Free TON

Free TON Ambassador Subgovernance Proposal

General description

This document explains the On-chain Governance implementation for Free TON Ambassador Subgovernance.


Global popularization and promotion of the world’s first truly decentralized Free TON blockchain, which is built for community benefits and is fully managed by the community.

Uniting and pointing the way towards the mission and goals of Free TON for individuals, companies, and organizations who identify themselves as Free TON ambassadors, devotees, fans, or evangelists (we will call them Ambassadors).


The goals of Ambassador Subgovernance are to grow the community of Ambassadors, to support and guide them to achieve the mission and goals of Free TON, as well as to implement all declared programs.

Procedural remarks

For Ambassador Subgovernance, a separate interface should be added with functionality similar to the functionality of the current version of Governance. The interface should be accessible via an additional bookmark at

Initial Members

Ambassador Subgovernance Initial Members (with public keys):

  1. Michael Shapkin (Telegram) – 211ee84b63f200e5353abea00c4c63ce5bc2eb7faed2d8f4a4477103c080a9a2
  2. Dmitry bitjudge (Telegram) – ae3ad6a97803b9e9d60896590cd877d8a044e611b5b07ab6bf73d631e64a7e1a
  3. Daria Artanovkaya (Telegram) – 3b1109f065e1406b1dcaf42fc17971b434b8cc8a3d1337cdd48b1bd8050c345f
  4. Ron Millow (Telegram) – 4c9b659bfa4d1bdc6f2e60e84a326094b35c64a7e1e6aa95055a2b9c51f9c162
  5. Ilona amalfica (Telegram) – 60a8e16381568bbd92187ac353076c03115a5985a9447527a7d04afc2185c3b9
  6. Anesthesia V. (Telegram) – 197656798230704adeac2ca991923a684242df6cc50533cafbcb43822a417d0c
  7. Alexandr Vat (Telegram) – 1b4ba60e09ba6323c4510c587f171a715cdfb81347d96556f5e3e14aba7cccd8

Budget Estimate

To achieve the stated goals of Ambassador Subgovernance, the following budget is required for a period of 3 months after launch:

Description Estimate, Tons
General Implementation
General implementation of Ambassador Subgovernance. The program that took 1st place in the Brand Masters Contest will be used as a prototype (according to the Rewards structure table in the submission of the contest’ winner)* 500,000
Subtotal monthly General Implementation: 500,000
Subtotal for a period of 3 months: 1 500,000
Ambassador Contest Stage #2 Implementation (50%)
Ambassador Stage #2 total rewards by the plan from the Ambassador Stage #1 Contest – 50% implementation for 3 months (by the Ambassador Stage #1 Contest Proposal)** 550,000
Subtotal Ambassador Stage #2 Implementation: 550,000
Subgovernance Launch
Creation of the Subgovernance structure, development of the Contest Proposal 20,000
Primary community building and entry points for new people 20,000
Launching of activities in the community, involvement, holding public events (AMAs, etc.) 50,000
Development of basic workflow and Subgovernance documentation 50,000
Development of workflow and documentation for the implementation of the Ambassadors Programs (mechanics, reporting forms, KPIs, etc.) 60,000
Negotiating with Ambassadors, partners, team members, etc. 100,000
Subtotal Subgovernance Launch: 300,000
Monthly Subgovernance Support
Launching and holding new community activities and public events 25,000
Communication and interaction with Ambassadors, negotiations 45,000
Launch and conduct of all current contests, payment of rewards to Ambassadors (upon reaching the declared KPIs) 25,000
Adapting existing workflows to current tasks 25,000
Help, support and accompaniment of Ambassadors for the successful implementation of their own programs 75,000
Ambassador Jury rewards 5 000
Subtotal monthly Subgovernance Support: 200,000
Subtotal for a period of 3 months: 600,000
Total: 2,950,000

* See the Reward Structure table in the forum here or in the submission Page 6.

** See the Ambassador Stage #1 Contest Proposal on the forum or in the original proposal.

General Implementation

The general implementation of Ambassador Subgovernance is to create and grow an active community of enthusiasts where any person, company or organization can fulfill their potential to fulfill Ambassador Subgovernance’s goals and promote Free TON.

Here are the approximate steps and tasks for implementation:

  1. Creation of an “entry point” for establishing initial contact and subsequent cooperation in promoting Free TON for any Ambassadors, including:
    a) Persons, companies and organizations that identify themselves as ambassadors, adherents, fans or evangelists of Free TON;
    b) Persons, companies and organizations interested in cooperation and/or partnership with Free TON to promote it;

  2. Study and summarize the best proposed practices, programs, ideas, mechanics, ways of implementation, workflow, KPI models, etc., in order to use them to achieve the goals of Ambassador Subgovernance;

  3. Involving the community in the development of several generic Ambassadors programs or templates, which then become ready-made guides for different Ambassadors;

  4. Development of a plan of rewards for Ambassadors and payment of these rewards, if Ambassadors show the declared results of the implementation of their own programs and achieved KPIs;

  5. Help, support and accompaniment of Ambassadors for the successful implementation of their own programs;

  6. Development and growth of the local community of Ambassadors to achieve the Ambassador Subgovernance goals.

Any rewards to Ambassadors within the General Implementation will be paid only if the Ambassador confirms the results declared within the specified period and the achieved KPIs.

