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Finstreet India's First Crypto Education platform Collaboration Proposal

You write ‘At least 50 million impressions’ for all the time and on all channels and 20,000 thousand views !!! and for those pitiful 50-100 views it is not worth 100,000 Free Ton! I say No!

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Please check the viewership for our video on Pi network: I request you to please check all our social media channels and the viewership. We will promote on all platforms. @ASD


Hello Everyone,

Greetings from Finstreet!

I’m Bandhul Bansal, CEO, and founder of Finstreet. With due respect to all the questions and queries asked above, I will try to answer all the questions.

Before that, let me introduce myself properly. I’m Bandhul Bansal and I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2014 while I was doing my engineering degree from one of the most reputed colleges in India and abroad with “QuadB Apparels” a custom merchandise company. Today that company is the second-largest custom apparel company in India. We have a cash-rich business as we get payment of our orders in advance and we have a payment cycle of 90 days to pay to our raw material vendors (standard protocol in the industry). Hence we always had some free cash or cash reserves in our company. I started investing that money into Indian stock markets and riped out good results. Now people around me were curious about my results and wanted to learn the art. This was the time when the bug of serial entrepreneurship bit me and we started giving lectures and offline workshops on stock market investing and personal finance.
It was early 2017 when I was first introduced to the crypto world and this fascinated me when bitcoin was breaking its ATH of 1200$. I invested some money (less than 1%) and made huge returns by the end of 2017 like everyone else and lost it all in 2018. But blockchain as the technology was with me and we were doing a lot of projects and workshops raising awareness about cryptocurrencies. Later we uploaded some of our offline workshops on our YouTube channel also, you can check it out there. After doing offline events, It was 2019 we wanted to expand PAN India and by now with the help of Reliance jio, the internet boom has finally hit India and almost every Indian had access to the Internet unlike 2016’s hence going online was the sane way of going forward.

I shared this story so that you guys should know who are you working with and what we are doing and why we are doing this. Now I’m answering all your tough questions that you have asked or you might want to ask.

Q1: What if we ran away with the grant and delivered nothing?
A1: Honestly, to answer this you need to take into consideration my skin in the game, I have two startups Finstreet and QuadB Apparels, and a 7-year-old entrepreneurship career. I am working on various projects like the price discovery website which is under development releasing next month, etc. I’m on an advisory board of projects like whyfoundary, which is a blockchain education and decentralized student loan platform which will be out in Q1 2021, I cannot share more information about it. I’m also running a small crypto fund for some family funds in India. Hence I have more on stake than 100k ton to lose and mark myself as a scammer as I’m already working with companies like Huobi Global, Bybit, Deribit, WazirX, CoinDCX, Bitbns, AAVE, FTX, MakerDAO, Biconomy, Parcel, EPNS, etc just in Finstreet and companies like JP morgan, Loreal, Uber, ZOHO, etc in QuadB. I have a clean image till today and am fully dedicated to keeping it that way because for me it’s all about my respect in the community and if I lose it, I lose everything.

Q2: The timeline of the establishment of Finstreet is a bit confusing.
A2- I have already told you the sequence of events regarding Finstreet. We were already teaching people about the principles of investing and personal finance before 2017. It was 2017 when we got too many inquiries about workshops and guest lectures and to organize those queries we setup our LinkedIn account. We established Finstreet formally in 2018 and decided to go online in 2019 and level up our resources in 2020.

Q3: Most of our social media content and accounts are set up in 2020.
A3: We were the largest crypto influencer in the short video platform space, educating the masses before the government of India banned Tiktok due to the tensions with China. We then expanded our operations to different platforms and we are doing pretty well since then.

Q4: We have a lower number of followers across the platform.
A4: I can agree with this that we might not have a substantial number of followers on some platforms if you say so but you also need to factor in our growth. In less than 12 months we had a pretty exponential growth among platforms and our numbers are increasing every week which can give you a reason to bet on us.

Q5: Where are we going to use these funds.
A5: These funds will be used to pay our operational cost to create this content which will include, the salaries of the research team, anchors, DOP, Video editors, Social media management team, graphic designers, content writers, and operational cost of Studios, office space, etc. Along with this we also use these tokens as a giveaway for our community to incentivize them to learn about the project and crypto space in general.

