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Crypterium partnership proposal to Free TON

Is there a cryptobank? No. Is there QR payments? No. IBAN? Vouchers? Saving accounts? CRED token? No for all. Was their MVP video fake? Yes. Is there a known office location? No. Have Jumio and Bitgo confimed their partnerships? No. Have they proved their source of funds to banks? No, and their UP cards have been terminated by issuers. Was co-founder involved in Storiqa scam? Yes. Has one of the founders (Markov) disappeared? Yes. Have they sold user database to other scams? Yes.

You have been warned. Good luck with these $52M con-artists.


Добрый день.
Мы планируем в ближайшее время открыть возможность совершать покупку TON Crystal. Следующим этапом будет интеграция полноценной поддержки on-chain депозитов и выводов. Дальнейшие действия будут уточнены по датам. Следите за объявлениями, скоро все будет. :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

Our clients are a top priority for us and we take all feedback very seriously. That said, we would like to set the record straight based on your list of questions.

  1. Is there a crypto bank?

Crypterium Wallet is a fully operational fintech service. Awarded by KPMG and H2 Ventures as one of the world’s most promising fintech startups, Crypterium Wallet currently serves 750,000+ clients from nearly 180 countries. While officially Crypterium does not hold a banking license, we do provide essential services that make digital finances smoother from a single-access wallet available on iOS, Android and web browsers.

  1. Is there QR payments?

At the moment, you can scan QR codes to scan wallet addresses and transfer money in a secure, instant way. Direct QR payments are not currently available since most of our clients do not rely on this technology. However, we have two VISA payment cards that connect your digital assets to over 40 million merchants worldwide.

  1. IBAN? Vouchers? Saving accounts?

Building a successful product is not an easy journey. At some point, there are features that might not be suitable after all. Vouchers are no longer aligned with Crypterium Wallet strategic goals, and that’s why we’ve suspended those initiatives.

IBAN withdrawals are part of our plan. Yet, we’ve found that direct withdrawals to bank cards are much faster, cheaper, and efficient. Savings accounts are coming very soon, too.

  1. Was their MVP video fake?

All early-stage versions of our products were real. However, final products tend to differ with the initial plans for multiple factors. We invite you to try our current version.

  1. Is there a known office location?

Of course, here it is: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, A. Lauteri tn 5, Estonia 10114

  1. Have Jumio and Bitgo confirmed their partnerships?

Yes. We work hand-in-hand with both companies. To confirm our relationship with these organizations, please check or refer to their respective support centers. Additionally, you can read our official announcement:

  1. Have they proved their source of funds to banks?

Crypterium Card UnionPay program is now cancelled and all cardholders received funds back or were transferred to the Crypterium Card VISA program. At the moment, you can get both a physical and virtual VISA card connected to Crypterium Wallet.

  1. Was the co-founder involved in the Storiqa scam? Has one of the founders (Markov) disappeared?

Not all co-founders are actively involved in the development of Crypterium services. Our management team is led by CEO Steven Parker, former General Manager at VISA.

  1. Have they sold the user database to other scams?

We do not sell user data to third parties. But if you do have a complaint on this issue, you could contact our legal department here:

We kindly request you to delete the personal photos on your posts. The distribution of those images hasn’t been authorized. Failure to delete the photos could result in legal actions


На данный момент, адрес для пополнения монет TON, который предлагает ваш кошелек не воспринимается другими платформами для перевода средств на него. С чем это связано?

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Все верно, Сrypterium еще не поддерживает on-chain депозиты и выводы. Команда уже работает над реализацией. Следите за ближайшими обновлениями.

I have questions regarding your mailer

  1. Why did I get the same letter thrice?!

  2. Where is an Unsubscribe option?!

На какой стадии находиться интеграция с ton?где можно увидеть дорожную карту с датами?