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Thanks for your correction provided. Done …

Here is statistics:


It could be involved. I am thinking about “read time” and other activities as well. The formula is just a suggestion. Admins may change it in future. Thanks for your support


I will be rich! ))))

10X102[(# of days visited) + 295(# of received likes) + 205(# of posts created) + 15X10(# of topic created times ten)] in TONs = 1670 TON Crystals.

According to the statistics there are periods:

In a year
For the quarter
Per month
During the week
For today

All periods are calculated from the current date.


Thanks a lot. It is very useful info. Can’t believe we have it as public. I’m getting a stable fan of Free TON.

As far as I know, we pay about 200K-300k TONs in a normal contest (winners+juries rewards). I think we should try to keep this range for total distributed rewards.

I will correct the formula and then look forward to consider the community comments/correction.


I doubt that such contest will bring some value for Free TON.

Dear @Roman_D

All the participants of this contest will win some TONs. I believe every single winner will be an unofficial ambassador of Free TON, which can help for the promotion of Free TON, at least. After one earns TONs and gets to know its value, he/she will try to introduce it to his/her family/friends/audiences etc.


Yes it’s will be a good point)


There are many things unclear. I think better to improve this contest to avoid fake activity.


This contest considers only the activities which have been done in the past. Who can travel back through time and do some fake activities in the past?


great effective idea to involve every user in contests and this will really attract more users on forum and will increases activities on forum discussions as well :gem:


Thanks for your support

according to statistics there are 8 types of main activities by users on forum so every activity consideration is very important for fair evaluation.
so in my point of view rewards should to calculated by integrating all these 8 types of activities on forum by users.

Statistics of 8 types of activities on forum

For example formula may be as:

10*(received) + 5*(Given) + 50*(Topics) + 10*(Replies) + 10*(Viewed) + 1*(Read) + 10*(Visits) + 50*(Time Read in hours)


Hi guys,

I have edited the reward formula based on the statistics we have in hand:

a*[(30 * received likes)+(1 * given likes)+(100 * topic created)+(10 * posts created)+(10 * topics viewed)+(1 * posts read)+(10 * visits)+(100 * time read in hour)] in TONs

The prefactor “a” will be determined so that the total distributed rewards be 300,000 TONs.

Looking forward to see your comments an corrections


Thanks for your comment. It has be considered in the new forumla.

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Thanks for your parametric and flexible formula. As a suggestion, I think parameter “a” can be determined after that contest finished. This will help us to guarantee max prize (300,000) based on the number of participants. But, I still think, max prize can increase a bit more. This is a new kind of contest, which is aimed to cover all the community. :raised_hands:

More importantly, I think this contest will satisfy the users who have some criticism to past votings. I strongly recommend the community and team to consider this contest for enhancing public face and popularity of Free TON.


this is the first even contest for every users and we all already know 85% economy of Free TON will be user-controlled indeed for decentralization.
we have to realize expected participation of users as well and it may be even 10 times compared to previous contests participation.
This is the contest for every member of Free TON community so total TON distribution in contest should around 2,000,000 motivating early users in community to be more active and catalyzing user growth as well.

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I think this contest will be really new kind of competition. It is a different competition, a thing between “contest” and “airdrop”. It is not a contest, bacause the past contests just targetted a small population of specialized users (such as designers, developpers, validators…). Also, this is not an airdrop, bacause there is not any measure for past activities in an airdrop. This is a new innovative competition.

Moreover I think the budget of this contest can be a part of 85% airdrop!

I support it ! Thank you @WuChi001X for your innovative proposal.


new participants? Or no?


I found that some very “smart and cunning” people began to wind up useless messages on the forum, hoping to get a bigger prize.