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:gem:Dear community members!

#4 Free TON Wiki Contest: Jury Selection [01.-15.10.2020] came to an end!

We are pleased to present you the winners - 5 people who will join the jury:


:tada: We congratulate the winners and expect fruitful cooperation for the further development of Free TON Wiki!


Wow, thanks for your trust!


Thanks for your trust!


:gem: We are pleased to announce that the 3rd Wiki contest
has been completed successfully!
#3 Wiki Renewal Contest [01.–15.10.2020]

:trophy: Congratulations to the winners on their awards!
You deserved them.

:moneybag: The team’s total reward is: 20 648 TON Crystal.


:rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

:fire: New languages on Free TON Wiki

Good news for the Latvian and Iranian communities: work on their language sections has already started!

:latvia: - Latvian
:iran: - Persian

The further, the better.
Stay tuned!


:gem:Dear community members!

An AMA-session was held yesterday in the Russian-speaking segment of Free TON Wiki. The following decisions were made during the discussion:

:exclamation:All articles will be checked for machine translation. Editors will take into account only the versions of articles posted on the Wiki before 26.10.2020.

:exclamation:Articles of new authors will be checked before they are paid at the contest.

Stages of verification:
• Manual editors’ check for machine translation (with the help of special sites)
• Articles in which the percentage of machine translation exceeds 90% need to be corrected
• Machine-translated articles will be marked on Wiki

There is also the question of booking translation articles: what should translators do if one person selects all the articles in the language section? Soon we will have a vote on this topic.

:fire:New languages on Free TON Wiki

Nihao to the Chinese community!

The new language section is already available on Free TON Wiki:

:cn: - Chinese

The further, the better.
Stay tuned!

:gem: Free TON Wiki – what the community has accomplished

Last two weeks were rich in discussions, which we were able to record in the form of conferences:

:mega: 22.10. - Zoom conference for Wiki Secondary Members candidates: part 1 и part 2
We talked about the work of Wiki Subgovernance, discussed organizational matters and further development of the project.

:mega: 26.10. - AMA-session Free TON Wiki Subgovernance. Live discussion
We decided to check all articles for machine translation.

:mega: 29.10. - AMA-session for the members of the jury Free TON Wiki & Ambassador Subgovernances
We tried to brief the new jury during the conference.
AMA-session for English-speaking jury will be next week.

Our authors continue to translate Free TON Wiki into other languages. The following ones were added:

:latvia: - Latvian
:iran: - Persian
:cn: - Chinese

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:fire:New languages added on Free TON Wiki

:belarus: - Belarusian
:bulgaria: - Bulgarian
:hungary: - Hungarian
:azerbaijan: - Azerbaijani

:earth_americas: The world is not enough!

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:woman_astronaut:Interested in becoming a new member of the Wiki Subgovernance?

:one: Fill out this simple application form before 23:59 Moscow time on November 7th.

:two: After that, we will publicly select the best candidates who are ready to make their real contribution to the Wiki Subgovernance. Next, we will publish and vote for the Subgovernance Update Proposal: Membership Change within a few days and continue working with the new membership.

:point_right: We remind you that all Wiki Subgovernance members will automatically be included in the Wiki Jury. Jury members will be required to vote on the awards for all Wiki Contests.

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:exclamation:About the selection of new Wiki Subgovernance members

We remind you that we are currently selecting candidates for Wiki Subgovernance membership. Don’t forget to submit your application ( until 20.59 UTC on November 7!

:white_check_mark: Selection procedure:
■ At the end of the collection of applications, a public poll will be launched to select candidates
■ All who want may vote for one or more candidates (you are not allowed to vote for yourself!)
■ We define the selection criteria and select the best candidates
■ We end the poll, submit Subgovernance Update Proposal and accept it
■ We re-deploy the voting smart contract Secondary Members + Jury

:rocket: The migration to new Team Report is complete!

Now the general Team Report is here. This is a pivot spreadsheet and only a few editors have access to it. Links from there lead to personal spreadsheets of team members.

