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Free TON Esports Subgovernance

Классная идея!
Тем более что сегодня состоится первый турнир лиги!

Good idea! I think it will be positive for community.

This is a very :bomb: good proposal. A lot of people play esports disciplines. And this event is one of the best promotion methods, because more people learn about Free Ton. And I will also leave a feedback from the participant: this is a very atmospheric event in the spirit of a sports competition, which leaves only positive emotions, which are later associated with Free Ton. In addition, this is one of the ways to promote crypto to the masses, which is kind of unique, because (for me and, I think for many) it is new in similar projects
But despite the fact that this is a new way of promoting, it does not become less effective. New participants who are interested in the tournament get to know Free Ton, he acquires value in their eyes, a certain image and understanding appears. This is not the same as reading an article somewhere and forgetting - this is when the person himself is involved in the process.


It’s also great because community members can go and play together. It’s like from childhood: when they played a ball in the yard. It certainly brings them closer. Respect to the author.


Esport Integrated with Blockchain. Great !

but that’s not what this is about. there will be no integration.

It is not clear what you wanted to write, explain what kind of integration we are talking about. in my opinion, everything is simple: an audience appears - and it sees ads (roughly speaking), the usual practice. And since all this is accompanied by emotions, it has an indelible psychological effect.

This is not me talking, and a friend above, I told him that not about what integration and speech is not going, yard soccer from the professional is different as dust and black earth, from the dust flowers do not grow, programmers will play each other in DOTU and run away in a couple of months, with this approach is an empty idea.

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Good idea for Ton community!


This will contribute to the promotion of Free TON. Good idea!


Great idea! Fully support it!


First TON :gem: tournament ends.
DOTA 2, 6 teams
3 streamers (350 online watching)


  1. MipeTon - 225 :gem:
  2. Lefrootit_TON - 125💎
  4. Red wings - 50💎
  5. Team FF - 25💎
  6. FreeTON-LamerS - 25💎

Waiting next week.

CS:GO and DOTA 2 is coming :wink:


I fully support the idea! We will make every effort to develop the e-Sport League

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I agree with you. But this is a healthy evolution. That is, at first, players took part exclusively from the community, then stronger players come, then even stronger, and so on to a certain level (I believe that it is possible to develop in a short time to a level near the Pro scene)
This means that the quality of the game for the audience will be better (we will see moves, clutches) Also yesterday’s teams are going to participate in the next tournament, they want to take revenge. Rivalry arises - the league develops.
What else to say - a lot of work is being done: yesterday a couple of hundred people (roughly speaking) met the Free Ton brand (and real products - the e-sports league) and this is at the inception stage. Further more.


And I agree with you, but I see the proposal “ala” and let’s make a cyber arena based on Free Ton, I asked the author of the theme, how you will implement it, there are such and such pitfalls, where people are invited, how the official prize will be awarded, etc… to which I got a dry answer, I will do it! It sounds great, but I have had a lot of them in different projects, such topics need a big and well-coordinated team and a sane development plan, I have not seen it yet.

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The organizers have repeatedly proved their reliability and competence. You can trust them

I updated the sub first messague plz check and give some feedback


It is better to not include me in the initial members, I just helping to startup. You better take active person that will do good staff in the Subgovernance on the permanent basis.

A like your activities. Thank you.

The organizers of what? yard games? What do you think their competence lies in? International tournaments or regional? I somehow came once to see, a bunch of unorganized people, who do not really know what to do and what team to play for, in the end lost the owner of the server and everyone was waiting for him 30 minutes! And here they write about cyber sport, if I can read. Otherwise they would have written simply and without pathos - We are going to hold tournaments among Free Ton users to promote the project to the masses, attract and familiarize new users with Free Ton BC. Clear and understandable goals, there is a place to grow and aspires to and this proposal is a desire to support! And what is written there - nonsense for schoolchildren with an immaculate mind.

We organize a league. The league will consist of weekly tournaments. Every week all participants and winners will be paid prizes.

This is one of the most obvious airdrop options.

Last Sunday we organized a mini Dota2 tournament with 6 teams (5 players per team)

MipeTon - 225 :gem:
Lefrootit_TON - 125💎
Red wings - 50💎
Team FF - 25💎
FreeTON-LamerS - 25💎

At least 15 players know about the FREETON for the first time and they all received tokens.

There were 3 streams in parallel , the stream was watched more than 350 people online.
We organized this in 4 hours.

Our purpose - make a regular Esport league in popular cyber disciplines and make the league the most popular airdrop option.

Many games, many players, many tokens distributed to different players, more recognition, more loyalty

Its Free TON Esport League !!!