illusions about the simplicity of attracting ordinary users to a crypto project and their training, because I am familiar with this firsthand, so I will immediately set more or less realistic goals that I will try to surpass:

Satisfactory result - 300 attracted users
Good result - 1000 attracted users
Excellent result - 10,000 attracted users

Promotion tools:

1. A Telegram channel and Free TON Armenia group will be created, by which the final result will be assessed.
2. Since communication is conducted in 3 languages ​​- Armenian, Russian and English - I will attract 1-2 assistants, there are candidates
3. First, you need to train the first attracted users so that they can transfer information further and help others, so up to 300 users will be found classically in the “warm circle” - among relatives (yes, we usually have a lot of them)) and friends, as well as their friends.
4. The main part of the crystals from the first stage, if I go further, will go to advertising in thematic Armenian groups and VKontakte publics. It is in this social network that there are most of them - more than 3000. I will negotiate with national associations in VK and youth organizations about free informing subscribers and getting to know the FreeTon blockchain.
5. Referral promotion has already been implemented on my website, I will reveal the details at the second stage. There you can also post and promote any content related to FreeTON, for example, in the form of news and training videos. And the “humanity” and uniqueness of the user is verified by confirming his profile in one of the popular social networks via OAuth.

About myself:

For 15 years he directed and managed the Investment Company in Russia created jointly with partners. Traditional financial markets.

I got acquainted with cryptocurrencies in 2016. Maybe in vain, but I never considered them as speculative or investment instruments, but looked for opportunities to be used in my own project.

The promoted ideas and solutions implemented in Free TON look quite attractive, so TON Crystals will definitely find internal circulation in the music portal that I am developing - a social network.

I plan to register my project by the end of the year
in the FEZ (Free Economic Zone) of Armenia, the rules of which are very favorable primarily for blockchain and cryptocurrency IT startups, and companies are exempted from paying all taxes for 25 years.

Привет, меня зовут Грант.

Я намерен продвигать Free TON в армянском сообществе.
Население самой Армении составляет порядка 3 000 000 человек, а за ее пределами проживает еще 7-8 миллионов армян.

Мы - очень сплоченная и деятельная национальность, что многие из вас уже могли заметить по нашей активности в социальных сетях;) А ввиду широкой географической распределенности населения - сообщество не является замкнутым внутри какой-либо одной языковой или национальной группы. Поэтому, если армяне поймут преимущества блокчейна FreeTON и полюбят его, - сомневаться в стремительном органическом распространении по всему миру не придется.

Целевые показатели:

Иллюзий насчет простоты привлечения обычных пользователей в криптопроект и их обучения не испытываю, т.к. знаком с этим не понаслышке, поэтому сразу поставлю более-менее реалистичные цели, которые постараюсь превзойти:

Удовлетворительный результат - 300 привлеченных пользователей
Хороший результат - 1000 привлеченных пользователей
Отличный результат - 10000 привлеченных пользователей

Инструменты продвижения:

1. Будут созданы канал в Телеграм и группа Free TON Armenia, по которым и будет оцениваться итоговый результат.
2. Поскольку общение у нас ведется на 3 языках - армянском, русском и английском - привлеку 1-2 помощников, кандидатуры имеются
3. Сначала нужно обучить первых привлеченных пользователей, чтобы они могли передавать информацию дальше и помогать другим, поэтому до 300 пользователей будут найдены классически в “теплом круге” - среди родственников (да, их у нас, как правило, много)) и знакомых, а также их знакомых.
4. Основная часть кристаллов с первого этапа, если пройду дальше, пойдет на рекламу в тематических армянских группах и пабликах ВКонтакте. Именно в этой социальной сети их больше всего - более 3000. Проведу переговоры с национальными объединениями в ВК и молодежными организациями о бесплатном информировании подписчиков и знакомстве с блокчейном FreeTon.
5. Реферальное продвижение уже реализовано на моем сайте, детали раскрою на втором этапе. Там же можно размещать и продвигать любой контент, связанный с FreeTON, например, в виде новостей и обучающих видеороликов. А “человечность” и уникальность пользователя проверяется путем подтверждения его профиля в одной из популярных социальных сетей через OAuth.