Q6: 100k ton is a big amount to spend on Indians to teach them about Ton or crypto space.
A6: Sir Satoshi Nakamoto can up with the idea of Bitcoin he communicated with people on DM and replied to almost all the mails in his initial years. Tipping people with as big as 100 BTC just for the purpose that people should know about it and use it. It’s always about the network effect, if we are not comfortable with investing in education then we cannot go very far with our revolution or technology. Blockchain or cryptocurrency was invented to bank the unbanked and the unbanked Indians are not privileged enough to understand English hence to bring them on board we need to create content in the language they understand and are comfortable with because understanding an unfamiliar technology in an unfamiliar language creates a big entry barrier for them and Hindi is the 3rd most spoken language on earth and we need to create content in this language to educate people.

Q7: What is our incentive to create quality content and why will we regulate quality once we have received the advance amount from the community.
A7: We are a small company and trying to expand in this field, to gain trust we need to grow very strategically and need to have a lot of references during our journey. As I’m quoting about the different companies in this post. I will quote about Ton community in our next projects because certainly, this is not our last project. You guys will endorse me only if I have delivered more than your expectations in these projects. Hence my area of interest lies in the references which will come only after the quality delivery of the idea.

Q8: What are the future plans of Finstreet.
A8: We already have the largest crypto education video library in the world and you can see a glimpse of it on our YouTube channel, we are fully dedicated to launching 24/7 live crypto education and news channel to create awareness and adoption. This is our dream project and we will achieve this by Q2 2021.

This is all that I wanted to say. Please feel free to ask any more queries if you have and I will be more than happy to answer all your queries. We can also organize a webinar where I can answer all your queries one on one if you are still left with any doubts about me or my company.

One last thing I want to say: This is not a PR partnership for me, this is more of an awareness, educational and adoption partnership for me. Because we are not a PR company primarily we are a crypto education company.

Thanks a lot for supporting us and reading all this. Please feel free to reach out to me on my social channels if you have any suggestions to create more crypto awareness in the future because institutions are already here and education is the only way we can bring the next wave of retail investors to the crypto.

Thanks a lot for your time:)


Hello Everyone,

I am planning to organize an AMA on 28th of Dec, IST 12:00 PM. Please do let me know if this suits everyone who is interested to join. In this AMA I will answer all the queries and suggestions related to this proposal live.

Awaiting for replies from the community. I’m personally very excited for this AMA because I have a certain belief that this educational partnership can be really beneficial for both free ton community and Finstreet.

Thanks a lot.


Hello @Bandhul

You might wish to correct your numbers first before AMA Session.

  1. TikTok is completely banned in India, so it’s numbers are completely useless. Remove that from stats.

  2. Your BoloIndya Stats are totally fabricated. Its a new website and don’t even have any traffic on Alexa.

But your videos are getting millions of views, very interesting.

  1. Your Quora Spaces are hardly getting any upvotes and YouTube also have only few hundreds views on any video.

Considering it’s low amount of Real Users, you should reduce the crystal requirements to 10,000 per quarter.
And subject to release after quarter results, nothing in advanced.

Thank You

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Finstreet Partner Analysis
The information is taken from open sources.

Confirmation of partnership intentions, received.
Contact has been made with the founder (Bandhul Bansal) by going through the official Finstreet website to the Linkedin profile


Finstreet-Founded in March 2017, the site was launched in 2019. It is engaged in training its users (students) in the field of investment investment, studying cryptocurrencies, studying blockchain technologies, reviewing the stock markets of India, training investment strategies.
The source of income is paid training courses. (there is a system of discounts)


The site is in working order, clear, clickable. Registration and technical support works. All pages open except one About Us in the basement of the site.
There is an informational blog with news updates in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
Creation Date: 2019-05-01
Attendance 180 people per day

Contact information provided on the website

Next57 Coworking, Plot No. 57, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002 +91-8968232722
Information on the site about the founder and the team is present.

Contact information with Linkedin

Bandhul Bansal (Founder of Finstreet) Entrepreneur, Investor, Financial Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Teacher. Additionally, he is a co-founder of a sportswear store. Quadb Linkedin
Sahil Thakur (Co-founder and BD head at Finstreet) Linkedin
Team contacts on Linkedin

Social networks and other online community groups.
Check the activity in social networks listed on the official website of Finstreet.


Owned by the founder of Finstreet (Bandhul Bansal)
174 readers. Weakly active, no comments or likes.


YouTube channel launched on December 19, 2019
The number of subscribers is 11 thousand people. The profile is well designed and contains links to the official website and social networks.
Liik and comments under the videos are present. Prospective development of the channel.

Facebook-listed on the official website of Finstreet, not a valid link / or deleted.


