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:globe_with_meridians: Translators, we need your help!

:calendar: On August 10, 2021, Mitya Goroshevsky, CTO of Free TON, published a draft of the White Paper of the blockchain project. The document is still being finalized, so comments from the community are also taken into account.

In turn, Free TON Wiki Subgovernance has received many requests from community members to help with the localization of the White Paper into Russian, but the document is voluminous and already has 50+ pages.

:mag_right: So we are looking for 5 English-Russian translators who are ready to share this workload among themselves to speed up the process of localizing the document. Participants will be able to submit their work as part of the current WRC.

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How much time we have for this translation.
I’m proposing to translate this doc in Hindi (Indian Language). We can speedup the process through a distribution of work to wiki translators by bundle of tagged pages.

The problem is that this is only a draft of the White Paper and will change later. We will be able to approve the translation into other languages when will we see the final version.

I’m sorry, but now there is no need to translate into languages other than Russian :pray:

:mag_right: Looking for a Technical Editor

🧑‍💻 The Free TON Wiki Subgovernance team is sorely lacking a technical editor. The main task will be a qualified check of the correctness of the data indicated in the technical Wiki-articles of the participants.

You should definitely understand the:
• cryptocurrency sector;
• technical aspects of Free TON.
• structure of the Free TON blockchain.

It will be good if you have:
• technical education;
• logical/analytical thinking;
• experience in this kind of work;

:gem: Motivation: 50 TON for each article (up to 10,000 characters) + 5 TON for every additional 1,000 characters, according to Wiki Rates.

If you think you qualify for this role, please message us in the Free TON Wiki chat, mentioning @amalfica, @anesthesia_v, @stop_think_ask.

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:birthday: Anniversary of the Free TON Wiki SG

Оn August 24, 2020, the Wiki Subgovernance proposal was approved, making it the first Subgovernance in the Free TON ecosystem.

:orange_book: Over the past year, the Free TON Wiki has become a powerful free educational base for Free TON newcomers and bring great benefit to the community:

22 world languages;
>1000 published articles;
>100 authors and translators;
• The Wiki Editorial Team presented Free TON at the SiGMA AIBC Dubai Show, the materials of the Wiki articles were used in the presentations by members of the event.

We wish the participants even more inspiration, opportunities, strength, free time, patience, positive mood and motivation to create new content! Thanks to everyone for work!

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Congratulations to all wiki team members :tada:


:loudspeaker: #36 Wiki Renewal Contest: Submission Deadline

We remind the authors of articles and translations that, in accordance with the Contest Rules, it’s recommended to submit the submissions with «Content Creation» or «Translation» work type by 26.08.21, 23:59 UTC.

Please note:

• the submission with a «content» type of work must contain not only a screenshot of your User Report, but also a link to the Wiki-material (Wiki URL).

• the submission may contain only one «Content Creation» or «Translation» work type with a corresponding link to the Wiki-material (Wiki URL). More details here.

The submissions that do not meet this requirement may receive a «Reject» on the vote.

:green_book: Submitting procedure | :memo: Submission template

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:gem: #36 Wiki Renewal Contest: One Day Left!

We remind participants that the submission process will close on 31.08.21, 23:59 UTC — there is one day left to submit your work (administrative only), hurry up.

We also recommend that you check out the changes to the organization of the Wiki Renewal Contest, adopted on February 8th.

:green_book: Contest Rules | :incoming_envelope: How to get paid

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:speech_balloon: Wiki Digest #6

Wiki SG news:
#36 WRC took place;
• Free TON Wiki SG turns 1 year old
• We have announced that we are looking for a Technical Editor
• We added 10 new articles to the «Needed Articles» spreadsheet

Wiki Articles:
• «Translation» — 81 works
• «Content Creation» — 8 works

Important Free TON events:
• Forbes wrote an article about Free TON
• The Free TON Whitepaper Draft presented
• The Broxus Team introduced TON Swap 2.0
• TON Crystal was listed to the STEX exchange
• TON Surf wallet has been updated to version 6.3.0
• The average cost of TON Crystal in July was $0.468
• TON Surf and RSquad introduced True NFT technology
• Free TON attended the World Blockchain Conference in Hangzhou
• CoinMarketCap has replaced the old TON Crystal logo with a new one

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:green_book: New on the Free TON Wiki

Summer is over, but not new articles in the Wiki knowledge base! The authors and translators of the Free TON Wiki SG continue to delight the community with new, interesting, and useful content.

:high_brightness: August:
• (+) SIGMA
• (+) AdGram
• (+) Lumi Wallet
• (+) Hacker Noon
• (+) ABI Hackathons
• (+) Crypto Waifus TON
• (+) Subgovernance list

Materials approved for translation by the editors are marked with a (+) sign, more details can be found in the «Approved for Translation» spreadsheet.

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:green_book: Free TON Whitepaper: official translation

:calendar: As you know, on August 10, 2021 Mitya Goroshevsky, Free TON Technical Director, presented the draft Whitepaper to the community.

:currency_exchange: As requested by community members, the Wiki SG translation team translated the Whitepaper into Russian. Currently 2 chapters are published, the other two will be published within the next week.

The translation was reviewed by the editors, but if you find any mistakes, please report it to the Wiki International group.

