Free TON & partnership

yep, they are great in shilling ) but the TON has does not work more than a week over there. That’s not funny at all.

Anyway Freeton’s community is not small

Hope things will change

Anyway bitcoin is the biggest asset in crypto world. So it is the most liquid. Anyway please share plans to include more cryptocurrencies

Hi Jason, please the current stuff happening?

Freeton community is waiting for updates

Yeah, it does seem too much for a partnership! But marketing needs a lot of investments. Hope they can reach out to the vast majority of users

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Пробовал пользоваться. Вроде неплохо. Ждем новых фичей и обновлений.

Вполне не плохой пропозал. Можно вложиться. Какой интересно выхлоп на данный момент?

You can benefit on the domain a lot, since its the most popular cryptocurrency, thus there is such a big number of traffic on the website. Just gotta push harder and faster with such proposals, and put more and more currencies in the wallet. Glad you working on Free TON, nice start!

The app is going well, but support services might be developed. I’ll be glad if more currencies are included for trading

yeah, I know, there only the main cryptocurrencies in there. what kind of issue with support you had?

Поделитесь плз своими впечатлениями?
И еще TON можно купить там?

можно поменять биткойны на Тон кристаллы. Происходит это быстро и легко

I looked up, and found out that they already received all 4 tranches of requested crystals, proving that they did most of what they promised. I could really find their KPI, however, noticed that they posts a lot on social media and really did some work spreading a word about Free TON. Of course I am not sure of its efficacy.

Can you please share this information?

Yes, I also subscribed to their Twitter account, they do posting almost every day.

Hey folks, we need to decide smth with this partnership. Despite the fact they spread the word, the Free TON node doesn’t work almost the whole month on No inbound and outbound transactions and account transfers. Only bots work hard. That’s ridiculous. All these bring much more harm to the ecosystem, publicity and market appreciation than ANY paid marketing and efforts. I propose to take an action. Let’s discuss what and when.


May be someone from the project could share details. Let’s try not guess what is going on

But no one does. That’s the problem

My guess they had many ambitions for this project. But right now, maybe a they are less concerned about it. Can’t really say anything, not much information about their performance.

at the moment they have to fix the node, because many people cannot withdraw, including me. Then they can decide how to proceed. But they have stuck since 23 Aug. I do understand that they have a problem with their wallet, but almost a month is too much for fixing. I do not know why they do not want to run the light node instead of a full one.