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Free TON Web&Design Jury Selection Contest 1.0

Hello everybody! My name is Zoya. I want to join the jury team. I have experience in this area.

Telegram: @Manyap

Hello de-community!
My name is Norair and I want to be part of Web&Design Jury team - all exp in pdf =)
Telegram: @WillyMad

I send! Hello!!

Dear contest organizers, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that my Submission PDF (#33) is for some reason not accessible on the contest submissions page (

Please address the issue before the voting starts.

Re-upload your work and mention in the PDF that Submission #33 failed to load, this is the correct one.

This, #33 will be rejected and the new one will work OK.

As I see it :slight_smile:

The jury is in no hurry to vote :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear MIchael,

One question: where am I supposed to upload the new submission if the deadline has already passed?

Looking forward to your assistance.

Interesting situation. I applied for the contest as always, the same browser, the same device, high-speed Internet. After submitting the application, I can’t check it, because it is hidden until the voting opens. Therefore, it is not possible to re-upload it if the PDF file has not loaded. After seeing this after opening the vote, I attached a PDF in a forum post and hope people will understand this.

Yes, you’re right, it’s impossible. Sorry for misleading you.

This information has been passed on to the developers behind the interface. Let us see what they tell us.

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Thanks for your reply, I would appreciate if you could pass this issue to the developers as well.

Thanks again.

@szaitseff could you, please, clarify for @Alex_P and @Teiwaz the situation with their submissions.

@szaitseff another bug found: if you start opening any submission page and switch quickly to another tab. When you return back to the submission’s tab, most likely you will have a 404 page.

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