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Crystals liquidity - interactive dashboard

Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce you to an interactive analytic dashboard dedicated to the FreeTON tokens’ liquidity.

Given dashboard is fully interactive: the absolute majority of its elements are clickable and are either performing recalculations and visualizations’ adjustments or display additional info.

What are the questions that this dashboard is able to give answers to?

● What is the best and average price of token buy/sell at the moment + historical data?
● What is the current ask and bid?
● How do the moving average and ask/bid change?
● What is the daily trade volume and value
● What are the weekdays of the highest user activity?
● Which users are leading in the trade volume and who is offering the best price during the week?
● Which currencies are used for exchange?

At the moment the dashboard sources data from @TON_p2p and @FreeTON_OTC

Dashboard is refreshed regularly on a daily basis and it is currently planned to increase the data actualization frequency.­widCI6IjZhN…


I suggest to arrange a Zoom call to briefly go through the technical possibilities of this report, to demonstrate how do certain switches work and to give a more detailed insight into each of the indexes and the calculation methodology behind them.


Also I would like to draw the @Chatex team’s attention to this, as it would be great to add the trade data from their platform into this analytic tool. Also, it could be potentially interesting for them not only for the Crystals trading )


This is a really good idea to collect stats for further activity! I was exciting about such an idea! Good work!



I like this idea! :fire::+1::+1:

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Looks great, it will be very useful to assess the situation and choose a suitable platform for trading

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Our full API is in progress and apprx first release by the end of November. It will also include all public data (volumes, prices pairs etc). Stay tuned for updates.