Free TON Rust Cup

Good proposal. I support it.

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Full support, this proposal.

Where are we with this proposal (warm-up) ?
Could it be pushed to ?

Mine node not in the list it looks :frowning:
Wallet: 0:830e0f46cb458760d1798e1d005fe580913d59b34a1684f19f461622a880758a
Pools (starting from last one): 0:084f4cd493c2fa15ace4692df9cfa6d26eb72624d403022fd5df521ff8236d38
0:fa519d01c5d5bb1df4c3eb118d246ec790ac22217de6c7d5964daef81b863d5f (this one seems present in 30.07 tab)

Though I was participating from the day 1
(Rust Cup Form (Responses) - Google Sheets)

Hi all! Thank you to all validators who participated in Rust Cup and believed in this technology. Taking into the account that contest lasted longer than it was expected I think that rewards should be amended as follows: 1. There should be 300 winning places instead of 200 2. Lock period should be increase from 2 to 4 years. 3. Lock stakes should be increased - 600k for the the 1st place linearly decreasing to 200k for the last place. 4. Additional rewards for participation in amount of 3k TON per actual participation per month vested over 3 years.


On top of that it would be fair to provide rewards for the famous “night racing”. Unfortunately it is not clear how to structure it. Please write your ideas.

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Thank you for your proposal!
It’s good but I think reward distribution should follow the curve in the original proposal (not linearly decreasing).

Why we need to have vesting for them?? and on 3 years? omg

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It looks much fair now. I only don’t like the part “additional reward should be vested over 3 years”.

I don’t like the idea for vesting this amounts in general: these amounts required to cover actual server costs in connection with prolongation of the contest from 1 to 7 months.

But even if to accept delayed payment of additional rewards I think it would be fair to let validators have the same vesting time as “new initial members of main Government” received for their “1 million welcome package”, i.e. 1 (one) year max.


Looks rather dubious for me. Say we have the “full” participated node during the entire period with 5x3000=15000 reward, so participant will get 416 TON Crystals per month during 36 months? Come on…

I do not like the idea of reward vesting, but if we consider it - period should be about 5 months.


Agree, no vesting for participation rewards or maximum for a quarter, say, until the end of the year.

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why 5 months?
it should be 6 (February - July)

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The minimum stake in the Mainnet increased more than by 100k since March. On March 1 it was enough to add approximately 50k to 1st place winner’s lock stake to start validating in the Mainnet, now it’s 185k tokens. To compensate for the difference, 135k would be more appropriate. I propose 150k increase, taking into consideration that validation is not going to start today and Mainnet stakes will increase even more by the moment when validation with winning depools is started.


Because there was a green flag in July already.

I’m referring to Sergei’s Zaicev post and report

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Great proposal! I support it.

I support it, I think it look like a good idea!

предлагаю вестинг уменьшить до 6 месяцев

I propose to reduce the vesting period to 6 months


@p.prigolovko , 4hash made a good point.
Mainnet stakes have been increasing by about 22k / month.
And let’s face it, RustCup validators won’t get their lock stakes in next 2-3 months for sure.
So increasing lock stakes by 150k will give them a chance to be close to what they had expected back in January when RustCup was announced.
Please consider this.


We propose to make not monetary prizes, something like NFT minted on which will be announced by @Mitja on AMA session.

Additional rewards must be issued immediately in full, as these are actually incurred expenses for the rental of equipment. I support the rest of the points.

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