О себе:

15 лет руководил и управлял созданной совместно с партнерами Инвестиционной компанией в России. Традиционные финансовые рынки.

С криптовалютами познакомился в 2016 году. Может и зря, но никогда не рассматривал их в качестве спекулятивного или инвестиционного инструментов, а искал возможности для применения в собственном проекте.

Пропагандируемые идеи и реализумые во Free TON решения, смотрятся довольно привлекательно, так что TON Crystals обязательно найдут внутреннее хождение в разрабатываемом мной музыкальном портале - социальной сети.

До конца года планирую зарегистрировать свой проект
в СЭЗ (Свободной Экономической Зоне) Армении, правила которой очень благосклонны в первую очередь для блокчейн и криптовалютных IT-стартапов, а компании освобождаются от уплаты всех налогов в течение 25 лет.


ПРИВЕТ! (Ru version)

Я @Angel_108 из Ukraine .

Имя пользователя в Телеграм: @Angel_108

Аккаунт на форуме Free TON: @Angel_108

Имею 2-а образования:
Высшее: специалист физико-математических наук;
Музыкальное образование .
Проходил колоссальное количество онлайн/оффлайн курсов…
Любопытен и развиваюсь в разных направлениях…
На протяжении всей жизни учусь и развиваюсь…
“Любой, кто перестает учиться, стареет, и не важно, сколько ему лет: двадцать или восемьдесят. Любой, кто продолжает учиться, остается молодым. Самая великая вещь в жизни - это сохранять свой разум молодым. Генри Форд”

Имею опыт:

  • АУДИО/ВИДЕО: 1. Специалист по видеомонтажу (DaVinci Resolve Studio + Fusion Studio; Adobe Premiere Pro; MAGIX VEGAS Pro и др. ) - опыт работы 15+
    2. Видеодизайн
    3. Видеосьемка - опыт работы 17+
    4. Создание субтитров
    5. Видеопрезентации (презентации - Microsoft Office 2016-2019 Professional Plus; SoftMaker Office 2018 и др.) - 15+
    6. Профессиональный звукорежиссер (Cubase10 DC7; Adobe Audition; MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro и др. )- 20+
  • ФОТОГРАФИЯ: 1. Фотосъемка (начинал с Canon eos 450d; Nikon D40-D60-D90; Nicon d5100-d5300; Nicon d7000; Sony Alpha 7) - 12+
    2. Работаю с такими программами (Luminar; Topaz Gigapixel AI; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop; CorelDRAW Graphics Suite; Affinity Publisher; Serif Affinity Designer)
    3. Обработка, коллажи и прочее…
    4. Опыт фотосьемки конкурса “Мисс”, “Мистер” и др.
  • АУТСОРСИНГ И КОНСАЛТИНГ: 1. Реклама/Маркетинг
    2. SMM (маркетинг в соцсетях) пользуюсь такими сервисами для продвижения:
    -trendHERO - сервис influencer-маркетинга в Instagram, подбор лидеров мнений по критериям (рост подписчиков, вовлеченность, город и другие) или похожих по аудитории блогеров (сервис отдаст до 500 похожих блогеров). Проверить на накрутку – сервис покажет вовлеченность, проанализирует комменты и посты, найдёт ботов и подозрительные аккаунты. Мониторить рекламу блогера и конкурентов – узнайте кто, кого и как рекламировал. Большая база рекламных постов и сториз в помощь.;
    -Instaplus; - проанализировать каналы конкурентов, их рекламные амбиции, охват, контент и аудиторию; - сайты проверка - аналитика для инсты;
    -Hash-master - умный генератор хэштегов для Instagram, работающий на основе искусственного интеллекта;
    -Popsters - для определения популярности групп, пабликов, профилей в социальных сетях (охват, активность, вовлечённость, ER) и выявлять наиболее эффективные. Одним из преимуществ является способность выгружать отчёты в различных форматах PDF, PPTX, XLSX.
    -SMMplanne r - автоматизиция публикаций постов;
    -SocialKit - позволяет парсить аудиторию не только в Инсте, но и в ВК.
    -Chotam - осуществлять контроль за появлением новых комментариев к постам или к видео (для YouTube). Сервис автоматические отправляет уведомления (на email или в telegram), в случае появления новых комментариев.
    -Supa - создавание коротких видео для социальных сетей, в очень простом конструкторе, используя готовые элементы или загружая свои. Видео сейчас, как раз один из трендов в SMM;
    -Minter - позволяет отслеживать активность по хэштегам, рост аудитории, а так же эффетивность Историй. Готовый отчет экспортируется в один документ формата PDF.
    -Brand Analytics Express - отслеживания упоминаний бренда как в социальных сетях, так и в средствах массовой информации.
    (проходил олайн-курс для веб-мастеров «Практический affiliate-маркетинг» Академии*
  • РАСКРУТКА МОБИЛЬНЫХ ПРИЛОЖЕНИЙ: Appbooster - продвигать приложения, анализируем результаты, помогаем развивать и монетизировать продукт;
    Реклама мобильного приложения в Facebook и Instagram;
    Google Play Ads для Android - возможность предложить свой продукт на финальной стадии поиска подходящего приложения в Google Play;
    Google AdWords - интегрированная реклама на других приложениях;
    You Tube - контент-маркетинг;
    Рекламные посты ;
    QR-коды - можно разместить QR-код на промо-продукции (листовки, плакаты, журналы), например.

