Free TON Academy Developers' Pride Contest

Michail, As I said the main goal of this contest stands a liitle bit behind the contest realisation.

It’s one enter point for Developers to FreeTON Community. I hope we can motivate teams and individuals to make good and clear documentation, than can collect all of this spaces in one place.
And can provide good tool for all community developers , with options not to loose it in many chats.

If you have any better idea, suggest it)

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I’m not challenging the idea behind the contest - it’s a contest of manuals. It is as good as any other contest basically. My point being the mechanics of the rewards - vesting is hadrly appliable here. That’s it.

The most (!) complicated part here will be rating the projects by complexity. Any bridge/dex/swap is way harder to develope. So, having good manuals (let’s assume for the sake of discussion) will automatically place them on the first place.

Thus, may be (may be) reward grid should be based on a min threshold and number of points. So, everyone has a chance to win something (again, assuming that the complexity of the projects vary while all of them have good docs).

These two issues are essential - to have as many participants as possible while each and everyone are motivated.

Hi, I am going to submit our work on ft ,“a Command-line Swiss-knife for FreeTON Smart Contract Developers”, with its documentation on Welcome to Freeton OCaml Wallet — freeton_wallet master (242d050 ) (2021/08/20 14:19) documentation

@fabrice_dune on Telegram

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Thank you for planning to participate, Fabrice!

Hi! This contest allows multiple submissions per contestant, so, I have 4 projects to share:

  • DeNS
  • Highload Single Signature Wallet
  • Crystal Fever Lottery on-chain randomizer
  • TRC-6 token

Description: (attached to contest submissions);
Telegram: @SuperArmor
Wallet: 0:cba39007bdb0f025aac0609b25e96a7d2153f06d22fa47b5f6c26cf756b8b2d6


Hi there!
We want to share 3 our open source projects!

  • Waifuston API
  • TON Watcher
  • Waifuston contracts

All these projects are documented and published on our GitHub. They might help to understand TON-SDK and use cases for novice developers.

More info in PDF!


Hi there, here’s the submission by Radiance Team for DefiSpace

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Thank you all for your submissions, the Academy will now proceed to judging the Contest.

Dear participants in DevPride Contest!

Respectfully requesting that all of you fill relevant information about the projects you have submitted in the following spreadsheet.

Those records will be used to create cards on about your wonderful work.

Thank you!