Everscale Domains on DappRadar

Congratulation @SuperArmor !

Everscale domains are featured on DappRadar! It’s a good news. We hope that with the development of the Everscale blockchain, the number of users will increase and we will finally be able to use domains in Surf @SkyAnn :wink: !

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Tried to use Everscale Domain. Found out I had to install TONWALLET first. Did so. How can I deploy TONWALLET? It is so user-unfriendly, I mean TONWALLET. I don’t know where to deploy this wallet or top it up. It doesn’t show the address starting from 0: … either. If I’m stuck at this stage with TONWALLET, how can I use Everscale Domain as a next step? Probably that’s why nobody could’ve used it?

Are there any ways I can use Everscale Domain with Ever Wallet? Or Surf?

Very low usage. If it can work with Ever wallet or Surf, there would be more users.

Yes, it’s not always possible to make friends with him, so I’m waiting for the support in Serpostnoye to pass in order to keep control from one point)

You need to join the telegram group Telegram: Contact @dens_chat and you can discuss all questions

TONWallet is developed by the SvoiDev @SVOI.dev team and it would be nice to invite them to chat too