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Forum Supporters Contest

and I am so sorry. I wanted to fool everyone.


Thanks a lot @C_Support050

I believe you have described the proposal better than me. With your permission, I would like to add your comments to the proposal.

Thanks in advance



I see. Wishing you the best

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You are welcome @MonaMahmoodi1

By my first knowledge, you are right. It will be the first contest that has no loser. All participants will get rewards proportional to their activities.

and today it is considered, let’s talk about it more).

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Thanks @isheldon

Unfortunately, I have no access to the statistics. I will be thankful If the forum admins can confirm, correct or improve the formula.

The main problem in the previous contests is that some guys are losers and this makes them hopeless. I have tried to get rid of this by proposing:

But up to now it couldn’t get sufficient support. Believe me. We need to keep all the members satisfied somehow because Free TON needs the help of all the members but not only a few good guys. I hope if we are going to correct this proposal, we will keep this feature (no loser) unchanged.


You are truly clever. Good for you :+1:t2:

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Only new participants?

No, that is another contest.

This “Forum Supporters Contest” is for all the members. Everybody is welcome. The contest is designed so that all the participants in this contest will win some rewards (the amount of the reward is proportional to the activity they have done in the past). I hope the community will support

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Ok im support this contest :ok_hand:
But you should correct disclaimer: any NEW supporter

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Are you planing rewards for the forum badges?

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Thanks for your correction provided. Done …

Here is statistics:


It could be involved. I am thinking about “read time” and other activities as well. The formula is just a suggestion. Admins may change it in future. Thanks for your support


I will be rich! ))))

10X102[(# of days visited) + 295(# of received likes) + 205(# of posts created) + 15X10(# of topic created times ten)] in TONs = 1670 TON Crystals.

According to the statistics there are periods:

In a year
For the quarter
Per month
During the week
For today

All periods are calculated from the current date.


Thanks a lot. It is very useful info. Can’t believe we have it as public. I’m getting a stable fan of Free TON.

As far as I know, we pay about 200K-300k TONs in a normal contest (winners+juries rewards). I think we should try to keep this range for total distributed rewards.

I will correct the formula and then look forward to consider the community comments/correction.


I doubt that such contest will bring some value for Free TON.

Dear @Roman_D

All the participants of this contest will win some TONs. I believe every single winner will be an unofficial ambassador of Free TON, which can help for the promotion of Free TON, at least. After one earns TONs and gets to know its value, he/she will try to introduce it to his/her family/friends/audiences etc.


Yes it’s will be a good point)


There are many things unclear. I think better to improve this contest to avoid fake activity.