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Wiki Renewal Contest: Submitting procedure

  1. Follow the principle of "One submission - one Wiki URL": add each “Content creation” or “Translation” work separately to the spreadsheet and place the row “Total” under it.
    The next work should be put in the same way.

Remember that the screenshot in your submission must contain only ONE work!

  1. Write to the chat and tag @anesthesia_v to count the characters and check the level.

  2. Wait until the work is checked.

  3. Use the guide from the pinned message in the work chat: :dollar: How to get paid for your work on Wiki to send a submission.

Keep in mind that each work with a Wiki URL is a separate submission with a corresponding message on the forum. Do not place several screenshots in one comment on the forum.

:warning: A correct example of submitting two works of one contestant, which can be taken as a sample: submission 1 and submission 2.

:gem:Dear community members!

We strongly recommend you to send submissions with the type of work "Content creation” or “Translation" to #17 Wiki Renewal Contest until 23.02.2021 inclusive, as it defined by the contest rules.

This point is optional, however, failure to follow it may lead to "Reject".

Don’t forget to read the contest rules and our recent post: Wiki Renewal Contest: Submitting procedure.

:gem:Dear community members!

You can send your submissions for #17 Wiki Renewal Contest until 28 February, 23.59 UTC.

Don’t forget to read the contest rules and our recent post New rules for Wiki Renewal Contest! before submitting.

:gem: Free TON Wiki – what the community has achieved

February was very eventful for our community. Let’s recollect the key moments:

:hammer_and_pick:Team Report, information about rates, lists of users and Needed articles were placed in one spreadsheet for users’ convenience.

:calendar:The submission period for Wiki Renewal Contest lasts one calendar month.

:paintbrush: Rewriting rate has been eliminated, Copywriting rate was renamed to Content creation in order to more accurately match the type of work being performed.

:dollar:FRR, or Fair Reward Ratio, will be applied to #17 WRC to offset changes in the TON Crystal exchange rate

:clipboard:The principle of “One submission - one Wiki URL”, according to which each submission should contain only one link to the Wiki material (Wiki URL) with the type of work “Content creation” or “Translation”, was successfully implemented in #17 WRC.

:earth_africa:In #17 Wiki Renewal Contest our community members submitted 8 “Content creation” works, as well as 21 translations.

Spring has come, and we have a lot of work ahead!
Stay tuned!

:dollar: About rewards in Wiki Subgovernance

Today (01.03.2021) Wiki Members have accepted FRR (Fair Reward Ratio) