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DeSocial Managing Super Heroes Contest


In the mythologies of many ancient civilizations, there are pantheons of gods and goddesses with superhuman powers, as well as demigods like Hercules and heroes like Gilgamesh and Perseus. Later, heroes of folklore such as Robin Hood and the protagonists of 19th century Victorian literature. How is it related to the Free TON? Eh?

The hero contest failed, but wait, why do we need virtual heroes? The community needs more than just heroes, but super-heroes to help expand Free TON’s social media presence.

Are you ready to become Thor? Or new Halk?

This contest for you!


This contest is proposed to select 12 social moderators (2 heroes per social media with 12 hours coverage) for a period of 1 month to manage the main social networks of the Free TON project:








The goal is to attract new members through the correct design of content, informing project participants through these social networks, distributing content and responding to comments from community members.


Social managing selection contest



Voting cycle

7 days


Each contestant must submit contact details together with a curriculum vitae (C.V. or Resume) that demonstrates one, all, or some of the following skills and abilities:

  • Free TON Address - wallet and public key
  • Full Name
  • Telegram ID
  • LinkedIn ID or Facebook page
  • Professional Experience (as social manager or relevant experience)
  • Proof of qualifications
  • Indicate the organizations/companies you have worked on
  • Indicate the role and projects/products you have worked on
  • Work with Photoshop, Figma and other graphic tools
  • Abilty to adjust to any time on this schedule (Please provide comfortable time for you in your submission)
  • Specify your time zone, candidates will be selected according to the time frame

Note: If you do not have the opportunity to complete the task, your application will be canceled, and you will be deprived of the reward.

Winners rights and duties

To protect against unwanted sabotage, access from accounts is 2FA protection (Instagram and Twitter). The winners in the areas of Reddit, Linkedin and Medium will be given moderator rights.

  • Distribute posts, publications that will be sent to these two chats #1 and #2
  • Answering in comments and provide help to other community members
  • Help with picture creation in Firgma/Photoshop or other designer tools as must
  • Help with AMA/Meetups
  • Help with guerrilla marketing (replies to comments in other influencer profiles, motivate people chat in social platforms)
  • Help with FAQ creation as must (update regularly add answers to frequently asked questions)
  • Help with maintaining statistics of the social network, which is maintained by the winner. Try to increase the involvement of other participants
  • Delete spam and scam ads in comments

Any other help is also appreciated!:raised_hands:

Remarks and rewards

Social network Skills Reward
Twitter; Ability to select gifs, funny jokes in replays (within the limits of the permissible, no vulgarity). 2000
Linkedin Knowledge of the business environment, familiarity with this social network is required. 2000
Facebook Communication skills, the ability to joke and involve people. Knowledge of Facebook algorithms 1200
Reddit Knowledge of network promotion, its algorithms (promotion without aggressive advertising), promotion (creating stories and posts in other subreddits), creating mini-contests 2000
Medium Post content from blogs, AMA sessions and weekly meetings. 1500
Instagram Creation of posts for the Instagram format, stories, etc. 1000

The three most active participants by the end of the period receive 500 TONs

  • Participants must correctly upload their application to the DeSocial Managing Super Heroes Contest (in PDF format) in order for the jury to view it. If the application is not available or does not meet the described criteria, the submission will be rejected by the jury.
  • Participants must submit their work before the end of the competition. If the application is submitted late, it will not be accepted.
  • All submissions must contain the contestant’s social network identity, including a Telegram username, by which jurors can verify that the submission belongs to the individual who submitted it. If not, your submission will be rejected.
  • Contestants must provide valid FreeTON addresses together with a public key. Make sure that you keep your seed phrase and private keys from your wallet in a safe place.


The voting is divided into two parts:

Part :gem:

The first part is the selection of candidates who meet the criteria. Welcom bonus 50 TONs for jurors and winners.

