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Desupport 2020 (Nominated Members)

There is no any “budget”, only motivation for work that was done. By the way, what happened with Indian community?

Chat is dead((

accidentally supported, do not repeat my mistake. the competition has already been!

Then why proposal was passed under 30 rewards out of which only 12 will be distributed through previous submissions❓
There is already 30k remaining TONs for Free TON Supporters everyone know well and what you say about previous contest description pdf file recorded on❓


contest was also accidentally ended within starting minute of the proposed deadline.
Everything is open on and on forum discussion also.

If we want to end a contest even before the proposed deadline, then it must be notified on the forum at least 24 hours before the end of the contest.


I’m not there, but it doesn’t bother me. you can earn tokens in more productive contests

I have solid points of proof for this contest.

This is the first even contest in Free TON history that has ended even before the proposed deadline. Anyone can wait for at least proposed deadline trusting that it may be extended further but never be curtailed.

Is there any Free TON contest you know that had ended even before the proposed deadline :question:


Already missed the contest and no excuse but now remembering the surf beta stage second for a better luck.


You are too late buddy and even not an Active Free TON Supporter

This contest isn’t based on TON Surf Testers Stage-2

It’s based on Free TON principles of contest structure in which contest proposal is proposed on forum initially and then passed by jurors voting to be an active contest.

DeSupport-2020 is ended even before the proposed deadline described on the forum.


I want to become freeton supporter. How to join?

free TON is celebrating first anniversary of its launch on 7th May . so there should be some rewards for the freeton supporters.

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You can actively on every Contest, proposed Project, or spreading good news about Free TON and TON Crystal in your social media, etc.

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thanks for your attention.