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Free TON Africa & Apex Legends Community ESport Tournament


An Esports Tournament is a competitive video game, gameplay, in which multiple teams or multiple players participate and contend for 1st place.

As part of the Africa SMM, Esports is just one of the ways we intend to employ to increase active membership.

In this case, the plan is to carry out an Apex Legends tournament.

Through this tournament, we intend to provide, on a daily basis, a fun and enjoyable way to be engaged within the Free TON community.




17th APRIL, 2021 to 18th APRIL, 2021 (Renewable)


  • To carry out this tournament, we shall get private keys from Electronic Arts upon request, enabling us to host custom matches.
  • The Apex community enthusiast will be the main target audience, hence, a video advert shall periodically be running the Free TON Message.
  • The gaming community is mainly African, with the exception of a few international individuals who are friends of friends. Alongside this community, we will also have commentators and streamers who will be livestreaming the event. Here is one of our past broadcasts.
  • The tournament is scheduled for the 17th & 18th of April 2021 from 10 PM (GMT +3) The event will be livestreamed here.
  • The tournament is virtual and all the co-ordination will be held here
  • The TONs received will be awarded to individual wallets, and they will be of equal value to the ingame currency that is to be awarded.
  • The players will be informed about the TON Crystal value and advised not to cash out.
  • We also have video tutorials that will help the players create, transfer and transact with the TONs received.


Pool Prize & Organizers Fee = 2000 TONS.


The main goal of this proposed tournament is to create and also increase traffic to our social media pages, engage existing gamers within and without the Free TON ecosystem, and finally, make the Free TON Africa caucus an interesting space to hangout.


There shall be no voting for this proposal as it is enshrined in the Free TON Africa SG KPI’s and SMM’s approved proposals.

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So thrilled to be part of this… Lets grow together :heart:


I love this, more engaging and interesting

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Well this Sounds Interesting :smiley:

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Its more than Interesting… Its the start of many so get used to it brother xD

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Looking forward to playin later !! Great fun community! :heart:

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Great initiative. Always been a wonderful community. Loving the games <3

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Free TON Africa & Apex Legends Community E-Sport Tournament Report


17th APRIL, 2021 to 18th APRIL, 2021 (Renewable)


All The participating members were happy with the tournament and are excited to hold more of such events. The turnout was lower than expected but reasonable within the time frame set to market and plan.

Here is the poster for the tournament

Here is the tournament’s Raw footage

The players suggested that the Free TON social media pages should have more content in relation to gaming news/ updates for them to regularly engage.

A crypto blockchain category mechanic seems necessary to absorb the gamers into the Free Ton network as requested by the participants.

Streamers are willing to add “ads” during the stream but only if they are provided with ready content.

We awarded the winning team with more TONs than stated because the gas fee was way higher than predicted.

Here is the transaction log.

Next Action Plan in brief:

  1. Create content videos promoting Free Ton sponsored tournaments.

  2. Confirm 2 tournaments monthly and make it a Free Ton Africa regular event.

  3. Add or involve more gamers into the organizing team to future events.

  4. Suggest a telegram platform registering gamers partici[pating in the tournaments and others interested in the same area of interest.

  5. Have regular meetings to strategize on hosting the Apex Legends tournaments, other popular Esports titles and regularly update on the reports.

  6. Create and engage streamers and bloggers in advertising the tournaments.

  7. Activate discord forum with the necessary content and add users. |



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In continuation of the co-operation between the Africa SG and SMM SG, we intend to carry out the following activities during the month of May, 2021.


1st May, 2021 to 31st May, 2021


Date: Event Host
09/05/2021 Podcast on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Yong, Thomas $ Ninah
13/05/2021 to 16/05/2021 Apex Legends Tournament Ninah
21/05/20121 Dev Outreach with Free TON. Program discussions with Devs Ninah
05/05/2021 to 30/05/2021 Regular updates on social platforms of all the activities and events across. Ninah & John

Free TON address: