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I liked this proposal and I support it. According to how this will work, it seems the results would be good for the free TON community. I hope your proposal will be accepted by the free TON team. Good luck!

:speech_balloon: CreaGames AMA session (Ask Me Anything).

CreaGames is a gaming portal with the best selection of free browser and client online games. The most popular games are Clash of Legions and Dragon Knight.

Today, Monday 16th of November at 18:00 UTC they are going to tell community about their partnership proposal👀

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It will be interesting😎

Stay tuned for more updates!


CreaGames, thanks for the AMA session.

Summary of my thoughts announced during the conversation.

We pick one game which we can work with.
Not only with a CIS version but world-wide including the original Chinese.
Share the stats of this title - active players daily/monthly, ARPU etc.

Three major token allocation vector’:

  • integration of TON as a parallel payment system
  • payment for creating items for the TON shelve in the shop
  • airdrop for active users (random, most played, most spent etc - TBD)

TON shelf business model:

  • all the items are priced in TON (token fiat price is received through the API from Coin Market Cap)
  • these items are not available for fiat money
  • when item is sold, 50% of the price goes to developer/publisher wallet directly through a smart-contract
  • another 50% of the item price goes to the Free TON-developer/publisher wallet. When it has a substantial sum of XXX TON (calculated in USD), smart contract sends these tokens to developer/publisher wallet as upfront payment for production of extra models/skins/items/quests/etc
  • the cycle continues
  • the amount of TONs per drop per player is minimum but guarantees that TON shelve has an item that can be bought for this amount
  • pricing model, number of items etc - TBD

If the developers are ready to implement additional quests/tasks which will be rewarded with TONs - it can be also very interesting and worth further discussion. May be at a later stage.

Thus, we will have a very good model of integration which will be financially and adoption-wise interesting for all the parties involved - Free TON community, developer/publisher and the game community!

Will be happy to hear what you and the developers think of such integration.

Thanks again and speak to you soon!


Dear Free Ton members,

Thank you for very productive AMA session we had yesterday.

Here we would like to summarize main points:

Integration process:

We are glad to hear that we are on the same page regarding integration process. We are willing to make it as much easier and fast as possible and I would like to emphasize that our initial proposal supposed the easiest integration.

As it was mentioned in our AMA session, blockchain integration in gaming is not the easiest process.

It will take minimum 6 months.

So here is a justification of fiat in-house costs we have to carry:

  • 2 in-house game designers 6k$/month (incl. taxes, workplace, additional costs) $36k / 6 months;
  • 4 in-house devs 17k$/month (incl. taxes, workplace, additional costs) or $102k / 6 months;
  • 2 in-house testers 5k$/month (incl. taxes, workplace, additional costs) $30k / 6 months;
  • 1 in-house comm manager 2,5k/month (incl. taxes, workplace, additional costs) $15k / 6 months.

So, our minimum required investment into Free TON integration process would be $183k.

The above-mentioned costs do not include some additional expenses that could occur during integration, and we see many potential risk factors.

It is also worth mentioning that fine tuning process isn’t equal to the post-release testing process which may cause additional costs.

International coverage:

We really appreciate your idea not only to go with a CIS version, but make a world-wide release including the original Chinese.

Our first release will cover international markets and the only one that is to be covered on the next stage is a Chinese one (we will mention it in our updated proposal).

TON shelf business model:

I liked the way it is described above. Although we can not take a commitment that it will 100% work like that. We have to make a necessary research and collect the feedback from our community and test various mechanics first.

We are going to post our updated proposal ASAP. And looking forward for Free Ton community making the decision on this partnership.

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What game are you talking here about? Please, share the stats in the updated proposal.

I like the idea of promoting through standard gaming mechanics and the price of around 3-4 crystals per active user seems fair, its hard for me to evaluate integration costs but it’d be cool if this distribution/airdrop/reward mechanic works through smart contract


CreaGames: who we are?

CreaGames is a gaming portal with the best selection of free browser and client online games. Most poular games are Clash of Legions and Dragon Knight.

CreaGames is hundreds of servers and several million active daily users from 200+ countries. Browser online games don’t need to be downloaded and they don’t take up space on user’s hard drive. Games can be played at any time and from any computer, regardless of its technical characteristics (just register and play).

Web-site : 14 3

CreaGames: current metrics

Coverage in 203 countries including Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, India, Israel, Turkey and etc (CreaGames has also limited number of customers in the USA, but no TONs will be distributed to any US persons or entities.).

A team of over 50 experts

Support team working with 4 languages 24/7

Top 3 Russian publisher with over 15% of web users coverage in CIS and Russia

Active users per year: over 1 100 000

Monthly active users: ~100 000

Registered users: 17 000 000+

Web traffic per month: 250 000 – 325 000 Publisher of the nominated Clash of Legions RTS mobile game.

First competitive mobile real-time strategy

Publisher of Dragon Knight game which held top1 Gross Revenue in CIS for 16 months among MMORPG Web games.

Possibility to cover 10 000 000+ users with confirmed emails by sending emails/notices

ARPU: 22$

ARPPU: 560$

Summary Table

CreaGames + Free TON: Key Objectives

Provide millions of CreaGames players with instant access to TON Crystal.

Accelerate usage of TON Crystals as currency by allowing users to can purchase rare virtual assets such as weapon, amours and other in-game cosmetics to make them more valuable.

CreaGames: Free Ton Partnership Proposal

We propose to distribute the native Free TON cryptocurrency to our audience using the following mechanics:

Acceptance of payment with TON Crystal tokens (for the countries where crypto payments are not prohibited);

Airdrop and Reward mechanics;

Bounty Campaign : Support Groups’ administrators, bug reporting, top-community supporters rewards, referrers, active players, competition winners etc.

