Free TON Blog Contest

Hi everyone. I will be happy to participate in the contest. Submitted the work to the contest. Detailed description of the blog in PDF.
May wisdom and justice come with us.

Hello. I present to you my work. I hope you enjoy my style and simplicity. May the force be with us)
All links and details in a pdf file.

Hello! Here is my version of blog for Free TON. See PDF file. Thank you!

Submitted my work on the
Telegram ID: irisys_0

FreeTON Blog

Date: 20/10/2020

Domain and Hosting

  • I have designed this website using Wordpress Framework
  • Wordpress is very popular and very easy to use platform, and used widely for hosting blogs and websites of very big organizations
  • You don’t need any technical or coding knowledge to use the platform, just login and start writing.
  • I have used Deluxe Godaddy Hosting to host the blog website - which is more than capable to handle the daily traffic whet we will be expecting in coming months


  • I have used a very modern looking sleek design with a simple floating layout, where readers can read multiple blogs on one go, without tapping any buttons. It’s simple and clean interface with the option for users to comment and share blogs on other social media platforms.

Users will get an option to change the mode of the website - light and dark. Blogs will be arranged in the descending order on the homepage - where readers will see the latest posted blogs first, and scroll down to see earlier blogs. Thus users will always see fresh content everyday and will be more likely to visit the website again in future.

Main Menu

We have divided the website into 7 main categories which users can directly access from the main menu and can read the blog of its interest.

SEO Friendly:

We have used these techniques to make the website SEO friendly which will help it getting ranked higher on Google Search Results:

  • Yoast SEO Plugin is used to structure metadata of blogs - considered one of the best plugins for Wordpress.
  • Google Schema Compliant
  • Used lots of Tags and Hashtags which also helps in SEO
  • Used Compressed images which will help website load faster
  • Used Caching Plugin which will load sites for regular users even faster
  • Used Tags and SEO friendly Names in Image attributes
  • One Click Share Button - Allows users to share blogs quickly

Dedicated Page for Category and Bloggers

Mobile-First Design

Telegram Id : @delhigame

Email Id :



Our small team of journalists presents their blog for Free TON to you.
This is a beautiful and modern blog with a selection of news about Free TON for a wide audience.

  • All articles and images in the blog are ours.
  • The materials are presented in simple language.
  • The blog style is made in accordance with the Free TON design.
  • We use two languages: English and Russian. All our articles are published in both. In the nearest future we are planning to expand the list of languages.
  • In addition to articles, there are video materials - short excerpts from AMA sessions.
  • More than 40 materials at the moment.
  • We plan to maintain and develop this blog, fill it with the same high-quality materials.

Of course: for desktop or mobile

Features that fully meet and exceed blog requirements:

  • Fully copyrighted materials and images
  • Responsive design for mobile and desktop clients
  • High download speed ( about 90 on google page speed)
  • Multilingual

Technical points:

  • Comments and likes / dislikes
  • Authorization via Telegram, Google, FB, VK, E-mail
  • Convenient language switching with preservation of addressing
  • Complete SEO suite
  • Markup for beautiful article preview with picture for Telegram

Features that fully meet or exceed the requirements of the blog:
users roles, repost, ping, caching, https, sitemap, and many many more.
@tg2020ukraine in own post described everything carefully, so I won’t list it again)


Ekaterina Malisheva, chief editor

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Hello! My team and I have prepared a blog for the Free TON with a unique design. Let me describe it.


The qualities of our blog:

  • Interesting content
  • Created by one team with knowledge of blog creation
  • Adaptive design by Free TON style
    • Made by our designer and programmer;
    • Unique pictures;
    • Text by our copywriter;
  • Opportunity shows well in search results
  • Can be linked with or other media resources.
  • Planning to support it by community (up to 1+ years and make a system for community rewards in blog)

Key features:

  • Mobile version
  • English/Russian languages. Multilingual support.
  • Login via social media
  • SEO optimization
  • Hashtags
  • Personal cabinet
  • Fast downloads. Speed!
  • Analytics

It’s still in public beta version (active for everyone), but our team is ready to promote the blog if we win.

Hello everyone! I present to your attention my vision of a blog for our great project.

Blog link:
Telegram: @Anderkos

Good day, everyone!
Simplest & lite scheme on author`s design based in FreeTON Cubism style
Focus on content, simplicity, and SEO

All requirements are met (tg auth, multilang, adaptive design (desktop & mobile), SEO, style, unique content (more 30 articles & same pictures for it), like, etc)
We also worked on the WP 5.5.1 with All SEO Pack plugin engine and used other necessary plugins, which fully covers the requirements for a modern blog and its technologies. Page Speed is also fast.


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I decided to participate this contest. Here is my Telegram ID.

My email:

My blog:

You can find my work in pdf on the

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Русскоязычный блог на Forklog.Hub это очень важный новый этап как для участников сообщества Free TON, так и для русскоязычных пользователей криптовалют. Анатолий Каплан, директор ForkLog, поддержал проект ещё на этапе запуска и продолжает это делать сейчас, дав возможность сообществу публиковать свои материалы бесплатно, хотя HUB это коммерческий ресурс и годовой доступ для авторов стоит $2 000
Доступ к аккаунту привязан пока на мою личную почту и публиковать материалы могу только самостоятельно. Участники сообщества могут отправлять мне свои статьи для публикаций, я их буду оформлять и подписывать имя автора.

The Russian-language blog on Forklog.Hub is a very important new stage for both Free TON community members and Russian-speaking cryptographic users. Anatoly Kaplan, director of ForkLog, supported Free TON at the launch stage and continues to do so now, giving the community the opportunity to publish their materials for free, although HUB is a commercial resource and annual access for authors costs $2,000.
Access to the account is tied while on my personal mail and can only publish materials myself. Community members can send me their articles for publication, I will draw up and sign the author’s name.


Hello! I posted my application and full information on

Hello. Participants. Please complete the tasks.

Many works don’t match. Again you will scold the jury. Thank you for attention.

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I added Free TON stickers instead of likes.

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Also, I added two new articles (ENG and RUS).

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Improved quality of stickers.

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Oh my stickers looked nice​:smile::smile::ok_hand:

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Some updates of

  1. Added in the header part: interactive random crystal formation and also my meaning of the blockchain system.
  2. Added new styles with the main menu and sidebar menu.
  3. Added different colors (in Free TON styles) badges of categories.
  4. Changed background.
  5. Moved Free TON currency rate to the sidebar section. I am expecting very many exchanges will publish Free TON prices. So the user will know it at once.


  1. Improved page speed.
  2. Added sitemap to robots.txt.

P.S. An added ability to like comments with the TON stickers.

Do you have stickers in svg format? I have an idea to make a plugin with Free TON stickers for WordPress.