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Dune Network Community Partnership Proposal

Yes, really lack of liquidity for DUN/BTC pair, but if you want to exit, I suppose you can ask FREETON community, we can buy your tokens in case of merger will happen.

You joined to make a anonymous account. please tell us, who are you in the dune community?
Make yourself known.

I see its very easy to make many accounts and post claims, come with some proof. Where is the evidence of “panic selling”? Why do you think those sells are panic? IMO they are cut losses and move on sells.

The team was competent in deving, but incompetent’s in running a business. its ridiculous.

btw forgot to tell ya’ll about this.
After the announcement and after the vote was put on-chain, this message went around to bakers in private/in a private group.
One could see this as trying to comp validators on losses, but also as buying votes and rigging the election even more then it already is. It is strange to have this change while the vote is already active.

Hello mates! Some of you were asking me some private questions about extra rewards for bakers and ambassadors and I can officially say and let you know that The Dune foundation agreed to attribute 1 burn cycle of 15M as an extra rewards. Notice that each public bakers will receive 600,000 extra $DUN. A private baker will receive an extra of 400,000 $DUN. All bakers/ambassadors, with both roles will receive 800,000 extra $DUN. And others involved ambassadors will get an extra rewards of several hundred thousand $DUN depending on the date of arrival and implication in the project. Feel free to ask me privately if you have any doubt of the extra amount you will get as a rewards. Hope you all will be pleased of this generous extra rewards. :blush: :pray:

Best of luck to you all…


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From the AMA 10 days ago. I understand you have strong feelings on this, but spinning things out of context doesn’t strengthen any case you’re trying to make here.


Yes there is/was a huge lack of this.
I will sell the tokens in case the merger happens, probably market dump somewhere.

This proposal is being marketed as “community partnership”
But what it actually is is buying bags of VC and team :wink:

Cut them out of the deal, if VC wants in, they can buy FreeTON. No free rides, those party’s are only in it for a quick buck.

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you talk with your own opinion, the majority of members and bakers are ok to continue the road with TON

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Hi all,

I am a Dune baker (Dune Spanish) since the beginning and I want to provide some unquestionable information about the resources that DUNE could transfer to TON if this merge happens:

  • DUNE dev team (Origin Labs) is composed by top engineers, many of them with PhD in computer science and having studied/worked at INRIA (“Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique” of France)

  • DUNE dev team (Origin Labs) is composed by some of the most talented engineers of the initial dev team of TEZOS.

  • DUNE dev team (Origin Labs) has deployed high level tools/languages that could be explored in many ways on TON

  • Most of DUNE public bakers/validators are commited to continue validating on TON

  • Most of DUNE community managers are commited to continue their involment on TON, specially to support small or foreign languages TON communities.


OK, let us speak about this swap mechanics. I’m not sure I fully understand the logic behind. Please correct me if I’m wrong. How I see that. We allocate 9M TONs from our public giver to your address, which you use as a certain swap pool. Then you start selling this TONs to everybody in the DUNE network who wants to buy it for DUN tokens accordingly the mentioned exchange rate. To whom will flow those DUN tokens earned during this sell? Logic says, since that is a swap, FreeTON community must be the receiver of those DUN tokens. But who exactly? And what is the value of this tokens for our network at all? Actually that smells for me like a bad designed ICO. And in that point this action contradicts our own philosophy - we don’t sell TON crystals, neither for dollars nor for DUN tokens.

Hi @xambrella, not sure if this would have got lost in the comments, but @CyrilPaglino covered your points quite nicely from a business perspective in this post:

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Hi, think you have it a bit mistaken.

It is a merger, which means dun will not continue its operations.

Ton is not being sold for dune, rather Ton will merge and take over everything related to Dun. The programming languages, the dapps, the community, the validators, the ambassadors, core team and developers, and anything else related to the project (ps there’s lots :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

The above should explain it in a business sense, but the swap is for all of dune, not those who choose so. The dune tokens would pretty much be worthless as all the assets and members which gives dune value, will move over to ton


Thanks for the clarifications. This of course simplifies everything. It is very difficult to call it a merger. My interpretation is that we buy DUNE with all the giblets. And all the complex texts above are only trying to fool the layman, presenting all this as a kind of merger. So the question is quite reasonable - why should we buy a distressed asset? And this question is not for you, dune guys, but for us.
Also fact is that TON is more liquid as DUN. Even if someone wants to quit and sell DUN tokens for an adequate price on the market will fail on that liquidity point. As soon as this swap happens they will get much more liquid asset in their hands. What guarantees there will be no sell-off right after that swap which will dump the price of TON and devaluate tokens I personally have?

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There was definitely liquidity prior to the proposal of swapping. Of course once the swap was announced, all buying and selling ceased due to the uncertainty of what would go ahead.

I am more than happy to provide proof of liquidity. I know that most of our volume is OTC, as exchanges were not utilised as much as we wanted due to USA restrictions and other issues.

