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Forum Supporters Contest

Staking is basic idea. Users will must stake their rewards. If users immediately receive their reward, it will make less benefits for the Forum. It could also become part of a future forum reward system (if it will be implemented).

If Surf will can work with the forum, it will be good. For example, use a browser extension for this. Or other ways.

Also I think that it is importaint to make trully Web3 Dapp for FreeTON Forum.

Distribution of 300,000 crystals between everyone will be a growth-catalyst for free ton community and even create an excitement in community members to be more actively supports free ton.

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The great idea, any active participant is worthy of attention.


Ваше желание раздать именно ровное количество , возможно усложняет конкурс.

Может следует изначально составить таблицу в которой указать размер причитающихся призов. И после одобрения судьями выдавать приз без учёта префактора. Префактор хорошо , но он значительно усложняет конкурс , возможно даже на столько что жури его не одобрит. Давайте вместо префактора сразу будем использовать коэф 0,5 .

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Thanks @Maximilian

You are right. It is better to fix the prefactor at the beginning point. If all the forum members participate in this contest the prefactor should be 0.3, as I said. If you let me I set the prefactor to be 0.3. So the rewards are fixed for all and if some guys don’t wish to participate, it will not change the rewards of the others and the total rewards distributed will decrease from 300,000 downwards.


Hi there,
The reward formula has been updated. Now, the reward of every participant is independent of the number of participants. Another advantage is that now there is no need to count the points of participants:


The reward of each participant will be calculated based on the following formula:
0.3 *[(30 * received likes)+(1 * given likes)+(100 * topic created)+(10 * posts created)+(10 * topics viewed)+(1 * posts read)+(10 * visits)+(100 * time read in hour)] in TONs

The total distributed rewards will be 300,000 TONs, if all the forum members participate in this contest. Otherwise, it will be less than 300,000 TONs.


Nice idea. It’s a pitty, that I’v joined the community a little bit later)


Great idea to benefit users who came up with project at early stages.


community supporters are the real power of free ton, rewards to every user for their contribution is essential for network growth.


The rewards calculated based on the formula presented in this contest proposal:

The total rewards distributed (if the contest gets accepted) could be as high as 292,075.2 TONs, but I’m pretty sure it will be much less than this amount as several members will not participate.


Great work☑
Community-Powered Free TON have an aim of 1billion users in near future. So we can start with some rewards for every user so that every user could be more intimated with Free TON contests and then in future we can propose contests based on skills, marketing strategies and promotion resources.
Every zero-knowlegde user who is just a part of community must be also rewarded for their support and contribution to the community in these early stages of Free TON


I think it is good to reward forum participation and contribution. I also like the objective metrics. However, if this proposal is accepted, it should be stated that this is one-time contest (for previous activity only) and there are no plans for it to be repeated. If this is not done, this contest could promote low-quality and spam topics/replies in the future. There can be new, different ideas to reward participation and contributions in the future, but they should not use this method again.


Completely right. It has been added at the beginning of the proposal:

Important Note:
This is a one-time contest (for previous activities only) and there are no plans for it to be repeated.


Counting any activity is not the best option. In my opinion. Difficult to assess the benefits. I agree that it’s easier to count.

Dear @Grigoriy2000
To make the rewards fixed, we have already set the prefactor to be 0.3. The following shows everybody’s reward if he/she participates:

So we have gotten rid of counting points, which could be very difficult.

Sorry in advance, if I didn’t get what you have meant :pray:

Please describe the identification mechanism.
How will proof of account ownership work? I think this is an important point because the wrong people might get rewards otherwise.

The forum member should submit his/her surf address himself/herself. It is a must. If a member submits a request and provides a surf address, the predetermined reward will be paid to that address. If a member doesn’t submit his/her request (before deadline) he/she will not receive anything.

To avoid misusing, the participant should send the request on the forum first (so that we can identify the guy and know his/her predetermined reward) and then submit a pdf file (on in which the forum post link is provided too. The rest is very similar to other contests.

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