Actively developing their tiktok page
Create informational content on the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to interact with a young audience.
Subscribers 128k
Likes are present
There are few comments

Boloindya (analogue Tiktok)

Bolo Indya is a video app that allows you to create and publish short videos in regional languages-Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Harianvi, Bhojpuri and Odia.
When studying the bottom information video service, a large number of bots and cheating were found. @sahil please comment on this information portal.


Trello is a cloud-based program for managing small group projects. Allows for live video presentations with comments from users.
The page is designed qualitatively with all the necessary links, the content is regularly updated.
When viewing several video files, I had a suspicion of cheating.


Quora is a social knowledge sharing service, a kind of question and answer website.
The founder of Finstreet (Bandhul Bansal) runs his own page dedicated to investments. Marks (Upvote), views and comments are present. The activity of the blog is weak.
The last topic was published in September 2020.

Finstreet is developing in the direction of information training for new users of India who are interested in cryptocurrency, blockchain technologies and investments. The Finstreet team studies new crypto projects and brings this information to its audience, constantly improving its community and its own knowledge.

P.s If the partnership is successfully launched, it may affect the activation of the Indian community Free TON and serve as a driver for the creation of India (Governance)

  • Contact details are present
  • Partner develops in the direction of blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Ready for an AMA session with the Free TON community
  • Adequate Token request
  • We are ready to give a detailed quarterly report before receiving the next tranche of tokens.

Hello TonCrystal,

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thanks a lot for your support!!
Answering your queries:

  1. Yes Tiktok is banned and I have mentioned the same in my above post. We have added numbers and figures here because there are some signs of revival for TikTok in India. Like oracle bought TikTok US to continue its operations. Indian giant Reliance is also in talks to buy TikTok which might restart its operations in India. So we mentioned it in our deliverables since this is a long deal of 12 months.

We can think of this suggestion and can rework the proposal as suggested by the members.

  1. I feel there is some misconception here, BoloIndya is social media mobile app, not a website with more than 1 million downloads on the play store + Downloads of the apple store + downloads from other platforms as well.

I don’t think so we can manipulate a social media platform with more than a million downloads. These are our lifetime views which is 14.8 million which is very much possible with a platform that has been millions of users each day. The platforms are new because after India banned TikTok, there was a gap in the market and new players tried to fill into that gap, this is entrepreneurship and questioning their credibility just because they are new is very uncomfortable to me because by this analogy cryptocurrencies are just 12 years old challenging the 1000-year-old financial infrastructure hence they should not be recommended but we all know that cryptocurrencies are much more efficient than traditional finance. Regarding SEO, SEO takes time and results are usually visible in 12-18 months and we don’t have much penetration of Alexa. Hence our websites in India do not necessarily rank in Alexa.

  1. Interaction on Quora Spaces is lesser because we shifted our focus from written content to video content for cost optimization. Since we are an early-stage bootstrapped startup hence we saw a shift in user behavior from written to video and audio content. We are also building our Spotify, but we haven’t cracked it yet. Hence it’s not mentioned in our offerings.

Regarding YouTube, I believe you need to understand our strategy. We are not building youtube as a social media platform rather we exploring its search engine part and doing active SEO on it. YouTube is the second largest search engine after google YouTube’s search volume is larger than that of Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and hence we post 6-8 videos per day on our YouTube channel since each video cannot be ranked immediately but we need to think long term and create content for the long term, for example, we have created “Crypto ki ABCD” which translates to Dictionary of Cryptocurrencies. Imagine a situation once the euphoria moment starts, how many people need to understand the terminology used in crypto space to interact with people. Hence we get our piece of pie then, we rank for WazirX, FTX, Huobi, Tron in India. I can share the links if you want. This also signifies that we are here for the long term and you will hear about us more and more going forward and these are the opportunities where we get a chance to prove ourselves hence we won’t ditch. This is a screenshot of our YouTube dashboards signifying our impressions. Hence you should not judge us on our views because simply we post a lot more content than any normal crypto influencer. Think from the perspective of SEO and search ranking. For social media, we are targeting various social media apps as mentioned above.

  1. It is a proud feeling that the community is aware of the resources they have when it comes to giving grants or spending. Negotiations are always welcome but in this case, we are already asking for an adequate amount. Setting up a video center occurs a lot of fixed cost, we can negotiate on the deliverables as suggested by the community and believe me by this budget we are breaking even in Q3 and we’ll have our profits in Q4. Hence, I already think this is a fair value proposition for the community.