Ambassador Contest Stage #2 Implementation

The implementation of the Ambassador Contest Stage #2 involves interaction and teamwork with the winners of the “Country Ambassadors for Free TON Stage 1: Ambassador Selection” contest so that they can put their competition programs into practice.

Here are the approximate steps and tasks for implementation:

  1. An appeal to the winners of the contest with a proposal to prepare detailed programs, a step-by-step plan and KPIs for their work as an Ambassador for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months;
  2. Joint development of transparent reporting forms that will show the performance of each Ambassador and the KPIs achieved by him for each period of time;
  3. Payment of Stage #2 rewards if Ambassadors show the declared results of their own programs and achieved KPIs (according to the Stage #2 prize sizes, which were determined earlier in the Stage #1 contest conditions);
  4. All other stages and tasks according to the General Implementation (if applicable).

Any rewards to Ambassadors within the Ambassador Contest Stage #2 Implementation will be paid only if the Ambassador confirms the results declared within the specified period and the achieved KPIs.

Decentralized Contests and Integration

Decentralized contests and other types of integrations will be used to distribute rewards to Ambassadors, community members and the support team.

Contest Types

Different types of contests may be used within Ambassador Subgovernance, which will include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Traditional type of competition using the Competition for a List of Prizes (CLP) model;
  2. Renewal Contest type using the Claim Limit Reward (CLR) model;
  3. Partner Integrations. For each individual partnership, a corresponding Partnership Proposal will be created and accepted.

Other types of contests or integrations may also be launched and run if a different mechanics for distributing rewards within Ambassador Subgovernance becomes necessary.

Contest Rules

The timing of contests or integrations, their description, motivation, specification, requirements and criteria for evaluating works, conditions for rewards of participants and the jury, voting procedure and procedural comments will be determined in the terms of the relevant Contest Proposal or Partnership Proposal.

The Ambassador Jury Election

Procedural remarks

Initial Members are automatically assigned to the original Ambassador Jury.

Once the Ambassador Subgovernance is launched, Initial Members must promptly initiate and conduct the first Ambassador Jury Contest, which aims to elect the core Ambassador Jury.

Any subsequent Ambassador Jury Contests will be held if it becomes necessary to select or re-elect a new Ambassador Jury.

The rights and obligations of the Ambassador Jury

Winners of any Ambassador Jury Contests will be eligible to become an Ambassador Jury member and will be able to receive a reward for voting within the Ambassador Subgovernance.

Ambassador Jury is responsible for contest voting, renewal procedures and other important decisions for Ambassador Subgovernance.

Subgovernance Update Procedure

If it is necessary to integrate new procedures, areas of activity, methods of conducting competitions, additional budget, as well as for other significant changes into the Ambassador Subgovernance, the Subgovernance Update Procedure should be initiated.

For a Subgovernance Update Procedure to be performed, the corresponding Subgovernance Update Proposal must be published. Ambassador Jury will be required to vote to propose and accept the Update Procedure in due course.


Anyone can participate in any Ambassador Subgovernance procedures, but Free TON does not distribute Tons to US citizens or legal entities.

Ambassador Subgovernance multisig:



We all were eagerly waiting for this great proposal. A wide range of activities there are here. I think this Subgovernance can help Free TON promotion outstandingly.

Everything seems great.


Thanks for good words!


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5 mln? Seriosly? It’s too much for such subgovernance. I checked many submissions are very weak. It’s bad idea to distrubute so much.

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General implementation of Ambassador Subgovernance. The program that took 1st place in the Brand Masters Contest will be used as a prototype (according to the Rewards structure table in the submission of the contest’ winner)* 1,000,000

It’s to high price. Is there Elton John?

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You have my full support. Free TON needs such a subgovernance



You can come and participate in Ambassador Subgovernance. Hope you have an interesting program with KPI to implement.

Also, check those materials to understand this Subgovernance:

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Thank you very much! Our team put big effort to prepare and run this Sub.


Thank you! :volcano: :volcano: :volcano: :volcano:

Hope to see you in Ambassadors Renewal Contests! And Jury Contest too!

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Which submission do you mean? The subgovernance is establishing, just now. As you can see, a plenty of work should be done in this subgovernance.


A lot of work has been done over the past two-three weeks by our team and there is still more to be done, these are just the first steps

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If the budget was lower (for this kind of subgovernance), I would say it is not going to bring us something.


Yes, we promised him 10K if he writes a good song about Free TON.


I agree that budget is too much for such activites

I think that 1 million dollars for Elton John will not be enough

Maybe a contest should be designed for a nice poem.
May I try my chance too?


You are welcome! It would be cool to create a song about Free TON!) :wink: or poem


Yes, I saw it. But submissions are too week for such rewards. By the way 1 mln for Ambassador program creation is too much

Hi, FireMan!

Are you a friend of Burning Man? )))

What kind of activities do you mean? What kind of the activities can you/your friends/audience can provide for the Free TON promotion?