и др.

С криптовалютой с 2012 года. Познакомил меня знакомый друг

и предоставил мне ознакомиться с The Bitcoin whitepaper который выложил Satoshi Nakamoto nick-sabo и рекомендовал инвестировать. Когда я изучил всю суть, механизм функционирования и принцип работы Bitcoin , я понял что Биткоин является уникальной и перспективной инновацией в области финансовой и платежной систем.
Далее в 2016 году я познакомился с Ethereum - концепт был предложен основателем журнала Bitcoin Magazine Виталиком Бутериным
*buterin-vitalik-214x300 ** криптовалютой и платформой для создания децентрализованных онлайн-сервисов на базе блокчейна (децентрализованных приложений), работающих на базе умных контрактов. Понравился экономический смысл технологии Ethereum .

Пользовался такими продуктами:

Bitcoin Core - (медленная синхронизация блокчейна, что делает операции не такими быстрыми, как хотелось бы);
Electrum Bitcoin - (работает по принципу открытого кода…анонимность, так как он отлично функционирует в сети Tor.);
Jaxx - (возможность придумывать SEED-коды и приятный интерфейс);
Blockchain - (простота и удобство работы онлайн);
Coinbase Wallet;
NEM Nano Wallet - (апостиль – первый нотариальный сервис Blockchain…мгновенная отправка сообщений)
Opera - браузерный кошелек;
GreenAddress - (возможность отправки криптовалюты фолловерам на Twitter, друзьям на Facebook, по номеру телефона или e-mail)
Exodus - ( это один из очень немногих кошельков который еще ниразу никто не смог взломать (привет jaxx ))).
Упор разработчики делают не на красоту, а не его безопасность от взлома.
Он не хранит приватные ключи у себя, только локально на устройстве пользователя (с шифрацией) где он установлен (привет coinbase , который все хранит у себя)… дизайн это лишь маленький бонус. 100+ валют (привет архаичный electrum )))
Внутренний обменник валют Кроссплатформенный Win\Linux\Apple\Android Не требует ни какой идентификации и без территориальных запретов (привет coinbase с его kyc). Поддерживает все известные стаблкоины в том числе Dai и Pax.
Поддерживает eth, eos, waves, bancor (куда в принципе можно закидывать токены основанные на этих платформах).
Есть функционал по экспорту приватных ключей (2 клика мышкой на ПК) (привет coinomi и др. октуда их не вытащить ).
Поддержка аппаратных кошельков trezor )
Guarda Walle t (более 40 блокчейнов и более 10 000 токенов…полный пользовательский контроль над закрытыми ключами и активами) и далее…

