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Free TON Esports Subgovernance

Well, more or less understandable, it looks like a landed idea, perhaps even working, although cyber sports sounds loud, competitions in popular online games in order to promote Free Ton among schoolchildren, an audience of 10 to 16 years old is also needed for masking. Okay, it’s clear here, and the means where to take the wake-up, as far as I know, was approved by another kind of airdrop and alternative views have refused to consider at the moment, and if you are given the green light and allocate funds, then you can try to introduce other types of airdrop … interesting. I will support you, if you need more votes “for” then I am with you.

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Gaming for one stream attracted 300+ people to the Free TON community. People prove their zeal and competence with real deeds.

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Where are these people? I don’t see them in groups in the telegram not on the forum, I didn’t see 300 new users, I didn’t see even 10. Why tell fairy tales? There is nothing to write, let them try it, and we’ll see, with such a prize fund for 12 weeks it will be hard, but there is no point in giving more.

В субботу мы провели первый пробный турнир по CS:GO, принимало участие 4 команды.

Финальные призовые на команду (TON Crystals)

  1. 5tilted 250💎
  2. Lefrootit_TON 150💎
  3. 4ton 50💎
  4. General Fortune 50💎

Поздравляем всех участников!

В воскресенье мы провели второй турнир по DOTA 2 с участием известных стримерш vikared и stTasha.
Турнир получился очень захватывающим и принес море положительных эмоций.
Участие приняло 5 команд. Free TON’ом заинтересовалось много новых людей, так что на следующий турнир ожидается пополнение участников.

Нас посмотрели более 600 человек. Многие не доверительно относятся к проекту, из-за той массы скама которая окутала ТОН. Но есть люди которых мы смогли заинтересовать. Кто-то из них зарегистрируется в новых турнирах на следующих выходных и расскажет об этом своим друзьям. Мы поставили перед собой задачу по освещению Free TON и привлечению новых сторонников, и успешно с ней справляемся

[](http://СТРИМ 1)
[](http://СТРИМ 2)

Финальные призовые на команду (TON Crystals)

Ах рэп 150💎
sTONks 150💎
Lefrootit_TON 150💎
Red wings_TON 25💎


Expand types of games, why did you choose only CS and Dota? There are no less popular online games with a more mature audience, the same CS, there and online more and people older and more adequate, and the game is convenient for tournaments. Think about those games where everything is already sharpened for the tournaments, spend no effort and platforms for this are written and streamers top is.

Всё конечно весело, а когда работать?

The Proposal has been well-refined.
I think we are ready to take the final look on it and pass to voting.


We thought about another games as well.
For now we have a working process of holding CS and Dota2 tournaments , loyal base of streamers , so I think it’s reasonable to commit to this directions.

But it’s stated in the Estimation , that we will have Volunteers budget, and we commit to hold the Mods Contest , I think in November (when we show some KPIs and receive next payment)

When we have new mods - they can hold tournaments as well as Initial Member team and publish their MRPs.

And prize pool estimation is not only for Dora and CS. tournaments held by new Mods will share some portion of this pool.

And it’s reasonable that we are not ready to to tell what exact portion of prize pool will be for other games, but believe me that we will happy to see active community members ready to help us with this activities.

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One of the most promising Sabgovernance. I’m waiting for more activity in it. I think this Sobgovernance can grow faster.

Вот это хороший сабговернанс, абсолютно прозрачный и привлекающий много народу во FreeTON.

Here’s a good subgovernors, absolutely transparent and attracts a lot of people in FreeTON.