Regarding the advance sanction, I already know that you had a pretty bad experience with some of the big players in the crypto PR industry and your fear for sanctions is completely relevant and can be understood but you need to understand some facts because the world is not white or black, firstly we are not a PR company, as I already mentioned, we are an educational platform and a completely bootstrapped startup, though we had an offer from some institutions as a content and influence company we choose to rely on corporate and social grants because in this way we can continue to have an unbiased opinion which is our moral duty as an educational organization. After institutional funding we are required to take sides which will dilute the quality of our content, we all know what happened with CMC. Hence without pre-sanction we cannot setup, in our capacity, we cannot fund this complete education campaign.

I hope you guys will consider our viewpoints, this can just another campaign for you but it is our first grant campaign and it will be in our portfolio and reference point for future grants hence we cannot afford any ambiguity in this campaign.

You have my guarantee that this campaign will be worth a lot more than what you will pay us to do because fundamentally I see this as an inflection point for my company. This will open a whole new world of opportunities for us and I will personally oversee this campaign hence you can completely rest assured regarding the deliverables. I will work on the deliverables and will post the updated proposal by tomorrow.

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This is not a very stringent community, you can always come back and make a proposal for additional crystal requirements.

But until TikTok is bought by someone, and it starts operating again if ever it does, till then remove these starts.

As soon as TikTok launches again, you can always make another proposal for TikTok promotion.

Thank You

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Thanks for the motivation @TONCrystal,

This is really motivating and I’m also looking forward for a long term relation in the community and I see myself as the long term community member for this project. Let me work upon the proposal once again and then you can decide about the value proposition. There are some fixed cost involved which if properly utilized can create much more for our ecosystem.

And I’m really looking forward to see you in AMA. Please do find a free time slot, so that we can discuss about the proposal in detail there.

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Yes, please rework on the proposal before the AMA. So that there we are clear about the stats.

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Definitely, I’ll work on it post Christmas celebration and will post new proposal in next 24 hours.

Thanks for your belief, see you at AMA:)

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Thank you for your support. We will definently work hard to meet your expectations. Do let me know if you need anything else from our side, data, statistics etc. We will be more than happy to help you in any possible way we can.
Thanks a lot and wish you a merry Christmas!


Hello Everyone,

I’m feeling escastic, while informing that first version of our price discovery website for Indian ecosystem is live. We are still working on the backend. Suggestions for value additions are very much welcome. Please have a look at it.

Thanks a lot:)


Please check your website, the price is wrong.

Currently, the Price of BTC is Rs.17,76,846

Thank You

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Hello @TONCrystal,

We already know it, as I already mentioned above we are connecting the API’s of the listed exchanges on this price discovery website, we are still working on the backend of this website. We will release this product officially in next 30 days.

The exact price of the bitcoin in India is diffrent from Google/Coingecko/CMC price because of remittances settlement cost.

For instance the LTP is not 17.7L it’s around 19L. This price discovery website will list the adequate trading price based on the data of top Indian exchanges.

Thanks for the review anyways!

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Finstreet is India’s First Crypto Education Institute. This platform acts as an easily accessible medium for people to learn about the importance of cryptocurrencies and the different asset classes associated with them.

Channels for distribution:

  1. YouTube 11300 subscribers
  2. Quora Spaces 18,300 followers
  3. Bolo Indya 70,100 followers
  4. Trell 35,000 followers
  5. MX Takatak 34,400 followers
  6. DailyHunt Josh 8,800 followers
    More than 300K people in the crypto and blockchain interested community.

Key Facts:

  • 300k+ followers
  • 10 million-plus monthly views on all platforms
  • 1.3 million impressions per month on YouTube
  • Verified profiles on 6 platforms
  • 100% organic traffic
  • 80% month on month growth
  • Educational content in Hindi and English
  • Targeting niche Indian audience

Video formats:

  • Daily Crypto news
  • Review videos
  • Interviews with leading industry experts
  • Explainers
  • Tutorial videos
  • Ranking videos
  • Detailed educational course videos

Free TON and Finstreet partnership

Finstreet is India’s leading crypto education platform. We will create introduction videos along with review videos that will help spread the word about the project to people interested in the blockchain and crypto space.