14 мая 2020 года , я познакомился с FreeTON - пиринговой мультиблокчейн-системой с нативным токеном TON Crystal (TON) . И мне очень импонирует Free TON , потому что - это высокотехнологичный, инновационный новый проект и планом развития.

Моя Концепция продвижения FreeTON, узнаваемость в СМИ:


Пример платформы:
"0.444" - Влияние "+0.5" - Репутация "3,0045" - FreeTON очки

- будет свой аккаунт пользователя (от 1 - 9 999 999) 
- доска сообщества (новости проекта и др.)
- моя активность (будут отображаться истории действий своего аккаунта)
- задания ( предоставляются разные задания для пользователей **FreeTON**  )
- моя награда (отображается награда, сколько пользователь заработал FreeTON за 7 дней )

* Соц. Сети (здесь будет возможность подписаться на следующие каналы и будут отображаться статистика + действия за выполненные задания. )
* Телеграм
* Твиттер (пример: сколько было совершенно репостов и сколько на твоей странице лайкнули, репостнули, прокомментировали  другие пользователи Твиттер )
* Instagram  и др.

Будут предоставляться задания за выполнения которых пользователи будут получать награды: FreeTON очки + 0,01 репутацию. *

Задания будут разного характера:
Присоединиться в группу, сделать репост, озвучить видео, написать статтью, поделиться публикацией FreeTON в соц. сети и др.

  • Этим самим будет распространение и популяризация FreeTON .

2. ПЛАТФОРМА – YOUTUBE. (имеется профессиональная аудио техника, а также голос озвучивания видео контента+опыт+практика не один год* )

Будут создаваться познавательные видеоролики « Free TON блокчейн»
• Обзор
• Токены
• Смарт-контракты
• Валидаторы
• TON Surf
• Основное
• Безопасность
• Комиссии
• Перевод токенов
• Сообщения
• ДеБоты
• Стейкинг
и т.д. и т.п.

Будут организовываться онлайн встречи (вебинары, подкасты и т. Д.). В прямом эфире розыгывать FreeTON 3-м участникам за правильный ответ викторины - тем самим привлекая и быстрее популяризировать FreeTON.

3. INSTAGRAM (есть опыт и контакты +инструменты продвижения FeeTON )

Будет создана страничка FeeTON *
Каждый день будут выкладываться посты + истории…
Будут проводиться розыгрыши тем самим популяризируя FreeTON и получать подписку на аккаунт.

4. ПОПУЛЯРИЗАЦИЯ С ПОМОЩЬЮ ИГР DOTA 2 * (есть контакты с представителями и игроками с которыми поддерживаю связь*)

Организация и проведения матчей, турниров Dota 2:
за занятое 1 - 4 команды будут получать вознаграждение FreeTON . Тем самим способствуем быстрому продвижению и популяризации FreeTON .


Контент (статьи, новости, обзоры письменных и видеоматериалов, инфографика, и т. Д.)

и далее…

Рекомендую к прочтению:
Кристенсена “Дилемма инноватора”
Ошо «Золотое будущее» (и любые другие книги Ошо)
Уолтер Айзексон «Стив Джобс»…

Рекомендую к просмотру:
Время 2011 г.
Матрица 1999 г…

Благодарю за внимание! :pray: :pray: :pray:



I am @Angel_108 of Ukraine .

