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:gem: Free TON Wiki – what the community has achieved

Many important events happened since the end of June. The main ones:

30th of June, 2020 – birthday of the project
Work on Free TON Wiki started

Russian section of the Free TON Wiki
Was launched on the official forum

:rocket: Free TON Wiki Subgovernance was implemented

English, Russian and Turkish sections were created
During this time, pages created: 131
• Including pages in the English section: 58
• Including pages in the Russian section: 57
• Including pages in Turkish section: 13

Several AMA- sessions Free TON Wiki were held for the team, authors and everyone: Forum / YouTube

:point_right: The first Wiki project contest has ended:
#1 Wiki Renewal Contest [03.–15.09.2020]

:point_right: The second Wiki project contest has started:
#2 Wiki Renewal Contest [16.–30.09.2020]


:gem: Free TON Wiki news

The second Wiki project contest started:
#2 Wiki Renewal Contest [16.–30.09.2020]

Wiki invites new authors and translators who want to be part of the team and receive decent rewards

:dollar: How much do our authors earn?
Wiki Rates and Team Rewards

:dollar: What to do to earn the same or more?
Wanted articles and translations in the English section

:point_right: Complete the work and apply for the contest
Instructions detailed step by step

:point_right: Wait for the vote of the Wiki Jury and receive your reward


:gem: Dear community members!

:point_right: We remind you that the submissions deadline for the #2 Wiki Renewal Contest [16.–30.09.2020]
will end on September 30, 2020, 00:00 UTC.

:hot_pepper: Guide for preparing a submission for Wiki Renewal Contest
:dollar: How to get paid for your work?

  1. Do one or several tasks from this spreadsheet
  2. Add your work to the Team Report (request access by email with your Wiki username)
  3. Wait for the admins to confirm the amount of your consideration in the Team Report
  4. Find the current Wiki Renewal Contest in this forum section and on the Wiki Subgovernance also
  5. Submit an application for a valid competition using this template. Insert a fragment of the table with your work data from the Team Report into the submission
  6. Wait for the Wiki Jury to vote and get your reward

We’re waiting for your submissions!


Great news!
We’re waiting for the authors’ submissions.

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:gem: Free TON Wiki news

2 Contests have been launched:

:point_right: #3 Wiki Renewal Contest Proposal [01.-15.10.2020]
Performing various works for the Free TON Wiki and its development, including (but not limited to): content creation and article writing, moderation, user support services, news creation, technical support, administrative services.

:point_right: #4 Free TON Wiki Contest: Jury Selection [01-15.10.2020.]
Create a decentralized Wiki Jury of up to 25 willing participants from the Free TON community who are willing to put in the time and efforts to study, interpret, analyze, vote, and deliver qualified feedback to contest submissions from contestants for the Free TON Wiki Subgovernance.

We are waiting for community members who want to take part in contests!