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Dune Network Community Partnership Proposal

Im an Ambassador from Dune-network not a fake account :blush:


So then your comment cannot be objective, because you always will be posting only positive feedback about great potential.

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Dune doesn’t want to pay 9M for integration with Free Ton? Or enter into a mutually beneficial partnership)))


Hello and merry Christmas all, I hope you’ve had a nice few days!
To go through some of your questions:
@madfox11, the ORL team are, under normal circumstance, based in The Garage, which is located at 5 rue du Vertbois, 75003 Paris, France.
@snupidogi, I understand what you mean. I believe @ToNio87fr’s intent was simply to show support for the merger as a Dune community ambassador. They would also need to vote in favour of the proposal on our end. In terms of the amount, it is a 90 day average of both coins, Free TON would effectively absorb the market cap and community of Dune, so it is not quite like other proposals.
@Cogscides, if you take a look at Dunscan, there is a tab for pretty much every form of tokenomic data inside the navigation bar, in near-real time. Take a look when you get a moment and let me know if you need help finding anything in particular.
@BullishOnFreeTON, the lion’s share will be used to swap from DUN to TON Crystals for Dune holders. I can assume, given all which is happening on Free TON, for the community it will be business as usual in terms of validating and delegating, as @BazingaLot says. And to answer this question, yes there would be a lot of potential for this and has been a key use for The Garage previously.
@aicracy, indeed, there is a lot of common ground between us, including our CEO!
And finally (I think, if I have missed anyone, please let me know!), @RustamOm, indeed, we see this as incredibly mutually beneficial if handled and progressed properly.


Analytical report Dune Network

This is our partnership analytical report prepared for the “Analytical reports about partners” contest.

Present analytic report is completely based on the data available in the open sources. Due to ethical reasons, personal contact details are partially hidden. The report structures all the publically available information and flags potential interdependancies and inconsistencies. Present report should not be regarded as a verdict or proof of any kind. It is an initial open source intelligence: not all the information gathered or conclusions made can be regarded as 100% legit.





Amended Dune Network Community Merger Proposal.

We thank you all for your kind and insightful feedback so far. In requirement of moving the proposal forward to the next stage, we now present a final amended proposal for the approval of the Free TON community.

Proposal amendment A: Updated DUN/TON Crystal swap ratio.

As per the original proposal, prior to heading to a formal vote, we would like to amend the swap ratio to account for the most recent data. The updated proposed swap ratio now stands at:

  • DUN token ($0.01698 on 90 days) and the TON crystal token ($0.854 on 90 days), representing a swap ratio of 50.3 DUN to 1 TON Crystal.

Proposal amendment B: TON Crystals for ORL team to be vested.

To display our long term commitment to contribution to and development of the Free TON ecosystem, TON Crystals received by the ORL team as part of the merger will be subject to a sixteen month vesting period.


In my opinion this is a very good proposal, such a merger should benefit Free TON and serve as a good advertisement as the first merger of decentralized blockchains.


Дорожная карта на вашем сайте заканчивается первым кварталом 2021 года.дальнейших планов нет?


9 million TON only with LOCK for 2 years!!!

Or this rules


Volume of your network looks strange to me

Also would be good to know how many tokens the founders hold, how many tokens are locked, and whether they will be unlocked in the case of this partnership.

I hope people who are versed in the tokenomics of blockchain projects will be able to check it all. What are the risks we can meet?


Это малоизвестное сообщество, за полтора года ни когда не слышал о нем.
Если у них такие известные инвестора, зачем им своп с нами?
Dapps приложения ни чего особенного из себя не представляют на сегодняшний день.
Слияние с нами за 9м кристаллов? Это шутка? 9м пойдут сразу в стакан!
Слияние должно быть взаимовыгодным, а тут выгоду получает только одна сторона и это не Free Ton.
Слияние это можно реализовать только на безвозмездных условиях.
Подумайте хорошо, что бы потом не говорить, что это была ошибка

t’s a little-known community, I’ve never heard of it in a year and a half.
If they have such well-known investors, why would they swap with us?
Dapps apps are nothing special at the moment.
A swap with us for 9m crystals? Is this a joke? The 9m will go straight into the glass!
The merger should be mutually beneficial, and here only one side benefits and it’s not Free Ton.
This merger can only be done on a pro bono basis.
Think carefully, so as not to say later that it was a mistake.


Thank you for the additional questions all.

@denis55petro , I hope I am translating correctly! The roadmap was due to be updated in late December to account for several new developments (such as OASIS), however, this is when the concept of the merger first came about.

@encipher, the 16 month lock will apply to ORL team tokens. The rest will be used to swap community held tokens over a period of time. Converse to other proposals, we bring a community of avid crypto enthusiasts who will be assessing the long term potential of TON and holding accordingly. In this way, we foresee no situation where this merger results negatively on the TON ecosystem.

@Cogscides, a good point. Liquidity is a cruel mistress, and with over 70% of DUN currently staking, out charts for these kinds of things are all over the place admittedly. The spike you circle is the result of a trading competition and promotion which took place upon listing on CoinTiger exchange. It’s also worth noting we have a significant unofficial OTC telegram market, and figures can be requested from those running this group easily. And in terms of tokenomics, DunScan: the Dune Block Explorer by OCamlPro everything you could ever want or need to know is available at a click.

