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Free TON Vietnam Sub-governance Jury Selection Contest

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I would like to know by what method do you select new members of the jury?

According to current observations, I see that initials are voting for newly created accounts with incomplete CVs to the maximum score. Moreover, the last few applications are completely identical, both in terms of comments in this forum thread, and in terms of the format of the submissions itself.

I am waiting for specific explanations of how the jury members are selected


Of course, it’s worth waiting for the end of the vote, but so far it seems that experienced crypto users are not needed by the Vietnamese community


I think they are trying to staff SG mainly with participants from Vietnam. Those people who speak the Vietnamese language. The jury should carefully check the new candidates
I hope that the jury will accept more than 10 new members to the SG and in the future weed out the inactive ones. I really want to participate in the development of SG Vietnam.
I understand that there may be difficulties with translation, so I use the built-in translator in telegraph on Android and joined the group :crossed_fingers:


There are general criteria for the selection of jury members, knowledge of Vietnamese is not included in them. First of all, these should be people with extensive experience in the crypto sector, and active members of the Free TON community. Participants who received 10 points each have neither one nor the other. What is happening now in the Vietnamese SG is extremely negative and will have consequences …


I remember that an indispensable condition was put forward for any SG so the team of initial members and the jury team were as international as possible, and not from representatives of one country or nationality.
Here, the exact opposite is observed - only representatives of one country receive the maximum number of points in the jury, and besides, these are people with no background at all. It smacks of corruption, nepotism and tribalism.


The contest is over.
Preliminary results can be viewed in these services.

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Thanks for your help. The third link is working quickly and perfectly :blush:

Finished at 11th place :pensive: . I will be glad to join if there is any more vacancy. Anyway, congrats all winners :+1: :blush:

Somehow, my application pushed the judges away - only 6 people appreciated - although all applications were evaluated by 8-9 judges :performing_arts:

Hi. we have list of winners in this topic. You all can check here Winners of the Vietnam Sub-governance Jury Selection Contest

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As a result, the voting went well, candidates from different countries with excellent resumes.