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Free TON Influencers Sub-Governance Proposal

General Description

This document describes a way to achieve governance for Free TON Influencers Sub-Governance similar to (

Previous Activities

For two months of preparation and work for the former Free TON Ambassador SubGovernance, several contests were launched, including the Jury contest, for which 36 people submitted their submissions. An external cryptoforums Signature Bounty campaign was also launched (First week & Extension), which gave an influx of more than 400 new community members to the Free TON (registration on the Free TON forum, TON Surf installation and wallets activation, activity in the Free TON’s telegram chats), among which there were many initiative people who submitted for the Jury Contest, and so they also began to formulate their programs for the Free TON development within the framework of Brand Ambassadors work.


Each influencer, opinion leader has a certain influence in his community, thanks to this power he will popularize the Free TON for new people in order to get acquainted with the project, as well as increase the interest of new community members.

General Goals

The purpose of Influencers Sub-Governance is to actively popularize Free TON through influential people in the crypto industry, develop the Free TON’s brand, advertising and marketing, attract new community members who will use Free TON as a final product for their own purposes…

Main Tasks

  1. Community development by attracting influential bloggers, opinion leaders.
  2. Search for new industry partnerships and work with them for the community development, the Free TON development as a whole.
  3. Keeping the community active by holding various contests and campaigns for encouraging the community and attracting new influencers.
  4. Attracting new users to Free TON network who will massively use the network products.
  5. Support in the preparation and implementation of any tasks for all influencers who is interested in the Free TON development and its community development.
  6. The development of one of the most important areas of the community, where strong opinion leaders have already been formed - the African community with its clear leaders: John Kanyiri and Yod.
  7. The development and growth of Arabic community, where strong opinion leaders have already been formed: M Mahmoodi and C_Support050: preparing a comprehensive list of Iranian influencers on different platforms such as Telegram, Instagram, Blogs, Twitter, Youtube, etc; prioritizing influencers based on different categories and their impacts; negotiations and then attracting their attention into collaboration with influencer subgovernance; raising Iranian community awareness of Free TON project.

Initial Members

  1. Artanovskaya (Telegram, linkedin) – business processes, forums activity, search for new partnerships and influencers - 3b1109f065e1406b1dcaf42fc17971b434b8cc8a3d1337cdd48b1bd8050c345f
  2. Руст∀м :o:м (Telegram, linkedin) – influencers recruiting, search for new partnerships, chats administration - 98e2e31410866c39878737ed71a21f59500166d4bdfd2f8c0a37f0f1c1e9c663
  3. @🅶🆁🅴🅴🅺 (Telegram, linkedin) – information and technical support - f76d75f440db244bc6caff3b36f7792be1110a28043af533bfd58b800dc232bf
  4. Vic (Telegram, linkedin) – workflows with jury members - e4d5830a49336a601b4dd0982debc519f616920e5848388b711679586cc729db
  5. heyodhewow (Telegram, linkedin) – chats / forums administration, information support - b3c8966e8632fd8c6cad2a4d5e56257eeef23ad13406171dab8bbb232a067681
  6. BiTMasteR (Telegram, linkedin) – search for new partnerships, work with external resources - 81e3ba34a48679ceaafdf73812cb000004ebc6111b556dcdccbb933166ad5b30
  7. Alex077 (Telegram, linkedin) – search for new partnerships, forums activity, information support on forums and in telegram chats - a3938257b01d618fadc3ddeb1ad95e8e72dbd5839b269620b6edb09454380d2f
  8. Johanson (Telegram, linkedin) – creation of news support - 358524a7123212762bed3b19d943e2254e98da98a771938894e3c0feca6a00ec
  9. Mark Aureliy (Telegram, linkedin) - creating and writing proposals - e81a9d1fbbaee863b384c1bd3afbcc64ccc00d8c0520b9ef9b86538827b2b889
  10. Julia White (Telegram, linkedin) - working with influencers, learning process, monitoring for program implementation - 83ea21cc078ec1a6dfa6b9a957e14450a076390a725f545fc2895ab959c23779
  11. D.Gnat (Telegram, linkedin) - working with influencers, learning process, monitoring for program implementation - a7aa1c1dc85fb9064e3f67121985828364a58466e412c2d4fb4eeb60a04d1f6b


Free TON Influencers Sub-Governance Initial Members form the initial Jury until the Jury Contest is held. The Jury selection contest will be held firstly after the approval of this Sub-Governance.

Budget Estimate

Budget is required for a period of 2-3 months after launch (if the budget is not implemented according to the declared period, it is transferred to the next period):

Description Estimate, Tons
General Implementation:
Jury selection contest
Signature bounty campaign participants reward payment contest
Proof of Love campaign
Influencers program implementation contest
Dao Maker - Free TON social mining launch
Subtotal for a period of 3 months: 200 000 TON Crystal
All of the SG work and launch steps & Sub-Governance Support 66 000 TON Crystal
Total: 266 000 TON Crystal

Free TON Influencers Sub-Governance multisig wallet:


Telegram group & channel:


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute TONs to US citizens or entities.

