Free TON

Free TON Esport League Subgovernance

General description

This document suggests the implementation of on-chain governance for the Free TON Gaming as a separate interface with all the functions that the main governance platform has based on

The mission of Free TON Gaming subgovernance is to promote Free TON in the gaming community, attract new people and distribute tokens for achievements in tournaments. This is achieved by hosting daily and weekly game tournaments with winners receiving their rewards in Tons. The tournaments will be broadcasted on streaming websites such as Twitch/YouTube popularizing the Free TON.

A mechanism for the Free TON Renewable Gaming Contests (RGC) should be implemented, the purpose of which is to continually host tournaments and distribute tokens to winners.

General description of the process:

  1. Free TON Gaming Mods reach out to streamers and offer to participate in the tournament.
  2. The streamer announces the Free TON Gaming tournament to their audience.
  3. The audience joins Free TON Gaming chat in Telegram. The game to be played on stream is discussed. Prize structure for contests depends on the chosen games.
  4. Free TON Gaming Mods create RGC for the chosen game.
  5. Participants submit their applications to the RGC with their game nicknames, Telegram usernames and TON Surf addresses.
  6. The RGC is closed and the game begins with gameplay being broadcasted.
  7. After the game is finished, the Free TON Gaming Mods confirm winning submissions and the winners receive their rewards. The streamer receives the reward for Free TON promotion. Free TON Gaming Mods receive rewards for tournament hosting.

Free TON Gaming Mods

Free TON Gaming Mods reach out to streamers, launch RGCs, help players to submit applications, and confirm winning submissions after the game is finished.

The following Free TON Gaming Initial Members are assigned:

  1. Kirill Ushakov (Telegram)

  2. Rollie Guar (Telegram)

  3. Vadim Vinogradov (Telegram)

  4. Alex U (Telegram)

  5. Grigoriy (Telegram)

The Free TON Gaming Initial Members form the initial Free TON Gaming Mods until the rewards distribution is automated and manual confirmation is no longer needed.

Free TON Gaming Contests expense estimate

This estimate is based on a forecast of the total Tons required to run RGCs every day within the first 3 months after the Free TON Gaming Governance is launched.

As follows:

Streamer reward: 100 per stream, up to 7 streams per week = 700 Tons

Daily tournament: 100 prize pool, up to 5 tournaments per week = 500 Tons

Saturday tournament: 500 Tons prize pool

Sunday tournament: 1000 Tons prize pool

Mod reward: 10% of prize pool, up to 200 Tons per week

Subtotal per week: 3700 Tons, given all 5 Mods are present at every tournament

Number of weeks: 12

Total: 44400 Tons

Free TON Renewable Gaming Contests

Short description:

This section describes the procedure for running the Free TON Renewable Gaming Contests (RGC) by publishing the Free TON Renewable Gaming Contest Proposal (RGCP) in the “Free TON Gaming” section of the Free TON official forum.

The goal of all RGC contests is to offer the Free TON community the opportunity to regularly attract new members from the gaming community, distribute tokens among them and introduce Free TON to a wide audience of gaming platforms like Twitch/YouTube.


Renewable contests.

Contest entry period:

The validity period of each RGC will be defined in the respective RGCP.


Attracting new people from the gaming community, distributing tokens and promoting Free TON.

Contest specification:

The relevant RGCP will define the specifications of each RGC, including but not limited to entry period, description, specification, criteria for confirming submissions, confirmation procedures, rewards for gamers, mods rewards, streamer reward, comments on the procedure, etc.

Confirmation criteria and winning conditions:

The relevant RGCP will define the winning criteria and the conditions of rewards.


The relevant RGCP will define the amount of rewards for RGC participants.

Mods rewards:

The relevant RGCP will define the amount of Free TON Gaming Mods rewards.

Procedural remarks:

The relevant RGCP will define procedural notes for the RGC.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute Tons to US citizens or entities.



I like this idea! Great offer and initiative!

To begin with, I would hold a competition for the best ideas for creating the FreeTON eSport League. And from these ideas for the community will choose the best one for implementation.

This direction can safely grow into Free TON eSport Subgovernance.


good proposal!
We need to work it out in more detail.
Need foreseen for higher rewards to winners in the future. And need provide rewards for those who will organize tournaments, negotiate with famous streamers, digital places and pro teams.
And need to get support from the leaders of the e-sport sphere and them community.


Very interesting direction to go


Im with you guys🔥 my posters everything with you


Идея так себе, призовой фонд из криптовалюты, с любого приза должны быть заплачены налоги, практически во всем мире крипта вне закона, значит приз нужно переводит в фиат, идея раздачи пропадает. Не одна кибер площадка с криптанами сотрудничать не будет - это факт, их сразу накажут, из песни слов не выкинешь, а тут надо выкинуть слово криптавалюта. Остается делать только собственную платформу и участвовать там будут школьники, серьезные команды не играют в сомнительных турнирах. Нужны профессионалы для раскачки чего то более менее приличного и очень много средств и не в кристаллах.

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Really great idea to expand Free TON in e-sports industry. Adoption will give core value to Free TON network and even creating more opportunities for TON to be implemented in different industrial sectors like Entertainment and Sports.


you can make a Free TON sportswear brand that will compete with brands such as NIKE, PUMA, ADIDAS, REEBOK, you need to negotiate with Chinese factories, let them sew. And you can also assemble an Olympic team from Free TON, which will include leading programmers. In general, before nodding your head and saying that this is a good idea, you need to think with your head, the current who proposes this has no idea how to implement this and whether it is possible at all.

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One thing I want to know you and all Free TON members that Free TON is not just a russian-centric network it’s a global network and all are here to support each other so communications should be so much fair that everyone can understand and discuss.
I’m natively belongs to Punjab in India who knows syntax of punjabi sufficient popular even all around the world but I’m not using that even in Indian community but you are using your native language which just describes your dedication towards Free TON about how you will expand it globally.
I respect all administrators of Free TON but just wants to some fair and transparent guidelines which are more valuable for Free TON.
If some one replying me in language I don’t knows then what I have to conclude in forum discussions.


I’m sorry brother, I did not take this moment into account, I will try to be more tactful next time

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I like this idea! New solutions, this is what FREE TON is created for


Its all right bro, I respect your words🤝

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I like a games and want to help for realize this idea)


You have my support, and I suggest not to limit games to just three you mentioned. We should support any games that people want to play, so we could always be on Trending categories, speaking of Twitch and streaming. The exact settings should also be flexible and not limiting to just one certain mode(e.g. only weekly tournaments with fixed structure). Also, would be nice to have an option to play with gamers’ own money (think of cash tables in poker), so the ones that already have TONs would not need to wait for next tournament.


Free TON Contest Games


great application for tons !


Hello! Participants can be from different countries and continents :grin: just rus is more active. :blush: :+1:t2:

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Yes, partially agree. It is required to form more than 3 pro teams and enter world tournaments. Consider these as qualifiers.

thanks for the help :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Таки да, нужно огранить алмаз и уже реализовать.

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