Free TON Promotion campaign for 10 000 000+ user’s database — (Newsletters among members via e-mails and notifications)


The above described proposal will allow CreaGames:

  • to attract 50 000 new users from different parts of the world and onboard them to Free TON (A user can be considered an active one after one creates a Free TON address and completes at least 2 transactions)
  • to introduce Free TON to our 10 000 000 database of players (Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, India, Israel, Turkey etc.)

Games we consider for integration:

  • Dragon Knight
  • Rise of Angels
  • Dragon Lord
  • My Pocket Stars
  • Dragon Knight 2
  • Eternal Fury
  • SAO’s Legend
  • Лига Ангелов II
  • Воины магии

Main Goal achievement toolset

Cashback program: Paying users get “cashback” or bonus for every purchase (not with TON Crystals) on that exceeds $10. 1 TON Crystals for each 4 USD spent. Such a program will be active for a limited time period.

[How does it work] We connect Free TON’s account to our services that allows user to see his TON Crystal balance and utilize TON Crystals in our gaming system. Once the user makes a purchase (in fiat) during the mentioned Cashback program’s active period he will be notified about an opportunity to receive a cashback in TON Crystals. He will receive a link with an instruction how external Free Ton Wallet could be installed and how TON Crystals could be utilized considering the geographical location of user and corresponding legal restrictions on using Ton Crystals (if any).

If user wants to withdraw TON Crystals to his personal account at external Free TON wallet our system allows him to do so charging him a 20% commission.

The user will also get a community resources links.

[Result] Most of CreaGames active users will become owners of TON Crystal tokens and will have an incentive to get to know more about free TON and how to utilize it.

Bounty Campaign :

[How does it work] We will reward our users for:

Attracting new players into our games using reference links;

Finding and reporting bugs;

Validating the quality of the gaming content and improving it.

[Result] Our most active users and key opinion leaders will be rewarded with TON Crystals and will have an opportunity to spend them in Free TON Ecosystem.

Competition program :

[How does it work] We will develop a leader board with monthly updated competitions where individuals and teams (clans) can compete for TON Crystal rewards. The winners can get up to 10 TON Crystal’s and other participants (i.e. who manages to hit top-100) will get smaller rewards. The reward will change in time according to TON Crystal adoption speed.

[Result] Such a program seems to us the fairest way of distributing TON Crystals as winners will have to spend plenty of time in game to get the reward. We believe it could bring to Free TON Ecosystem thousands of additional users.

Referral program :

[How does it work] We propose to implement a cross-advertising program, which enables various Fee TON participants with large users bases advertise one another (for such each cross-sale CreaGames gets a referral bonus in the equivalent of 20% of purchase amount in TON Crystals)

[Result] By participating in referral program every Fee TON community member will get a chance to quickly enlarge its existing audience by attracting users from other large Free TON-connected. Besides the members of such a referral program will receive referral bonuses, that for instance could be used to attract free TON developers from the Community in order to develop and integrate new Free TON–related features to their platforms.

Free TON promotion campaign for 10 000 000 users’ database (promotion of Free TON products and Partners):

[How does it work]

Every user will receive a link with a guide on how to generate wallet via Surf and how to pay with TON.

Our IGA Mechanism will allow us to promote Free TON ecosystem to our playing users through pop-up ads, video trailers, and cut-away moments to showcase a piece of Free TON promotion.

We will target 3 million of our most active and most relevant users with promotional messages containing important information on popular products onboarded on Free TON with corresponding links (no spam).

[Result] Commit 50,000 users for Free TON.

Token Request

Set up & integration & development Fee :

[Setup fee] : 350 000

[Duration] : up to 6 months

TON Crystals acceptance as a payment method/ reward

[Implementation logic] :

Stage 1 (50% / 175 000 TONs upfront – duration up to 4 months):

Development of internal game account integrated with Free Ton wallet that will immediately grant access to Free Ton to our 10 million registered Users

Initial integration of Free TON for easy registration/authorization of Free TON users in the game.

Development of business logic of internal in-game token distribution

The subcontractor is attracted to develop and integrate smart contract that ensures secure payouts of prizes and rewards for competing in games and tournaments.

Testing period of at least 3 months and 50 000 tokens are required for testing of in-game blockchain mechanics.

Stage 2 (50% / 175 000 TONs upon completion of Stage 1 – duration up to 2 months):

Complete integration of blockchain in-game mechanics developed and tested during Stage 1 into our full gaming portfolio

The subcontractor is attracted to develop and integrate fully compatible with Free TON smart-contract realizing cash back and other in-app and cross-chain interactions

The subcontractor is attracted to develop and integrate smart contract that ensures distribution of tokens as a part of cross-reference advertising campaign among Fee Ton partners.

The logic of all smart contacts must be available for inspection by outside observers

[Required resources] :

2 Game designers

4 Developers

2 Testers

1 Community Manager responsible for communication and feedback collection witrh regard to new blockchain direction

Airdrop and Reward mechanics : 150 000

[Duration] : up to 2 month

Free TON promotion campaign:

150 000

[Duration] : up to 3 months

Promotion of Free TON infrastructure and related products to our user’s data base via using notification mechanism in user accounts and e-mails. No SPAM, only relevant information

Commit 50,000 users for Free TON.

Extra reward

Extra 40 000 Free TON tokens for 10 000 new users.
(Capped at 250 000 users or 1 000 000 Tokens)

Further Plans

Develop unique gaming content, which is purchasable for TONs only

Free TON Address:

Is an interesting project, sounds a bit like Google Stadia, but sounds interesting.

Okay, this is a very good deal. An excellent gaming site and not a small audience. I wish you good luck with your development!

This is the nicest and most interesting project worth visiting