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Fovbot: Partnership Proposal for Free TON

Ron, thank you so much for your opinion. And your support is very valuable for this partnership proposal and the fovbot project as a whole!

However, we would like to comment on some points from your opinion:

  1. The development budget that we request includes the cost of developing functionality specifically within the Free TON project (including the very strict association of this functionality with the Free TON project). We know that users are very much looking forward to this functionality.
  2. We will exclude from our partner offer a description of what the funds raised will be used for. However, this does not change the essence - our project carries expenses in the designated areas. And it will continue to carry them regardless of the text of the partner offer. At the same time, we offered to brand one of the bots in our family as @fovTONbot - isn’t it important that the named product is cool?! The budget that we request for development and integration is not exceptional at all.
  3. We are well aware that Free TON is a partnership. And we are not asking for funding for functionality not directly related to the Free TON project. However, the wallet, integration with the blockchain, the virtual balance system, the mechanics of distributing tokens across the user base - this is absolutely specific functionality (only for Free TON) - it is for its development that we ask for tokens. And at the same time, we offer: to brand a bot for your project, the ability to pay for all fovbot services, to carry out work on informing our user base about Free TON - is this not enough to consider us partners?!
  4. About the adequacy of the budget. Surprisingly, where did the figure of 50K for integration come from?! Ron, I’m sorry, but we’re not sure that you realize that this budget is sufficient for real integration. Of course, if you really want to, you can meet the specified budget, for example, by connecting to a project that provides a wallet infrastructure for Free TON. Only how many real addresses in the network are created with this integration? How many token storage apps are downloaded? Not enough!
  5. Ron, we have an offer for you as an employee of TON Labs. Let’s run a test campaign for 1-2 days to promote your Surf product in our user base? We will be able to evaluate the potential of our advertising inventory for the project. Let’s discuss this possibility separately. @p.prigolovko @Mitja @XLR25t

Thank you again! We think our partnership is a typical win-win for everyone. We just have to agree on the details.

I think the price structure need to be adjusted to real KPI. Impressions are meaningless and “users” without payments are not users. So I would just live the 3 KPI target and may be even increase the pay out for it. And that’s it. Otherwise LGTM.

Do you have DeBot POC?

We made a little test and buy @fovbot commercial:

2 Days fovbot push PokerTON promo post. Start 16 January 12-00, stop 18 January 12-00


2848 times new users push START button on PokerTONbot :arrow_right: 1389 users go to Poker Lobby :arrow_right: 150 active users,who play more than ONE freeroll.

Generally not bad results :handshake:

Thanks, fovbot :slightly_smiling_face:


About @fovbot

The @fovbot project ( is a platform for professional management of groups (chats) in Telegram. The basis of the platform is the @fovbot bot, which has advanced platform functionality. In addition, the @fovbot platform includes more than 6,800 clone bots of the main bot, which, from the user point of view, have the same functionality as the main bot, i.e. used to manage groups and have monetized ad inventory. The @fovbot project started in 2017 and is currently one of the most popular tools for automating community management in Telegram.

Below is a short summary of the main functionality of the @fovbot platform:

  • Greetings — when a new user enters the chat, @fovbot automatically displays a prepared welcome message.
  • Commands — the chat administrator can create special commands, aimed to deliver preset information for the chat participants (users).
  • Publishing — instant posting to chat or preparation of delayed posting.
  • Reputation — enabled by default and determines which participant has been thanked and how many times he/she received appreciation in the chat.
  • Branding — cloning @fovbot in a chat with a customized avatar and set nickname set by the chat administrator.
  • Chat timezone configuration.
  • Option to select the interface language of @fovbot.
  • Configuring withdrawal parameters and cryptocurrency rates used in the chat.
  • Removing messages with links — both external and of the @username type, if it is a link to a channel, chat or bot.
  • Removing reposts from channels, forwarding messages from bots and from any other accounts.
  • Clearing the chat from system messages (about user login/deletion, etc.), removing operational messages that match the specified conditions.
  • Display cryptocurrency rates: /btc, / ton, /eth or /rates.
  • Prohibition of adding bots/users.
  • Setting standard greeting (“Welcome, @username”).
  • Spam block inside all chats.