User name in Telegram: @Angel_108

Free TON account: @Angel_108

I have 2nd education:
Higher: Specialist in Physical and Mathematical Sciences;
Music education .
A huge number of online/offline courses were held…
Curious and developing in different directions…
I’ve been learning and developing all my life…
“Anybody who stops learning is getting old, no matter how old he is: twenty or eighty. Anyone who continues to study remains young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. Henry Ford”

I have experience:


1. Video editing specialist (DaVinci Resolve Studio + Fusion Studio; Adobe Premiere Pro; MAGIX VEGAS Pro and others. ) - 15+ experience
2. Video design
3. Video - 17+ experience
4. Subtitle creation
5. Video presentations (presentations - Microsoft Office 2016-2019 Professional Plus; SoftMaker Office 2018 et al.) - 15+
6. Professional sound director (Cubase10 DC7; Adobe Audition; MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro etc. )- 20+


1. Photography (started with Canon eos 450d; Nikon D40-D60-D90; Nicon d5100-d5300; Nicon d7000; Sony Alpha 7) - 12+
2. I work with such programs (Luminar; Topaz Gigapixel AI; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop; CorelDRAW Graphics Suite; Affinity Publisher; Serif Affinity Designer)
3. Handling, collages, etc…
4. The experience of photography of the contest “Miss”, “Mister”, etc.


1. Advertising/Marketing
2. SMM (social media marketing) uses these services to promote:
-trendHERO - influencer-marketing service on Instagram, selection of opinion leaders on criteria (growth of subscribers,
-trendHERO - influencer-marketing service on Instagram, selection of opinion leaders according to criteria (growth of subscribers, involvement, city and others) or similar to the audience of bloggers (the service will give up to 500 similar bloggers). Check for cheats - the service will show engagement, analyze comments and posts, find bots and suspicious accounts. Monitor the advertising of the blogger and competitors - learn who, whom and how advertised. A large base of advertising posts and stories to help.;
-Instaplus; - analyze competitor channels, their advertising ambitions, coverage, content and audience; - sites check - analytics for instas;
-Hash-master is a smart Instagram hashtag generator based on artificial intelligence;
-Popsters - to determine the popularity of groups, public, social networks profiles (coverage, activity, involvement, ER) and to identify the most effective. One advantage is the ability to upload reports in different PDF, PPTX, XLSX formats.
-SMMplanne r - automate publishing of posts;
-SocialKit - allows to parse audience not only in the Internet, but also in the VK.
-Chotam - monitor the appearance of new comments on posts or videos (for YouTube). The service automatically sends notifications (via email or telegram) when new comments appear.
-Supa - making short videos for social media, in a very simple designer, using ready-made elements or loading your own. Video is now just one of the trends in SMM;
-Minter - allows you to track hashtag activity, audience growth, and the efficiency of Stories. The finished report is exported to a single PDF document.
-Brand Analytics Express - tracking brand mentions both on social networks and in the media.

    (there was an online course for webmasters "Practical affiliate marketing" of* Academy

Appbooster - promote applications, analyze results, help develop and monetize the product;
Mobile app ads on Facebook and Instagram;
Google Play Ads for Android - an opportunity to offer your product at the final stage of searching for a suitable application in Google Play;
Google AdWords - integrated advertising on other applications;
You Tube - content marketing;
Advertising posts ;
QR-codes - you can place a QR-code on promotional products (leaflets, posters, magazines), for example.


Cryptocurrency since 2012. A friend of mine introduced me

and gave me a look at The Bitcoin whitepaper which was uploaded by Sat oshi Nakamoto nick-sabo and recommended investing. When I studied the essence, functioning mechanism and operating principle of Bitcoin , I realized that Bitcoin is a unique and promising innovation in the field of financial and payment systems.
Then in 2016 I got acquainted with Ethereum - the concept was proposed by the founder of Bitcoin Magazine Vitalik Buterin
buterin-vitalik-214 x300 ** cryptocurrency and platform to create decentralized online services based on blockchain (decentralized applications), based on smart contracts. I liked the economic meaning of technology Ethereum .