With the update of the main version of the Whitepaper, the translation will be synchronized as well. Translations in the other 20 languages in the Wiki base are expected in the future.

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:gem: #36 Wiki Renewal Contest is over!

We are glad to announce that #36 WRC has been successfully completed. Congratulations to community members on well-deserved rewards!

:bookmark: Contest details:
Fair Reward Ratio was 2.5;
106 submissions were submitted;
5 submissions received «Reject»;
56 submissions received the highest score;
• Total amount of rewards, including the jury reward, was 25 896 TON Crystal.

:point_right: The rewards were paid with a correction factor of 0,397317 based on the adopted proposal. Read more about it here.

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:video_camera: Free TON Meetup #71: Wiki SG Global Comparison Report

The Free TON community held its weekly meeting today, September 14, 2021, which included a discussion of technical updates to the network, a demonstration and a recap of Wiki Subgovernance’s interim results.

:loudspeaker: On behalf of the Wiki Subgovernance Team, @anesthesia_v, an active participant, member, editor, and jury member, gave the presentation.

Key points:
• Wiki SG Results (11.2020 — 09.2021)
Comparison of the Free TON Wiki with other Crypto-Wikis
• Community members’ feedback on Wiki articles

:pray: Thank you to everyone for your contribution and active participation in the development of the Free TON Knowledge Base!

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There are more news to come to help new authors!

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:open_book: How to post articles on Wiki

:partying_face: We’re excited to share the good news: our friends Free TON Academy have published a course on Wiki article posting techniques. It was created by Tim, the author of the articles and the translator of the Free TON Wiki.

:alarm_clock: The practice material contains 5 short video tutorials and 10 test questions. Approximate time of the course is 2 hours.

After completing the training, every member of the Free TON Community will be able to easily publish and edit content in the Free TON Wiki encyclopedia.

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:speech_balloon: Wiki Digest #7

Wiki SG news:
• We have published a request for motivation of Free TON WP
• Free TON Academy have published a course on Wiki article posting techniques
• We summarized the interim results of Wiki SG from Nov. 2020 to Aug. 2021 and presented them at the AMA

Important Free TON events:
• Free TON will rebrand
• TON Crystal was listed to the Bitrue exchange
• TON Crystal will be listed to the ZBX exchange
• TON Surf wallet has been updated to version 6.4.2
• TON Crystal has been added to the itez P2P platform
8 new members joined the Free TON Global Governance
• The first lottery was launched on the Free TON blockchain
• The average cost of TON Crystal in September was $0.397
• Free TON set a world record for the number of TXs per second
• Free TON will serve as a technical expert as part of the professional GBA (Government Blockchain Association) in the U.S. Congressional debate on blockchain-based elections and election auditing

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:man_technologist: #42 Wiki SG Contest: Members Selection

Wiki Subgovernance has decided to expand the Members group to +10 persons and is launching a new contest, which will run from October 25 to November 05, 23:59 UTC.

:handshake: Any member of the Free TON community willing to invest the time and effort to make major decisions for the development and growth of the Wiki SG — are welcome to join!

New members will automatically be included in the Wiki Jury and will assume the role of judging in all future Wiki SG contests.

:memo: Apply to participate

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:speech_balloon: Wiki Digest #8

Wiki SG News:
• We’ve launched a contest to find new Wiki SG members

Important Free TON events:
• TON Surf wallet updated to version 6.5.1
• CoinMarketCap updated TON Crystal rating
• Average value of TON Crystal in October was $0.376
• Alexander Filatov suggested a new name for Free TON
• TON Crystal added to exchanges: BitMart, FMFW,, BitexBook
• Free TON Governance approved a proposal from Dutch Pi Capital Union to integrate TON Crystal into a payment app and ATM network, and to issue a euro-based stablecoin on Free TON’s blockchain

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:man_technologist: #42 Wiki SG Members Selection: RESULTS

:memo: Based on the results of the last Everscale Wiki Subgovernance Member expansion contest, the new Wiki Members are:

10 pts: GButrik / @G.Butrik
10 pts: OleksiiZa / @Oleksi
9.77 pts: Yoan_FRENCH / @frenchchocolatine
9.66 pts: tgbauer / @SvetBauer
9.44 pts: freevgeny / @Ev.geny
9.00 pts: VznGo / @Whited35
8.77 pts: tatina66 / @GTO
8.25 pts: No_name_c3po / @No_name
7.00 pts: alicadmin / @omic

:clap: Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, and congratulations to the winners!

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:speech_balloon: Wiki Digest #9

Wiki SG News:
• We renamed our news channel to Everscale Wiki
• We have published the results of a contest to find new Wiki SG members

Important Everscale events:
• Free TON renamed to Everscale
• Everscale has a new official logo
Animated version of the new logo
• TON Surf wallet updated to version 6.6.3
Average value of $EVER in October was $0.322
• On November 8, $3 billion $EVER was publicly burned
• Major crypto media highlighted the rebranding of Everscale
• Coinmarketcap updated information about the $EVER token
• International Chess Federation announced plans to launch an NFT marketplace on Everscale
• «KAMAZ» became the first industrial enterprise in Russia to integrate the Everscale blockchain for operational tasks

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