Free TON Whitepaper

Cryptoasset archetype taxonomy

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Hi Mitja,
Could you tell when the final version of the white paper is tentatively planned to be released?

По просьбам членов комьюнити, команда переводчиков Wiki SG перевела настоящий Whitepaper на русский язык. (Хотя это пока черновик, в нем содержится важная для всего комьюнити информация). Перевод доступен здесь: В настоящий момент опубликованы две первые главы. Главы 3 и 4 будут добавлены в течение нескольких дней.
At the request of the community members, Wiki SG translators’ team have been translated this Whitepaper into Russian. (Although this is still a draft, it contains information important for the whole community). The translation is available here: The first two chapters are already published. Chapters 3 and 4 will be added within a few days.


Could the blockchain control the validators in following way: from time to time a collator creates a fake incorrect block, in order to verify that the validators really reject it? Or another way : a validator from time to time is set to the mode « pre-validation » (not only in the beginning of his work) ?


Yes that is possible and I think I read something like that in another project somewhere but I am not sure :slight_smile:

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The final draft is going to be released next week. Almost done.


The document has been updated to Final Draft status. Several sections added some redactions as well.


Everything is covered so nicely. Especially, there were confusions regarding the TON OS and other technical terms, I think it’s a masterpiece now :slight_smile: Great job.

Looking forward to see the masterpiece!!!

If it is NFT-ed! I wouldn’t hesitate to stake and mint it!!!