Used such products:

Bitcoin Core - (slow synchronization of blockchain, which makes operations not as fast as you would like);
Electrum Bitcoin - (works on the principle of open code…anonymity, as it functions perfectly in the Tor network.);
Jaxx - (possibility to invent SEED codes and pleasant interface);
Blockchain - (simplicity and convenience online);
Coinbase Wallet;
NEM Nano Wallet - (apostille - first notary service Blockchain…instant messaging)
Opera - browser wallet;
GreenAddress - (ability to send cryptocurrency to followers on Twitter, Facebook friends, phone number or e-mail)
Exodus - is one of the very few purses that no one has ever been able to hack (hi jaxx )).
The focus of the developers is not on beauty, but on its safety from hacking.
He does not keep private keys at himself, only locally on the user’s device (with encryption) where he is installed (hi coinbase , who keeps everything)… Design is just a small bonus. 100+ currencies (hi archaic electrum ))
Internal currency exchanger Crossplatform Win\Linux\Apple\Android Does not require any identification and no territorial bans (hello coinbase with his kyc). Supports all known standards including Dai and Pax.
Supports eth, eos, waves, bancor (where you can throw tokens based on these platforms in principle).
There is a feature for exporting private keys (2 mouse click on the PC) (hi coinomi and others do not remove them ).
Hardware Wallet Support trezor )
Guarda Walle t (more than 40 blocks and more than 10,000 tokens…complete user control over private keys and assets) and more…

14 May 2020 , I got acquainted with FreeTON , a peer multi-blockchain system with a native token TON Crystal (TON) . And I really like Free TON because it is a high-tech, innovative new project and a development plan.

My FreeTON promotion concept, media recognition:


Example platform:
"0.444" - Influence "+0.5" - Reputation "3.0045" - FreeTON points

  • will be your user account (from 1 - 9 999 999)

  • Community board (project news, etc.)

  • my activity (the history of your account will be displayed)

  • Jobs ( different jobs provided to users FreeTON )

  • my award (displayed the reward how much the user earned FreeTON in 7 days )

  • Social. Networks (this will allow you to subscribe to the following channels and will display statistics + actions for the jobs you have completed. )

  • Telegram

  • Twitter (example: how many posts and how many people liked and reposted on your page, commented other Twitter users)

  • Instagram et al.

There will be jobs for which users will receive awards: FreeTON points + 0.01 reputation. *

Jobs will be of different nature:
Join the group, make a repost, voice the video, write an article, share the publication FreeTON in the social network, etc.

  • This will be the distribution and promotion of FreeTON .

2. PLATFORM - YOUTUBE. (professional audio technology is available, as well as voice voice of video content+experience+practice not one year* )

Educational videos “ Free TON blockchain” will be created
· Overview
· Tokens
· Smart Contracts
· Validators
· TON Surf
· Security
· Token Translation
· Messages
· DeBots
· Steking

Online meetings will be organized (webinars, podcasts, etc.). Live, play FreeTON to 3rd participants for the correct quiz answer - that attracted and faster popularize FreeTON.
3. INSTAGRAM (there are experiences and contacts +promotion tools FeeTON )

FeeTON * page to be created
Every day, posts + stories will be posted…
There will be drawings by popularizing FreeTON themselves and getting subscriptions to the account.

4. POPULARIZATION WITH DOTA 2 * GAME (there are contacts with representatives and players with whom I am in contact*)

Organization and holding of matches, Dota 2 tournaments:
1-4 teams will receive a reward FreeTON . We contribute to the rapid promotion and popularization of FreeTON .


Content (articles, news, reviews of written and video materials, infographic, etc.)


I recommend reading:
Christensen “The Innovation Dilemma”
Osho “Golden Future” (and any other Osh books)
Walter Isaacson “Steve Jobs”…

Recommended for viewing:
Time 2011
1999 Matrix…

Thank you for your attention! :pray: :pray: :pray: