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Free TON Latvia Subgovernance

Free TON Latvija Sub Governance Proposal

General description

This Sub Governance is in working stage for two months already. At moment main task was to inform Latvian speaking auditory (about 1,5 MIL people) about Free TON project, DOD and partner network translating posts and writing our own for Wiki and social platforms. We worked on promotion of social media pages like:


Telegram: Contact @freeton_latvija News channel
Telegram: Contact @freeton_latvija_komuna Latvian community talks



Free TON Latvija Wiki:

At the moment the community of working enthusiasts is growing, and we want to achieve next level of advertising and implementation of Free TON tokens in Latvia. Easiest way is to give rewards for active “doers” and by creating understandable walkthroughs by practice and content creation and promotion people will learn essentials on:

  • Creating surf wallets

  • Signing declaration of decentralization (DOD),

  • Participating in local and international contests

Free TON Community benefits

Free TON will be presented in Latvia, then in Baltic States. By inviting new members to open community they will see how to get tokens for translating or creating posts for local needs, making press releases and getting them on media channels, starting new topics about Free TON on local forums and based on activity author will be rewarded. For smaller tasks as “liking” a post, sharing it or leaving a comment member will get a small reward based on quality of post, traffic amount and response rate. Same thing with creating video, design and news contests, these kind of micro jobs will bring more sympathy to network and positive reputation to involve more people by mouth-to-mouth recommendations.

Members of Free TON Latvija

Most active participants that will achieve stages for community.

Names Telegram Handle Background
Māris Eihmanis @maritis Experience in marketing and PR activities, financial market trader. Free TON Latvia national leader
Una Tarziere @unaatt Experience in management & translation, education in law. Free TON Latvia national leader
Edgars Žunda @zhunda Entrepreneur 15+ years in Marketing, PR, social entrepreneurship and volunteer gathering, event organisation, Free TON Wiki Latvian translator
Agrita Apine @Agritavip Administration and management 10+ years
Gatis Armands @gatisarmands Crypto enthusiast, beginner trader, IT student
Aleksandra Kuriļina @zabava_aka Project writer, work with volunteers, visual design, event organisation, personal coach, engineer student

And additional partners that for the moment work in directing PR company, organising hakatons, partnerships with Latvian crypto communities, SMM company owner, web developers and designers

Free TON Latvia Remuneration. Stage 1

To achieve full decentralization and popularize Free TON’s ideas in Latvia. Get basic platform to involve new members

Period of 3 months:

Community infrastructure development and maintenance 45,000
Translations 10,000
Web Development 20,000
Latvian Jurors & Advisors 5,000
Partnerships 30,000
Social media & PR campaigns in Latvia 50,000
Free TON Latvia Animal and Culture Charity Fund 50,000
Fund of ideas 30,000
Total TONs 240,000

Free TON Latvija Community Development Program for the next 3 months.

Stage 1

Free TON Latvja Community Development Program for the next 3 months. Stage 1

Each month includes a free form report on the work done by the TON Latvia community…

Token Remuneration for 1st month up-front

Usage Description TONS
Fund of Ideas Give a creative space for new community member initiatives to popularise Free TON Latvia and implement working ideas. Give space to realize 3 initiatives. 30,000
Web development contest Official Free TON Latvia website with resources on how to begin (open Surf wallet and sign DOD), participate in contests and create new ones, submit activities and all resources where members can be active 20,000
Community PR contest Launch of contests proposed by the TON Latvija Community - Contest promotion on local media resources. Articles, videos and design. 50,000
Translation and copywriting contests Translations and creation of articles and news - Creation of Media TON Latvia. 10,000
Advisors & Jurors Juror Codex contest implementation - Advisor Codex contest implementation - Latvian advisors attraction 5,000
Partnerships Searching for local potential partners that work in Crypto field - Integration - Cases on the users that can help Free TON Latvia and the partner involved 10,000
Community infrastructure development and maintenance Starting with Google form creation and administrative work of collecting and gathering new members and systemized work with provided data. Assistance and recheck of PR contentment as quality control. 15,000
Total 140,000

Token Remuneration for 2nd month KPI

Usage Description TONS
Community support Audience support - News - Reports - Updates - Activity in social networks - Chats 20,000
Partnerships Searching for local potential partners that work in Crypto field - Integration - Cases on the users that can help Free TON Latvia and the partner involved 10,000
Community infrastructure development and maintenance Administrative work of collecting and gathering new members and systemized work with provided data. Assistance and recheck of PR contentment as quality control. 15,000
Total 45,000

Token Remuneration for 3rd month KPI

Usage Description TONS
Partnerships Searching for local potential partners that work in Crypto field - Integration - Cases on the users that can help Free TON Latvia and the partner involved 10,000
TON Animal and Cutural Charity Call out all Animal Shelters in Latvia and ask them what is needed. For PR needs make partnership with posts and videos. Cultural Charity is for creating exhibition in Riga on topic Crystals. Idea is to give small amount of tokens for artists for work preparation, and by social voting find out the winners where 5 creatives will get rewards for their art. 30,000
Community infrastructure development and maintenance Administrative work of collecting and gathering new members and systemized work with provided data. Assistance and recheck of PR contentment as quality control. 15,000
Total 55,000

Qualifiers public duties contests

Following the launch of this sub governance, the Latvian community launches contests to find a jury among the Free TON community:

  • 5 project managers
  • 5 project assistance
  • 2 designers
  • 2 sales assistants
  • 3 copywriters
  • 3 web developers

If you find yourself to be Latvian and would like to be a part of a team, please let us know dear!


Why do we need another website, if we already have & I think we need translation only.


Hey Stanislav, no doubt it would be easier to translate given info and add it to .lv domain
Tho, we want to go bit deeper with web development by creating understandable walktrough for locals that will teach them how to create surf wallet, intro about DOD and other community essentials. Between these steps advance them to join social media pages, get points for answering questions about Free TON and collect their info at the same time.
At each step we want to lead them trough basic understandings and to stimulate their learning and promotion processes by sharing few coins at the finish of quest.
It’s like gamification of practice and learning.
So for these type of tasks to create chain of landing pages funds are needed.

And if a person get trough all these steps, we see that it will be much easier to ask them to participate in contests as content creators, advertisers, activists and other roles, and it will take less time for whole team to explain basics. It’s like QandA secion on steroids.

  1. Way too many tokens.
  2. The Latvian group at the moment is just a chat room with 11 people, 2 of which are moderators and several people from other groups. This is not how a sub-governance is formed.
  3. Additionally, I really see no purpose of a Latvian sub-governance. Africa, Korea, China, Mexico (Latin America in general) are cultures unto themselves and have very specific ways and means. Latvia is just another country in Europe. Latvia is part of the EU and also has many Russian-speaking people. There is absolutely no purpose for having it be its own sub-governance.
  1. Not as much if in 3 months we want whole Country to know that Free TON exists.
    Past two years worked a lot in budget planing for local social enterpreneurship projects, so based on them let me go trough every position.

Community infrastructure development and maintenance 45,000 TONs
For 3 month work for 10-15 admins and professional project managers this is a basic amount for people to interact into spending time in work. Average salary wage here is 1k eur, so to ensure that their main energy is spent on community creation its reasonable.

Translations 20,000. Here already we have a sample of past works that Una and Maris did for the community for 1,5 months of making translations worth 3+k TONs. Yeah, maybe we could change it till 10k but would like to see new translators joining our team and giving them free space for creativity.

Latvian Jurors & Advisors 20,000 TONs. When studied other “Sub-Gov’s” seen that average rate for Juriors and Advisors is 5-10% of whole budget. So yeah, your right, this part of work ain’t that big and can be reduced.
Partnerships 30,000. Crypto communities here are BIG and growing, for example Bitcoin Latvia ( Facebook Groups ) that has 1,5k members, with them we want to partnership as like with dozens of others by asking to put our content from time to time in exchange for coins. Same thing with with email lists that crypto communities have, forums like and other targeted listings that they got. Since Latvia is one of the highlighted IT countries in Europe here are plenty merchants that allow Bitcoin for the purchases that also means that trough their listings Free TON can be promoted correctly, and in the end asking them to implement TON Crystals as one of payment options. We are too small (at the moment) to compete with other crypto related coin communities, so working together is only way that we see now.

Social media & PR campaigns in Latvia 50,000.
This is the biggest position of “peoples marketing” that we believe in. Blog posts, press releases, media sharing and commenting, design works, influencer promotion etc. For fast community growth we see that giving chance of such micro-works with understandable rates of rewards (depending on traffic and audiance quality) will skyrocket involvement of Latvians in cooperation. Second part is paid advertising for FB and big G networks, to cover up ALL online users whos GEO is located in LV. Their gameplane has changed in last few years, now if you want to stay visible you got to spend budgets on their networks (unfortunately) cuz their algorithms are changing for that kind of rules. Also one of partners is a director of a TOP PR agencies in LV, so thoughtful marketing plan on our reputation is planned.

Free TON Latvia Animal and Culture Charity Fund 50,000. If you want to look good, you’ve got to do things for the society. So here we want to interact with 2 kinds of audiance.

  • Empathy to animal lovers. In LV we got about 12 animal shelters. Here plan is simple, make calls and ask them what they need. Are those groceries, pet food, are those kind of instruments or materials to build something. Gather things what they really need, visit them, have fun with petting, make photos and videos and ask them to publish our help on their social media accounts.
  • Trust to culture workers and intelligence. Idea is to make an exhibition based on topic “crystals”. For participants we are willing to share small amount of coins so artists can get materials for paintings, installations, ceramics, woodworks, its an exhibition, we don’t know how far their fantasies can go. Give some time for them to prepare their work and in spring rent for a month gallery so that art enthusiasts can visit and leave their votes for most favorable art. In the end TOP3 works will get TON crystals as winners. Due pandemic sector of culture here is dying, so in eyes of intelligence this is a vote of trust, so that at least someone gives effort in this sector. In terms of publicity media will catch on it, since nothing really happens due things are closed and positive feedback about Free TON Latvia community will be gathered.
    We did similar things with my volunteers team in past years, got myself on TV, radio and online news portals. Two projects that i worked on Mana Pietura - Home | Facebook and Uzlādē Krāsas - Home | Facebook

Fund of ideas 30,000 Guerilla marketing, offline stickers and posters, street arts for Fund of ideas we want to give an opportunity to newcomers that can come up with cheap, effective and wide publicity ideas for Free TON LV. Imagine if you would have your own currency, how you would promote it?

Maybe the budget is big for a small country, it’s because we want to use all available options to strength up Free TON here in short period of time, where as a Part 2 of “occupy Latvia” plan will be:

  • Creation of Free TON hackathon by summer, we already did our homework and organizers are ready for such actions.
  • Integration of Free TON Crystals to as most local merchants as can get.
  • Work with tech Start-UPs and business incubators.
  1. True. Watsapp here is way too popular than Telegram for Latvian language speakers. None of my Latvian friends has it installed or know what it is, tho Watsapp doesn’t has a chance to create groups. Thanks @XLR25t for mentioning another challenge, because everyone will ask how can i trade TON to EUR, and we’ll have to explain them what is Chatex and some other pain can come out of this. We got cross-links on all channels, tho activity on Telegram is low and we should work on it more.

  2. I don’t want to go deep into politics but we got a huge crack in life between Latvian and Russian ethnical groups. Like in Estonia (our neighbor) we have non-citizens that mostly are russian speakers that are not allowed to vote, or work as an official or police worker as a sample. That’s the thing that i don’t like about my country and ideologically see an opportunity of DOD to give a fresh understanding. Both groups live in different media areas, news and opinions shown to latvians sometimes are way too different. I believe that Russian community can work better with Russian speakers here, and to gather latvians we wish to concentrate on LV Sub-gov.
    1.5 MIL is a small amount, tho it gives more opportunities and work with Latvia would be easier. Here “rule of handshakes” is 2.5 people. So it’s easier to build up a trustful reputation faster than in other countries and we see it as a fun challenge to become a first country globally to make recognition of Free TON on same level as BTC. I believe it could be done by the end of year and become as a good sample for other country sub-gov’s cuz damn, we got team of talented doers that want to some nice changes before FIAT system gets down.

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None of this adds any value. It just looks like a giant PR campaign that does not need a sub-gov, especially in a country that is beholden to Europe and Russia (demographically speaking) that has no reason to be on its own, at least for now. Everything proposed has avenues that exist now. You can do this through contests and through other sub-govs.

I do not see how this will improve usage (real users who want to buy and hold TONs). It’s like trying to create a public swimming pool right next to a gorgeous beach. There’s no usage here.

I would suggest to take your ideas and turn them into contests or use existing sub-govs to promote the Latvian community. If 1 or 2 contests end up revealing a demand for a sub-gov, then re-propose.

The days of “up front” should be much more highly scrutinized, and generalized sub-govs just for the sake of existing, with the same old “promote and market” are over. Until there are use cases, these types of initiatives carry no value whatsoever.

Mistakes were made, but I feel they should not be redone again. If there’s no immediate and CLEAR (!) value, there’s no need for it. Let’s all be real careful about what is approved.

Still a no for me.


Well, our team members already tried working trough contests, still proposal flies for a month:

And we want to work on 8 sub projects in total, so asking budget for each one would take unknown time and some of them might be ignored. That’s why idea about creating own SubGov was spoken before and it would be much easier to ask once for help.

Nothing else like PR and marketing will encourage people to create wallets. Therefore maximum advertising and small amount of coins to be shared will make new users hungry, and grow their interest to see how they can earn coins trough LV and global community microworks. Thats the basic marketing plan, rest 2 charity projects are for brand recognition and public trust. If funds are used, they should be used as win-win-win method.

Yeah, up-front will be changed, same as the budget. Got the whole team together and saw that for rapid start we don’t need much and secondary projects can be done at third month. Having bug issues with editing post at the moment. :confused:

Thanks for review @XLR25t got new ideas and things that need to be worked over.

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