Here are the benefits of the new format:

:black_small_square:Each team member now has their own reporting spreadsheet
:black_small_square:It is not necessary for everyone to edit one common huge sheet together
:black_small_square:The new solution will provide simultaneous submission of reports for hundreds of authors
:black_small_square:No need to ask support to add multiple new lines to your report and now you have unlimited lines!
:black_small_square:Now there are no complicated horizontal scrolls: you just add new entries from top to bottom
:black_small_square:Accidental changes by third parties and vandalism are excluded
:black_small_square:Only you and the editors have access to your report (but anyone can see it)
:black_small_square:It will be much easier and faster for editors to check your work

:small_red_triangle:IMPORTANT! Almost all of the team members already have access to their personal report spreadsheets. First of all, open the general Team Report, find yourself in the list and go to your personal spreadsheet. Check that you can edit it. If so, there is nothing more you need to do, congratulations! If not, then write in the chat about your problem.

:point_right: Each new author will need to require the creation of their own personal spreadsheet so that you can prepare an application with your work. We will tell you how to do this later. Stay in touch!

PS: The old Team Report will be sent to the archive.

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:gem:Dear community members!

Recently, members of our community discussed the question of mass page reservation.

:bar_chart: We have conducted two polls on this topic:

03.11.2020 community voted on the topic of mass page reservation and decided to introduce *a one-time limit of up to 3 articles
07.10.2020 one more poll was held, according to which authors who have selected a large number of articles (before the voting results) can leave a maximum of 10 articles and reduce it to 3 articles in the near future

:bangbang: Important: a one-time limit of up to 3 articles for all authors and translators is working in Wiki right now! Please notice that one cannot exceed this limit starting from the next reporting period.

*A one-time limit means that the author has made X articles, uploaded it to Wiki and only then can reserve the same number of articles (or less) again.

:gem:Dear community members!

We remind you that the deadline for submitting applications for #5 Wiki Renewal Contest [17.10. - 15.11.2020] ends on November 15, 2020, 23:59 UTC (November 16, 2.59 Moscow time).

Don’t forget to submit your applications!

:fire:New languages are added on Free TON Wiki

:czech_republic: - Czech
:india: - Hindi
:indonesia: - Indonesian

The further, the better.
Stay tuned!


Good news for Indian Community.

:dollar: About new rates and rewards in Wiki Subgovernance

Yesterday (20.11.2020) new Wiki Members have made an important decision to change the rates and rewards in Wiki Subgovernance.

The following rates were accepted (the price is indicated in TON for the simple-medium-strong level, respectively):

■ translation: 10 - 12 - 15
■ rewriting: 10 - 12 - 15
■ chief editing: 1000 - 1500 - 2000
■ tech support: 1000 - 1500 - 2000
■ improvement service: 40 ton / 8-hour working day
■ administrative support: 120 ton / 8-hour working day
■ rates for copypaste are excluded

Besides, for all WRCs, we set a maximum reward cap of 5,000 Tons per one contestant if the WRC is restarted approximately once a month. In case the WRC restarts with a different frequency,then this limit must be changed proportionally.

:speech_balloon: You can discuss the passed proposal on the forum

:exclamation: IMPORTANT: these changes are effective immediately and will apply to all FUTURE Wiki Renewal Contests. Rates and rewards for the current contest remain unchanged!


Dear community members!

■ Don’t translate articles that haven’t been approved yet

■ Articles can be translated only after the review editors’ approval - in the near future we will develop a full mechanism for checking articles

■ Submissions with translations of disapproved articles will be rejected during voting

■ You can see if the article is approved in the List of needed articles


:woman_astronaut: Wiki Contest: Members Selection

In order to attract more people who can help to develop Free TON Wiki, we have decided to recruit another set of candidates for Wiki Subgovernance Membership. You can send your submission from November 25, 00:00 UTC till December 9, 23:59 UTC

The contestant must provide curriculum vitae or experience that demonstrates one, all or more of the following:
● Be a member of the Free TON community and sign the Declaration of Decentralization (necessary but not sufficient requirements).
● Be an active member of the community and/or make a real contribution to the growth and development of the Free TON Wiki in accordance with the mission and goals of Wiki Subgovernance.
● Be a loyal and friendly member of the Wiki community and help the Free TON Wiki work.
● Have high marks in their native language at school or university, philological or editorial skills.
● Show knowledge of IT and/or blockchain technologies, good understanding of decentralized governance.

:exclamation:If the contestant is NOT currently an active member of the Wiki community or has NOT made a real contribution to the Free TON Wiki, then the contestant MUST explain in detail in their submission what specific benefits they intend to bring to the Free TON Wiki.

:speech_balloon: Forum discussion