@Aleksandr, a little harsh, but to try to respond. We are an indy project at heart, very much like Free TON, we held no ICO and private investor funds raised were minimal. I’m not sure I understand why well known investors wouldn’t consider this swap in the same way as any other investor, if you could elaborate on this? I would have to disagree about the dapps. On playground, for example, the games themselves may be simplistic, but the underlying mechanics are anything but! Check out this article for an in-depth explanation of Dune Raffle. (Fully Decentralized Raffle Game On Dune Network | by iguerNL | Dune Network | Medium) Not sure which glass our community will be putting their swapped coins into sorry, perhaps an expression I’m not familiar with? The merger brings a whole host of benefits to Free TON, listed in the proposal – experienced community members, network activity, PR, potential new experienced validators, presence within The Garage, and not forgetting the very specific expertise that ORL themselves bring (formal verification being something which Free TON could benefit from exponentially as I understand it). And in terms of doing it on a pro bono basis, could you again explain further what you mean? To reiterate what I said above in the previous response, the team and community will not be getting free tokens. It will be a swap of their existing DUN, for TON Crystal. In essence, Free TON would cannibalise the market cap of Dune token by token. It is a balanced equation which merges together the two separate entities, to, as I say in the proposal, become more than the sum of our parts.

I hope this answers all of your comments and queries, please let me know if I have missed any!


Всё так красиво расписано, но выглядит как будто нам хотят впарить свой неудачный проект за 9 миллионов кристаллов. Описанные бенефиты от слияния очень сомнительны, всё это либо уже есть во фритоне, либо в этом нет необходимости.
Я решительно против слияния, как было упомянуто ораторами сумма сразу же полетит в стакан

Everything is so beautifully painted, but it looks like he wants to sell us his unsuccessful project for 9m crystals. The described benefits of merging are approaching zero, also they are either already in the Freeton, or their impact is very dubious.
I am strongly against the merger, as was mentioned by the speakers, the amount will immediately fly to the exchanges


9 bln dogecoin norm?

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Everything is so beautifully painted, but it looks like he wants to sell us his unsuccessful project for 9m crystals.

I think that’s true. Still, we’re not buying project itself, we’re buying commmunity, devs, media and tools. I’m not sure that they’re so unsuccessful too.

The described benefits of merging are approaching zero

Do you have some proofs or details of your point? This proposal lacks some proper public due diligence more than others. I’m not entirely convinced in tech benefits, but I see some PR/community benefits.

the amount will immediately fly to the exchanges

That’s possible, Dune community is not excited about this too.

An access to all the exchanges where Dune is traded

All 3 exchanges? I think for such amount of TONs proposal should be more specific.

Also, I think it will be good to receive proofs of intentions from:

16 current Ambassadors across 6 countries;

Tiers 1 supporter of Dune Network : Xavier Niel, Tinder CEO, Zenly CEO, Voodoo CEO and many more, etc;

Do they really want to stay in case of a merge? Perhaps we should lock not only Origin Labs funds but all key teams, investors and ambassadors from this proposal? Then, those persons who will explicitly reject locks cannot be considered benefits that we’re paying for.

P.S. Despite all obvious risks and high price, I think I’m not against the merge. We spent 400 million TONs and we still have only 30,000 accounts. With merging Dune we will have another 30,000 accs of real people (judging by media activity) for 9 million TONs. That’s not cheap, but we’ll also double our media coverage with new media channels and investors. I’m not sure about dev teams and technologies. I think someone should evaluate them in terms of usability for our ecosystem. For now, the entire story is about PR and involvement of new people. That’s risky and pricey, but we spent money on far worse partnerships, IMO.


У одного меня такое чувство, что нас как сообщество жизнь ничему не учит?


@elk , Can I make clear that I am just a humble community manager, the voice of the proposal. To be frank, I stand to gain very little personally from this merger.

@laugan thank you for your assessment. Indeed, the reception to the proposal on our side has been less enthusiast than I might have hoped. Both projects have gaps in them at present, and, as I see it, would be able to benefit one another exponentially. Crypto can be a very profit driven environment, and both communities seem to be wary of the motives of the other. This is something which would need to be addressed should this go forward in order for the maximum benefit to be achieved. We are hosting an AMA session with the Dune community later, and while it will be aimed at our community primarily, if anyone would like to attend from Free TON’s community they are more than welcome. It could help for our community to see the passion of Free TON in order to enthuse them more to seeing the value of the project.


I’ve only been a member of the TON community for the past 1.5 weeks, but I get the sense that I’ve joined a startup that’s spending somebody else’s money.

The changes that I believe need to happen in order for this project to gain acceptance in the worldwide community is to put your TON where you mouth is. Lets lock up staking, let lock up free tons that are given away for mergers, proposals, etc. 12-24-36 months. I don’t believe that TON should be used as “salary” or “earned fees” that will then be exchanged for BTC/fiat on the open exchange.

Don’t we want to develop an ecosystem to which people will be drawn to; instead, I am beginning to feel that TON is being solicited like a cheap prostitute - to get off quick - … instead, I would prefer to build a community and go after the girl that no one can get - this is what will drive user engagement and value.

I am looking forward to continued engagement with the leaders of this community.

What has been discussed? Locking up staking - yes. Vesting schedules - yes.

I, too, am not against growth, but smart decisions must be made and not just hope. If we want to merge or do a deal with someone, lets get someone from our community to join their community and get the view from the inside.


9 million TON’s for this? Never heard about this project though im almost full time in crypto more than 3 years.

this proposal sounds like one more bad joke to me.


По сообщениям выше видно что партнество не стоит запрошенных монет, я не поддерживаю его.

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