Free TON

Developers Contest: Free TON payment method module for CMS/CRM/eCommerce. 1st wave

So, community members.
Any ideas?

Could we clarify whether we are going with “one submission = one cms module” or “one person = one submission” contest format ?

It was removed already

So “one submission = one cms module” or “one submission = one person”? E.g. any restrictions to get several prizes by one person/team? I do not understand this from the text of proposal.

Можешь подавать несколько заявок ( по одной на каждую CMS)

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I don’t want to limit the number of submissions.

Поясните пожалуйста следующее: Количество функций модуля (создание QR-кода, правильное прогнозирование комиссий, автоматические возвратные платежи, отчеты, возможность получать средства от пользователей Surf и т. Д.)

Simple money back for services or products.
For example, you buy a license, but I miss its features and buy a lite version, for example. On the next day, after using the product, you understand that it is not for you. You request money back, and e-commerce automatically transfers your payment to you.

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It is not all the features list for this payment module/extension. Participants also can generate new features and ideas for that contest; that’s was from me just an example of what there can be.

It means that an invoice currency will be Free TON . It is prohibited in many countries to issue invoices or having prices in different currencies, only local currency is allowed.

U can receive payments for services in Free TON. Why not?)
Waiting reply from chatex, for the API access

Рассматривается только кейс по оплате/возврату ?

Текущий кейс да, но, если участники будут дополнять чем-то еще, это точно увеличит их шансы на получение достойной награды. Читай первого места

Для какой страны пишем? Какие сроки требования возврата?

У Free TON нет ограничениям по странам, кроме жителей USA
Конкурс все еще в процессе обсуждения

I agree that we should make such contest! It can help to all community!