A number of new features are being developed, the implementation of which will help our users to manage the community more efficiently, thereby making @fovbot even more technologically advanced.

The undoubted popularity of @fovbot is due to the following factors:

  • Focus on the Telegram. The project is focused only on Telegram, because the @fovbot team considers Telegram as the most technologically advanced messenger, and also fully shares the ideological views of the founders of Telegram.
  • Technological excellence and product leadership. The developed functionality of the @fovbot platform allows you to satisfy any needs of the owners and administrators of groups, and the implemented technical solution guarantees high speed and ensures the stable operation of the platform.
  • Optimal combination of extra and free features.
  • Fast and responsive support.

About @fovbot in facts and numbers

  • 58,300 monthly active groups;
  • 7,260,000 monthly active users;
  • 7,074 clone bots;
  • more than 2,800 actively paying customers;
  • @fovbot is very loyal to cryptocurrency payments: currently BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, DASH, DOGE are integrated as payment means;
  • @fovbot is popular in a crypto community, a number of crypto projects use @fovbot to manage their groups via Telegram; a number of groups associated with the project Free TON use @fovbot;
  • yearly growth rate - 71%.

About the collaboration between Free TON and @fovbot

We see the following main points of mutually beneficial cooperation.

For Free TON:

  • promotion of the project through the advertising capabilities of the @fovbot platform;
  • significant expansion of the project’s user base;
  • increasing the utility of the cryptocurrency and the project generally by using Free TON Crystals to pay for any @fovbot services.

Token request

  • Initial token request:

    • Development and integration of the Free TON related functionality: 220,000 Free TON Crystals
    • Distribution of tokens to users, including compensation for discounts on platform services: 180,000 Free TON Crystals
  • For achieving goals:

    • 3,000 Free TON Crystals for every 100 payments made with Free TON Crystals, capped at 3,000,000 Free TON Crystals
  • Total (initial request): 400,000 Free TON Crystals

  • For achieving goals: 3,000,000 (if target is reached)

The payment is considered if:

  1. The user clicks START on the @fovTONbot bot, clicks on the Wallet button and the Deposit button, receives a unique disposable / reusable wallet number and replenishes the TON Crystals of the coin. No deposit fees are charged.

  2. The user received coins from another user inside the @fovTONbot bot by Vouchers or commands /rain, /tip off-chain in Telegram. Such transfers will be recorded in a separate metric, and each transfer will be linked to the user ID that made the transfer. Transfer fees are not charged.

  3. The user withdraws TON Crystals coins to third-party services such as Surf, Broxus, @Chatex @PokerTON etc. Withdrawal fees are charged and debited from the balance on the wallet.

  4. Payment is also considered a payment for any fovbot service in TON Crystals in coins. Payment commission is not charged.

Distribution of tokens to users

The distribution of tokens among users will be carried out:

  1. By reputation. When users reach reputation levels, they will be credited with a specified amount of Free TON Crystals. Reputation “cheating” will be suppressed automatically using @fovbot mechanisms.
  2. As a part of the referral system for new users of Free TON wallets. In this case, @fovbot’s verification / protection mechanisms will operate from inviting “fake” users.
  3. For reaching a level in the referral system (for invited admins / advertisers).
  4. For adding admins more than a specified number (for example, 3,5,10, 100) chat @fovbot. With control from the addition of the fake chats.
  5. Random delivery of Free TON Crystals to active chat participants with a reputation from “+1”.
  6. For a significant contribution to the formation of the Free TON community. This item is poorly formalized, as it can be different actions marked by the community.

User involvement in the microeconomics of the Free TON using @fovbot

One of the main aim that our team sets for itself is to involve users in the regular use of Free TON Crystal to pay for various actions. This will create a demand for Free TON Crystal and increase the value of the token in the eyes of existing and new users to increase the utilitarianism of the economy.

It is planned to achieve this goal by:

  1. Providing users with a discount when paying for various purchases in Free TON Crystal. Since we plan to implement a number of new (paid) features in @fovbot (and its clones/copies), it is possible to provide automatic discounts when paying in Free TON Crystal.
  2. Creating mechanisms by which all participants in the process (user, chat admin, @fovbot, Free TON, third parties) will be interested in making payments using Free TON Crystal.

