Free TON

Free TON Anniversary Celebration

:gem: The worldwide meetup with the online broadcast of an offline meetup in Moscow

May 7, 2021

We are meeting together for an international online meetup dedicated to the celebration of the 1st Free TON Anniversary with the broadcast of an offline meetup in Moscow. This is a great opportunity to meet and celebrate Free TON’s first birthday.

:birthday: Program:

• broadcast of the event on the official Youtube channel
• online dating with colleagues in Moscow and around the world
• broadcast of the unofficial part with eating the Free TON cake

We will be glad to see everyone who wants to be part of the holiday on this day. Can you be in Moscow that day? Then be sure to come. Are you far away? Join the online meetup and let’s celebrate!

If you would like to attend the meetup in Moscow, please write on the forum in this thread (russian thread is here) or PM Telegram to prepare a preliminary list of participants.


Awesome! Please add me to the list of participants in Moscow.


Also in Kazan offline meeting 07/05/2021

Hmm… 05/07/2021 :thinking: Is this the correct date?


typo, corrected 07/05/2021

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Will join with pleasure if will be in Moscow on that date. Great initiative.

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Add me to the list of online participants in India :india:

What a day it is! Wish I can join the offline meeting!

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Write when you know that you can join us on this day)

We do not have “list of online participants”. You will be able to join the teleconference using the link that will be provided.

And I wish you to join too)


I want to join online.
which platform we’ll use for conference?

Yes, I think we will use Zoom.

Gonna be a memorable day! Please take as many photos as possible

We will try)) Please join online.


Great, let us have the Zoom link later. Thanks.

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Fully support, great idea for the Free TON Community!

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I added you to the list of participants :wink: I mean in Moscow)

Awesome :slight_smile: Wish I could join in person, but will definitely join the virtual one and pour a glass in FT’s honor :wink:

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Virtual glass in honor of FT :blush:


This is great! I support the proposal, see you in Moscow :slight_smile:

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