The campaign will :

  • Better and relevant reach in India and other Hindi speaking nations
  • Create Brand awareness among the crypto community.
  • Engage with the developer community to raise awareness about Free TON or contribute to the Community through a series of webinars.
  • Detailed introduction of the project
  • Help in creating strong brand recall value among the blockchain and crypto community.
  • Marketing and promotions of the project among Indian crypto users.
  • Promote build on TON in the developer community.
  • Educate people about TON and its use cases.
  • Will promote development on the TON platform.
  • Help understand the use cases of the projects developing on TON.
  • Marketing of projects developing on TON hence developing the TON ecosystem.


Key deliverables:

  1. Two monthly webinars or one offline meetup (depending upon the possibility) for developer community building in the top 200 Engineering colleges in India, catering to 3million engineering students. Even if we succeed to target 0.01% conversion we can reach 30k developers.

  2. 24 Detailed review videos of the products/ideas funded by Free TON

  3. 6 Review videos of projects building on TON.

  4. Banner ads for Free TON projects (Wallets, games, marketplaces, etc.) as suggested by community members in every crypto news. We will advertise 1 project for 1 month. Hence throughout the year, we will advertise 12 new projects for the Free TON community.

  5. 10 specific interview videos featuring the core team members of the TON community so that the world can share the vision of this project.

  6. Grant mention note (credits to Free TON community) throughout the videos (on Average we create 175+ videos monthly)

  7. Free Ton Branding on the thumbnails of the relevant videos.

  8. Free Ton Branding daily posts on YouTube Community segment.

  9. Free Ton Branding IGTV Instagram reel videos & all over the social media(Trell, Bolo Indya, MX Takatak, Dailyhunt Josh)

  10. Redirect links to Free TON community in marketing copy of all the content.

  11. Minimum of 50 million impressions

  12. Special offers and discounts on all our products (which we will launch in 2021) exclusive for TON community

  13. One detailed course on TON explaining it’s utility, economics, and fundamental value. This course will be free for all TON holders and those who don’t have TON can ask for a refund in TON once they complete the course and will answer a quiz. (ref.

  14. 100 videos for TON and related projects on YouTube and other social media platforms.

  15. Merchandise listing on with the banner image of a model wearing a Free TON branded t-shirt.

  16. Exclusive discount coupon for Free TON applicable on all the merchandise on

  17. Branding and a special mention for the grant on our price discovery platform

  18. Listing of Free TON on as soon as it gets listed on any Indian Crypto Exchange.

  19. Official letter of recommendation for listing on the exchanges that work with us provided the ecosystem grows at a good pace.

  20. Mentions in our monthly magazine (6 editions)

  21. Cover story on one of our magazine editions.

Plan of action:


  1. Branding exercises on all of our videos, thumbnails, and posts start in the first quarter of 2021

  2. Merchandise listing on

  3. Mentions on as we continue to build the platform.

  4. All discount coupons and offers will be activated from the first month onwards

  5. Original content related to the TON community (review videos, interviews, etc.)

  6. Banner ads for Free TON products on crypto news.

7)Webinars/meetups featuring Free TON.


  1. Branding exercises on all of our videos, thumbnails, and posts start in the first quarter of 2021 (cont.)

  2. Merchandise listing on (Cont.)

  3. Mentions on as we continue to build the platform. (Cont.)

  4. All discount coupons and offers will be activated from the first month onwards (Cont.)

  5. Original content related to the TON community (review videos, interviews, etc.) (Cont.)

  6. Banner ads for Free TON products on crypto news. (Cont.)

7)Webinars/meetups featuring Free TON. (cont.)

