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Forum early influencer's contest

Can anybody explain why group and youtube activities are rewarded but forum activities are not ? I don’t see the difference.

Are these your words from the contest Contest Decentralized Support I -- Present Supporters ?


Reward contest for those who have contributed to chat group engagement and moderation until 12:00 UTC/2:00 PM CET from May 28, 2020 through June 9, 2020.

It’s our duty to engage new users, like going to the office, right ? Why did we have this contest then ? @XLR25t

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Всем привет ! Мнение @XLR25t по предложению вполне обосновано . Но и предложение @aicracy дельное .
Конкурс сторонников форума был идеальным для создания альтернативного формата airdrops . Небольшого укола . Это не было бы платой за деятельность . Это могло бы быть как благодарностью за доверие наверное )
Это подтолкнуло бы людей со стороны активно вступать в сообщество , глядя вовлечённость и веру друга
Сейчас в проекте те кто верит . Дальше придут те кто только из корыстных побуждений .

Скорее всего я заблуждаюсь

What nonsense

  1. early was proposal supported by all, according to which it is impossible to put forward contests for, what has already been done and implemented.
  2. all community communication takes place in Telegram, and forum are used as a place for publication of competitions and discussion of these competitions. According this: What kind of useful work on the forum are we talking about?
    The correctness publication of competitions is monitored by the corresponding sub-government, and there is no need to follow the publication of opinions about the competition.

In my opinion, development of functionality of forum is more important, here is an example of proposal and direction of development: Развитие функционала форума/интеграция с telegram
And it’s more effichently , then looking for especially sociable among the already existing members.

Sorry, I can not understand why we don’t do “publication of competitions and discussion on these competitions” in telegram too and close this Free TON forum. If we do so, this unnecessary disagreement will be over :wink:. For what the forum is necessary?

If we are talking now with each other about a proposal so the community communication takes place in Forum now and we can not claim “all community communication takes place in telegram”. I say the communication take places in forum more than telegram. I have no statistics but admins can provide it.

I read the entire feed. Here everyone is right in their own way.
I believe that the proposal has the right to vote (let the jury decide)


In my opinion, this proposal is similar to airdrop. The reward looks sweet, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea for airdrop.

If desired, this can even be brought to the point of absurdity. Let’s say that the 100 most active users decided to hold a protest flash mob on the topic: Ron, you’re wrong, we contributed and deleted all their forum posts for this occasion. Empty forum as a result. Of course, others will come and fill it up again and make the same mistakes and come to the same results - there is no history.


Contest text modified. Already rewarded posts cannot be subject of this contest and Jurors rewarding was a weak point.

Just few examples. Why guys, who did following topics may not be rewarded for their efforts?

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Thank you for your attention to my small works! This work was rewarded as part of the DOI SMM Sub-governance articles. Therefore, anyone who writes some guides or articles can easily qualify for the award by submitting their work in the Renewal Contest submission.

Спасибо за внимание к моим небольшим работам! Эта работа была вощнаграждена в рамках статей для SMM Sub-governance. Пожтому каждый, кто пишет какие-то гайды или статьи легко может претендовать на награду, оформив свои работы в заявку на Renewal Contest.

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Ron, let me ask you, if you are saddened now, when your vision of the ideal FreeTON’s future collides with the opinion of the crowd, demanding bread and circuses, how will you deal with this when the crowd gains even more power in accordance with further steps for decentralization? Is this discussion wrong at all?