Some Additional Docs:


You forgot to add an African representative here. Otherwise its a good initiative and I support this.


Good idea :+1:
Influencers are going to have their own sub-governance
Good luck


I want to wish us all a good start. ))


Nice proposal, I know Artanovskaya, Руст∀м :o:м, @🅶🆁🅴🅴🅺, heyodhewow and Alex077 from the Initial Members, good luck! Will support! :handshake:


It’s cool, bud. Thanks.


Great Proposal from Daria. :heart_eyes: :raised_hands:
But I think:
1- More budget is needed for this Sub_Governance, definitely.
2- A referral program on Surf is needed and crucial so as to record and count Influencers activities, automatically.


I think so. The budget could be more for Influencer’s subgovernance.

  • Community development by attracting influential bloggers, opinion leaders.

Can you elaborate?

  • Search for new partnerships / global partnerships and work with them for the community development, the Free TON development as a whole.

This is a bizdev scope.

  • Keeping the community active by holding various contests and campaigns for encouraging the community.

This is a Community SG scope.

  • Attracting new users to Free TON network who will massively use the network products.
    Too general. This is also covered by the first goal.
  • Support in the preparation and implementation of any tasks for everyone who is interested in the Free TON development and its community development.

Also too general.

Please, can you provide at least 1 exact planned activity for the goals 1, 4 and 5?


It’s a good offer. As an opinion leader in your country and for the Arab community, you can initiate such a program within the framework of this subgovernance :+1:t2:


Maybe it could be more but this is just for 2 first months
There are already certain developments with some influencers, now it is important to start and build the process correctly


Today there are already some large bloggers with their audience, with whom we are negotiating, as well as various social platforms. The list of such collaborations will be formed gradually, about which there will be relevant information.

Perhaps a business area, but if, for example, I have the opportunity to bring a new partnership to Free TON that will benefit both parties, why should there be a difference: business or not?

Each opinion leader in the community has its own community, which can also participate in the Free TON life.

Now it is very difficult to describe specific activities, since each activity requires a clear plan and structure. Such activities will be brought up for general discussion by the entire community within the project and implemented if approved by the community.

Thanks for the comments anyway, it generates feedback from the community. In turn, we take into account all wishes as much as possible and want to make the best decision!


I am glad to see many professionals here - I know and support Rust∀mOm, GREEK, heyodhewow, Alex077. The team will show itself in the best possible way and the result will not be long in coming!!!
As soon as the opportunity arises, I will help this Influencers Sub-Governance and will be happy to try to become a Secondary Member of Sub-Governance !!!


I submitted a proposal for being an ambassador for Free TON in campuses in Nigeria, do I need to submit an application for that? Do I need anything else to make the proposal a relatie one to this Influencer’s?


Please tell us where and when you can apply to participate in the jury?

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This is a proposal for the Sub-Governance creation, first, they should receive an approval via voting from the Main Governance, in case of success they will start working and one of the first activities will be a new Jury Contest and Secondary Members Contest. I think you can follow this Sub-Governance announcements here


For any project to succeed, it is essential to develop the community by attracting influential bloggers and opinion leaders. I think this is a good step for the project.


My two cents. I personally love the whole idea of this sub gov and promise to be a very active participant. But have one fundamental interjection. The community is building a global project and it absolutely has to be reflected in the set up of the initial members of this sub gov. I strongly suggest that we have at least one representative (active community member) from each region. And not more than 3 members from one country / language group. We now have very active community leaders in S Korea, Mexico, pan-African, ASEAN, France, Canada etc. I don’t see them among the initial members. This has to be fundamentally corrected imho before this sub-governance is born.


Hello) :wave:
It’s a good idea, but it doesn’t work as it should in practice.
Maybe then in each country to create its own separate sub? The language barrier, the difference in understanding, all this only hinders development within the team) it is Vavilon Tower v.2
+the team has already entered into partnerships with global marketing platforms. The team includes people from the team of large exchanges and services, abasadors of other projects.


Thanks to the Signature bounty campaign, we attracted a lot of interesting people to Free TON, people who are completely new to the project, who are ready and willing to work, who already have a work plan, as well as a list of partners who, in turn, are ready to bring to the project.
Your opinion is very important to us, so we will provide an opportunity to participate for absolutely every community member, regardless of the language they speak or the country in which they live. We are not limited to only one country or one language, because the universal language is English, in which we can interact with absolutely any person around the world. Some people know even more languages, for example, I speak German, but we do not yet have a strong and explicit German community. And for my part, I would like to start an active expansion of this language region.
We, in turn, are open to any opportunities and improvements, so we want everyone who is interested in the development of this direction, perhaps some kind of administrative work or the development of work processes, and not just the implementation of our plan to attract new true believers in Free TON, filled out the Google form.