  1. Release of our TON course with an exclusive landing page (ref.

  2. Release of TON quiz landing page to giveaway TON tokens ( as scholarships for completing TON course) ref or


  1. Branding exercises on all of our videos, thumbnails, and posts start in the first quarter of 2021 (cont.)

  2. Merchandise marketing on with an ad budget of 20k dollars.

  3. TON listing on hodlinfo if it gets listed on any Indian Crypto Exchange

  4. All discount coupons and offers will be activated from the first month onwards (Cont.)

  5. Original content related to the TON community (review videos, interviews, etc.) (Cont.)

  6. Banner ads for Free TON products on crypto news. (Cont.)

  7. Webinars/meetups featuring Free TON. (cont.)

  8. TON course with an exclusive landing page (ref.

  9. TON quiz landing page to giveaway TON tokens ( as scholarships for completing TON course) ref or (cont.)

  10. Mention in the first edition of our magazine

  11. Recommendation for listing depending upon the progress in the project


  1. Branding exercises on all of our videos, thumbnails, and posts start in the first quarter of 2021 (cont.)

  2. Merchandise marketing on

  3. TON listing on hodlinfo if it gets listed on any Indian Crypto Exchange

  4. All discount coupons and offers will be activated from the first month onwards (Cont.)

  5. Original content related to the TON community (review videos, interviews, etc.) (Cont.)

  6. Banner ads for Free TON products on crypto news. (Cont.)

  7. Webinars/meetups featuring Free TON. (cont.)

  8. TON course with an exclusive landing page (ref.

  9. TON quiz landing page to giveaway TON tokens ( as scholarships for completing TON course) ref or (cont.)

  10. Developments and progress coverage of the TON project in all our magazines

  11. Cover story of 4th magazine edition

Resource allocation of the funds from grant:

Funds from the grant will be used in the following activities-

A) HR cost which includes the following people:

  1. Video Anchors

  2. Graphic designers

  3. Research analyst (Ebooks for the course, Magazines)

  4. Campaign manager (Content architecture, quarterly reports, ticket resolution)

  5. Video editors

  6. Content writers

  7. Social media managers

  8. Digital marketer

  9. Community managers (resolve/redirect all the queries from course subscribers)

  10. Developers (E-learn platform for the course, ticketing platform, tracking dashboards, hodlinfo)

B) Setup cost

  1. Studio setup (Camera, Lighting, mic, green screen setup, etc.)

  2. Infrastructure cost.

  3. Miscellaneous expenses

Key KPI to deliver:

  1. Minimum 50 million impressions

  2. 100 videos regarding the updates and news related to the TON

  3. 10 interview videos

  4. 24 Review videos of the grants

  5. 6 product review videos

  6. Min. 50-hour total content (course+videos exclusive for TON)

  7. Min. 4 million views on the content

  8. 30k unique visitors in webinars/meetups

  9. 100k unique magazine subscribers (email subscribers)

  10. 3600-word coverage in our magazines (600 in each edition)

  11. Cover story of our 4th edition

  12. 8-10 hours detailed course on Free TON

  13. 30 Keyword ranking related to Free TON in India. (i.e our videos will come in the top 3 suggestions when searched with the keyword on youtube.)

Proposed tracking SOP’s-

  1. UTM links to all the promotional content

  2. Dashboard to track course enrollments and user engagement (ref.

  3. Quarterly report detailing the progress of the campaign with the suggested KPIs, analytics, and future projections

  4. Monthly AMA sessions with the community to discuss new possibilities in the campaign

  5. 48-hour ticket resolving mechanism if any community member raises any red flag related to this campaign (First manually then we will create tech to automate the process)

Token distribution schedule

For the above marketing services, Finstreet will get 100K Free TON tokens after the approval of the proposal. The schedule of the next round of token transfer will be as follow:

Date Amount
1 Start of project 100 000
2 End of Q1 120 000
3 End of Q2 120 000
4 End of Q3 140 000
Total 480 000

(Note: we have added an additional request of 80,000 in the subsequent quarters as we have increased the deliverables and this proposal has more efficient use of resources than the previous one. We have tried our level best to optimize the cost and efficiency of each department to bring all the value additions to this proposal.)

Wallet address:


Payment id


Contact information

This proposal was made by:

Sahil Thakur

Co-founder and Head of Business Development





Hello Everyone,

We have released the updated version of the proposal considering all the suggestions from the community members please do have a look and comment with your valuable feedback on the same.

Thank you:)


Can you tell us how you come up with this figure of 300K community members ? Your stats from different platform doesn’t add up to 300k.

Please break this by platform-wise category.

Please share last month analytics data of Youtube.

Thank You

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1)Regarding YouTube analytics, Bandhul has already shared the statistics in the above post. I’m posting it again for your reference.

2)Regarding 300k, it was a classic calculation error as we updated the previous proposal only, and the previous proposal included the followers from TikTok also. It’s more than 300K with TikTok, and 180K without TikTok.

  1. Our monthly views vary a lot because we are on verge of virality and our monthly numbers are growing very rapidly. Hence we shared the humble number of 10Million distributed as follow:

Youtube Views (Last 28 Days): 124,914

Trell ( Last 28 Days): 1 million-plus

Bolo Indya (Last 28 Days): 4 million-plus

Mx Takatak (Last 28 Days): 5 million plus

Josh (Last 28 Days): 2 million-plus

Please mention your stats without TikTok, as it is currently banned so no point in adding it her now.

Please update it to 180k.

Thank You