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Dear community members!

■ Don’t translate articles that haven’t been approved yet

■ Articles can be translated only after the review editors’ approval - in the near future we will develop a full mechanism for checking articles

■ Submissions with translations of disapproved articles will be rejected during voting

■ You can see if the article is approved in the List of needed articles

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:woman_astronaut: Wiki Contest: Members Selection

In order to attract more people who can help to develop Free TON Wiki, we have decided to recruit another set of candidates for Wiki Subgovernance Membership. You can send your submission from November 25, 00:00 UTC till December 9, 23:59 UTC

The contestant must provide curriculum vitae or experience that demonstrates one, all or more of the following:
● Be a member of the Free TON community and sign the Declaration of Decentralization (necessary but not sufficient requirements).
● Be an active member of the community and/or make a real contribution to the growth and development of the Free TON Wiki in accordance with the mission and goals of Wiki Subgovernance.
● Be a loyal and friendly member of the Wiki community and help the Free TON Wiki work.
● Have high marks in their native language at school or university, philological or editorial skills.
● Show knowledge of IT and/or blockchain technologies, good understanding of decentralized governance.

:exclamation:If the contestant is NOT currently an active member of the Wiki community or has NOT made a real contribution to the Free TON Wiki, then the contestant MUST explain in detail in their submission what specific benefits they intend to bring to the Free TON Wiki.

:speech_balloon: Forum discussion

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Rules for creating articles:

The requirement is that the article should provide information about technologies and ecosystem of Free TON in simple terms.

Technical articles should explain the topic in plain language.

Articles about companies connected with Free TON should contain information about what these companies do for Free TON. Detailed information about the company is unnecessary.

The author who is going to write an article should provide a brief justification in the Wiki chat with tagging our responsible editors @bivanovsky and @rollie : what questions the article answers and what audience it is intended for.