  • Juror must vote only 10 - yes or 0 - no. If they won’t follow it, they vote won’t be counted. Jury won’t get a reward.
  • Each of the current jurors can vote on submission.
  • Jurors whose company or team members intend to participate in this contest should abstain, even if they are a sitting juror.
  • If it does not meet the requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting.
  • Jurors will provide feedback on submissions.

Part :gem::gem:

In the second part, the winners, based on the results of their work, must uploaded their submissions with proof of work. Then jury will evaluate them, where the score is equal to the percentage of work.

  • Jurors whose team(s) intend to provide submissions in this contest shall lose their right to vote in this contest
  • Each juror shall vote by rating each submission on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 equalling rejection of the proposal); a juror may abstain from voting if they do not see themselves sufficiently qualified to judge such proposal. If they won’t follow it, they vote won’t be counted. Jury won’t get a reward.
  • A juror that has voted on a submission shall provide detailed feedback on it

Each jury who will vote for this contest and follow rules, receive 400 TONs as reward for their efforts.


I can take Linkedin for moderation, activate Premium for myself.)
Excellent social network (reputation), high-quality profile filling and constant publication of news articles, will give a good result.
I’ve been using Linkedin for a long time and I’m very familiar with it.

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I can take Twitter or Facebook for moderation.

Могу взять Instagram на модерацию контента

I can handle twitter.

Хорошая мысль, только что если кто был модератором в какой то момент захочет все удалить. Например может быть недопонимание, конфликт сторон и т.д.

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Привет! Не, это чисто для остальных соц сетей кроме Телеграм, чтобы расширить присутствие Free TON на этих площадках)

Вести соцсети может каждый. Постановка вопроса, скорее должна быть: кто может раскрутить соцсети на максимум. У кого есть подтвержденный опыт привлечения живой аудитории в социальных сетях. А просто отдавать 1к $ за ведение соцсетей результата не принесет.

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Своевременная публикация новостных событий, партнерств, конкурсов и AMA сессий. Это и есть продуктивная раскрутка. Нужно чтобы социальные сети бурлили новостными событиями, были хорошо оформлены и информативны, выглядели живыми, содержали полезную информацию для пользователей. Если Вы имеете в виду раскрутку “пригласи друга - дам токен” то я не сторонник такого. Нужно смотреть на конкурентов, демонстрировать свои преимущества и делать лучше.

Timely publication of news events, partnerships, contests, and AMA sessions. This is a productive promotion. It is necessary that social networks are full of news events, are well designed and informative, look lively, and contain useful information for users. If you mean the promotion of “invite a friend-I’ll give you a token” then I’m not a supporter of this. You need to look at your competitors, demonstrate your advantages, and do better.

Бесполезная работа. Если нет аудитории, то бессмысленно это

Когда я говорю о соцсетях, я прежде всего, имею в виду твиттер, вторым после твиттера идет реддит, и то для америкосов в основном. Остальное - пустая трата времени. Странно, что в списке выше нет одноклассников :roll_eyes:

Чтобы раскрутить твиттер, где сидят все криптаны, нужна реклама у топовых крипто-трейдеров и вообще известных в крипте личностей. Это дорого. Это ОЧЕНЬ дорого.

Ну и тут не все так гладко: кто бы и что бы не рекламировал, если твиттерянин увидит, что фри тон торгуется на низколиквидных биржах с мизерными объемами (а это так и есть) , то такой проект не заинтересует. Особенно в то время, когда ОдуванчикКойн на свапалке делает 10ки иксов )

Approve of the idea, but got to say I have a couple of concerns with how it will work.

*Humour and what is considered vulgar is very subjective.
*Two posters may be required for twitter, but L/in, FB etc really only need 1 each, or even between them? (80/20 rule with Twitter and other networks in terms of effort to reward ratio).
*400 TON per juror for part2 is quite large?
*Also, is part one a new jury contest or am I misunderstanding? If so might make sense to separate it out.

What I’d prefer to see would be active Free TON community members on Twitter, answering questions and comments and posting stuff under their own name and accounts.

Having many people run one account is far less impactful than many people with many accounts in my opinion.