Development and integration of the Free TON related functionality

  1. Create a branded bot @fovTONbot and transfer at least 50,000 chats with at least 50,000,000 users to it during 2021.

  2. Advertising the Free TON project by using short (no more than 120 characters) text messages about Free TON when performing @fovTONbot and @fovbot system functions (greeting new users, deleting spam, other system messages): at least 50,000 impressions per day (1.5 million per month) throughout 2021.

  3. Conducting bounty programs among users with the accrual of Free TON Crystals to their wallets and providing settlements using Free TON Crystals. At the same time, it is planned to involve an audience of at least 1,000,000 unique users.

  4. Introduction of new functionality that allows administrators to monetize their chats:

    a. Free TON Crystals wallet. Owners of Free TON Crystals wallets will have the opportunity to perform several basic operations: deposit / withdraw Free TON Crystals, forward / send Free TON Crystals, create a voucher in Free TON Crystals, make payments for platform services in Free TON Crystals. Transfers between wallets can be made by UserName, ID, according to the user’s Message from any public chat, as well as by “issuing a voucher”. Receipts can be:

    i. Private. With the help of a “private” voucher, you can transfer coins anonymously (the recipient will not have information from whom he received the transfer).

    ii. Deferred. Such a voucher can not be activated (get Free TON Crystals on it) before the specified time.

    iii. “Interval”. The ability to activate a receipt only at specified time intervals.

    iv. Disposable/reusable. One-time voucher can only be activated once by one user. Reusable receipts can be activated many times, but only by different (unique) users.

    v. Reputational. Activation of the voucher is possible only by users who have reached a certain level of “reputation”.

    vi. Linked to the chat. Activation is available only by chat participants.

    vii. Personal.A receipt can only be activated by a specific user.

    viii. With a random amount. A given number of vouchers with different (random) denominations, with a given total amount, is issued. The user can activate the voucher only once, receiving a random amount of Free TON Crystals.

    ix. Combined. A combination of the above properties of receipts.

    b. Control of the referral system. Using the referral system, users of @fovbot or @fovTONbot who have invited chat admins or advertisers via the referral link are rewarded. The reward of these users will be carried out with the help of a bot, the reward is paid in Free TON Crystals.

    c. The possibility of collective fundraising crowdfunding) for the needs and ideas of the community. The chat admin creates an ad in the chat that describes the fundraising goals and the total amount to be raised. Chat users using @fovbot to pay for their participation in Free TON Crystals. The paid funds are transferred to the “Treasury” (General wallet) of the chat.

    d. Create shared chat wallets (“Treasury”). Access to spending funds from the General chat wallet (Treasury) is carried out using @fovbot with confirmation/consent from all users designated as «treasurers»: this can be admins, moderators, and ordinary chat users. In addition to funds from crowdfunding, all funds from donations also fall into the «Treasury».

    e. Donation in chat (for subscription and other purposes). The chat admin creates a link with which the user (anyone) can pay for a subscription to @fovTONbot (or other purposes) in Free TON Crystals from their crypto wallet.

    f. Transfers in Free TON Crystals between chat users. Transfers to Free TON Crystals between chat users using commands for @fovbot. Transfers can be made by UserName, ID, according to the user’s Message from any public chat, as well as by “issuing a private voucher”. With the help of a «private voucher», you can transfer tokens anonymously (the recipient will not understand from whom he received the coins).

Payment for this and any other functionality of @fovbot will be possible in Free TON Crystals, which will create significant volumes of use of Free TON Crystals, which means it will create the preconditions for widespread distribution and recognition of the coin. Together with conducting bounty campaigns, this will help chat administrators to accomplish their tasks more easily.

UI prototypes

The figures below show prototypes of interfaces for new functionality and advertising inventory related to the Free TON project.

What’s next

We can consider a full transition to payments only in Free TON Crystals as part of the partial or full functionality of @fovbot.


Ananda Kralidis

CEO at @fovbot


If accepted, wallet address for token distribution is as follows:

The proposal was corrected based on the comments of @XLR25t and @Mitja

Hi. what user scenarios you would like to cover using debots?