I would go as far as to say that the liquidity and volume of trades on dune prior to the proposal would be higher than the volume in ton.

Of course no-one knows what will happen, as this is pretty much a first in crypto, but i know for myself and many others who will actually do our best to integrate, many of us will be purchasing TON on our first days, as well as looking at ways to add value to the ecosystem.

I can definitely see how the need for cautious thinking, but it is not necessary. Feel free to ping me on discord crabby paddy#6239

I can arrange to show proof/address/trades of otc which I escrowed. There were multiple 300-500k+ dune buy orders waiting a few weeks prior to this


Why your post is deleted? Please return it

I don’t like this proposal. Large amounts of crystals on the market will drop its price drastically.

Hi @oterl , the proposal has been put to vote by both communities and passed. The thread above is quite long, but if you scroll through you’ll see a couple of comments/concerns similar to your own. Personally, as I’ve said I think the staking figures from the Dune community speak volumes for the mindset and attitude of the community being gained by Free TON as part of this merger (~70% of all coins at last look!). In terms of the dilution rate for the FT circulating supply, 9m represents an increase of less than 0.2%, and it represents a major milestone for our industry (check the Cointelegraph piece posted last night!). If you have concerns still, best thing I can ask/advise is to join the Dune channels, get to know our members, and use your enthusiasm for Free TON to get our community even more excited for this move than they already are. The more we start to integrate with one another, the more positives we can gain as a conjoined force.


Frankly, I was also very against the proposal. I had the same concern with dilution and not receiving commensurate value for the Free TON network. However, after talking about it with some other community members, I started to see the potential.

The Dune / Origin Lab teams are very capable and will bring a lot of strong developer and entrepreneurial horsepower to the Free TON community. Also, this is a groundbreaking new model - smaller networks merging to make a broader ecosystem. In the endgame, there will be 1 or 2 Dapp networks that will have 90% of all activity. With TON, Dune and everyone else competing against each other on separate Level 1 networks, we are all working against a common goal, to revolutionize and free the internet. By joining forces, we increase our network effects and create a more powerful value proposition.

Ideally, the “crypto community” would all get together and determine which network has the most long-term potential, and then everybody would join forces to develop a ubiquitous ecosystem on that network. I’ve been researching crypto since BTC crossed the $1,000 mark (the first time, in 2013) because I knew crypto would be the future, but I also knew that no technology existed that had the scalability and performance to support a mainstream use case. I followed every new project, waiting for the technology that would become “the one.” Eight years later, I believe it has finally arrived with TON. No other network technology even comes close. This new model, that will begin with the merger of Dune into TON, can be expanded to ultimately take us to the #1 spot in the endgame.

The key now is to make sure the Dune community understands the potential, and to welcome them into our new, shared home. While there were many on the TON side that protested the idea (including myself) there were also many on the Dune side against it as well. I believe in a few years, they will look back and realize that 50:1 was the best deal they ever made. I’m looking forward to the future.

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  1. What would stop dune people from selling crystals immediately after exchange gets introduced (44% according to poll)?
  2. Why would your Ambassadors/bakers/validators/developers want to stay with Free TON community after merge ?

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see direct response to these concerns

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According to the merge, almost every baker on Dune Network will stay with Free Ton.
Only 2 bakers (on 91) didn’t vote for the merge and don’t want to hear something about that (you could see some posts before)
I’m a baker on Dune, and we’ll try to make a pool of validators on Free Ton’s blockchain.
As you could see on different Telegram channels, users from Dune (Ambassadors/bakers/developers) are coming, and interest themselves in Free Ton, involving in contests (french subgov) and validators contests (Rust Cup).
That’s my point of view :slight_smile:


@frenchchocolatine your point of view has been bought with a bonus, whilst starting a baker in the last month of Dune

I feel sorry for you all. Sorry that you accepted this proposal.
This will be my last entry in this topic. I’ve been muted in all dune related groups. Without any apparent reasons. this after being a fierce supporter from the start.

Votes from the dune side have been bought, all bakers got a hefty reward when moving on to freeTON, it equals to about 2-3 years of staking. I hope you all did your calculations.
This post will most likely cost me my bonus, (which I pledged mostly to my delegates!!)

You’ve heard the voice of greed in about all posts in this forum.
Let me please be the voice of reason and warn you about the failure you’re about to bring on board.
I’d have gladly taken a loss, to protect your investments.

I have been the only incorruptible entity in Dune. Do with the information as you please.
I rest my case.


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Very interesting…most of the comments here were against it , but the offer was still accepted)))

@Nikita I’d say most of the positive comments were earlier on in the thread, objections are always much louder than agreements in these matters. It’s good these questions are raised but (I’m pretty sure) we’ve handled most if not all concerns.
Re the message above this, I hate to be mean but it seems some people have a bit of a persecution complex. A temporary mute was placed for being rude to another group member. Standard procedure since I started. If this was America, kind of feels like someone would be running around in a fur hat with horns.

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