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Free TON Anniversary Celebration

I would like to participate in this event


Great idea to host an event! Many members of the community have been communicating online for a long time, it will be great to meet in person and find out what plans the visionaries have for the next year.


:fire:Hello Free TON Community!:fire:

:one:The first anniversary of the project is just around the corner.
:spiral_calendar: On May 7, we will gather at a venue in Moscow Hype City to congratulate :gem:Free TON.

And in anticipation of this date, Alexander Filatov, co-founder of TON Labs, has prepared a small surprise for you - :arrow_forward: video invitation to the event.


Ready for a celebration on most welcomed day for the every member of Free TON community.
All are invited :school:


Через два года. 7 мая. Комьюнити будет праздновать во всех странах мира. Free TON Blockchain :gem:


Free TON Anniversary Celebration in Moscow. May 7, 2021

We will get together to celebrate the greatest event of the year - the birthday of our favorite project!

Offline: incredible Free TON event venue in Moscow.

Online: global meetup with the online broadcast of an offline meetup in Moscow.

In a short period of time, Free TON has become a large-scale international project and has covered different countries and continents. China, Korea, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, Singapore, Canada, India, Malta, Greece, Brazil, African countries and MENA region, and this is not a complete list…

We will be glad to see everyone who wants to be part of the celebration on this memorable day. Can you be in Moscow on the 7th? If yes, please be sure to come. Are you far away? Join us via online meetup and let’s celebrate!

Specially invited guest and speaker - Alexander Filatov (TON Labs).

Information partners of the event - ForkLog.


  1. Summing up the results of the project for the year. Plans and development prospects.
  2. Creation of a news feed for the press. Inviting representatives of cryptocurrency media.
  3. Organization and holding of an event aimed at team-building and community rallying. A holiday for all who are involved in the project and spend their daily efforts to promote and develop Free TON.
  4. Organization and conduct of a teleconference. The challenge is to involve as many participants as possible from anywhere in the world and forge closer ties between the subgovernances.
  5. Creation of an informal meet point for Free TON in Moscow.


May 7, 2021, 16:00 - 21:00 Moscow time, 13:00 - 18:00 UTC.


Moscow City, Evolution gallery, Hype City. Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 4с1.


Unofficial part of the event

Festive show program (light and animation shows, body painting, “live” sculptures, performances by Prana Group artists), interactive stations and master classes, prize drawings, thematic Free TON contests. Guest entertainment areas and incredible stage shows are a gift for every community member who comes.

Court with limited Free TON merchandise from and by the official partners - FREETONSHOP. Grabbag for all event attendees with community gifts.

Poker tournament from the representatives of the Esport League and many other surprises from different Free TON partners.

Buffet menu, light alcohol, Free TON cake.

Photo and video filming and “live” press wall for memorable photos.

Official part of the event

Summing up the results of the project. Achievements for the year. Development plans. Speeches by representatives of TON Labs, Free TON Governance and Free TON Official Partners.

Teleconference with other cities and countries. Congratulations from representatives of foreign subgovernance, countries participating in Free TON and everyone who cannot be in Moscow that day.

The organization and conduct of the event is carried out by the community and funds collected from partners and community members.

Event: Free TON Anniversary Celebration in Moscow. May 7, 2021
Number of events offline participants: 500

Provisional budget: 200,000 TON Crystal

The main goal and the main costly part of the event: technical support for holding a teleconference with other cities and countries, broadcasting the anniversary of the project to the whole world.

In order to increase the awareness of the project, promotional materials, an official event video film and news announcements will be released after the event. Taking into account the time for post-production, we undertake to publish a report on expenses on the forum no later than May 21, 2021.

We are requesting Free TON Governance to allocate the following amount: 100,000 TON Crystal. We are in the process of requesting sponsorship from all the partners and initial members of Free TON for the event and will fully refund any amount received from Free TON Governance, if the amount received partners and initials will cover the the expenses of the event.

We invite Free TON partners to also become official partners/sponsors of the event with placement of advertising banners at the event.

The event wallet address: 0:c34c8cd912d2c8a3b8a835742194f8c94738d9819c620ee0a2037aaf981c0c9e

Dear Free TON partners! Olga Elizarova (Telegram: Contact @olga_elizar) will contact you. She is one of the official spokespersons whom you can trust.

We invite all concerned members of the community to contribute and transfer the amount of your choice (donation) to the wallet:



Only 10 days are left for anniversary celebration but main governance isn’t taking free ton anniversary celebration seriously. In india people are excited about the free ton roadshow and indian community is ready to participate in special event on special day.


An interesting proposal, of course, perhaps it will be useful for the community. But in AMA, as always, 50 minutes of empty conversation … no one answered the questions:

when will the estimate be released?

what contractors are involved? are they at least official partners of the community? Or did you get your brother-in-law again?

how much money have you raised now? or begging again from the giver?

to normal questions like: what program and what will be in general - they answer “this is a secret” … is this normal?

it is clear from AMA that nothing is ready … because the start of ticket sales has not yet been announced …

Well, the question is, who organizes all this? do people have experience at least?

while what the guys from India are doing inspires confidence, everything is open, clear and transparent, we again have “one secrets” and no specifics


main governance isn’t trying to organise some successful events like offline meet-up and offline roadshow event. Community should come up with a demand of tons to spread the word Free TON offline.


Very good questions !! Thank you


Thanks for appreciating indian community in free ton :pray:


Наконец-то хоть какую-то смету предоставили, не буду критиковать, т.к. на повестке дня стоит вопрос финансирования как таковой в целом.
Есть экстренный план, на случай ,если денег не дадут?

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An emergency plan exists. The event will be held )


Мне кажется самое логическое решение, если не соберётся сумма донейшена, то сократить программу, Декорации и какие-то бонусные услуги. Оставить в обязательном порядке телемост и официальную программу))

Что можете сказать по смете? И визуализации? И плану «Б»?)

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Думаю, все будет хорошо)


Интересное предложение, и ясна концепция!очень понравились рефы😍

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The budget is too much IMHO.

Video content creation, SMM - it could be done by Community (Contest).

This is the 1st time I thought well about FreeTon Shop regarding their gifts on the event. Now I see that the gifs are included into the budget. I still hate FreeTon Shop.

Poker tournament? When are you going to have it?!

Honestly, I am disappointed - everything will be bought, I expected most of works would be done by the Community. We should have started preparing in winter.

However, please, go ahead, we have already no time. You did a good job.


Honestly, I am disappointed - everything will be bought, I expected most of works would be done by the Community. We should have started preparing in winter.

I expected this too. I posted a proposal here in February. And I wrote that I would do most of the work myself. As a gift to the community. But I asked community members to help me. Guess what? Only 1 person came to me. Platon.

Why didn’t you help?

We? Why didn’t you suggest this in winter? But YOU can start doing next winter, without me.

Great idea. Write a proposal.


very strange things are happening in Free TON Ecosystem and mainely in the main governance of Free TON. Main governance and their relatives can propose and pass any proposal at an instant.
Community ideas are worthless for them because of their congested mind consciousness.
We are free to experiment with some TONs for better future of Free TON not only in Russia but globally so we are free to celebrate special event for whole Free TON community with TONs because community created a value for TONs.


what is the problem ? Are you celebrating a holiday or is it necessary to get tokens?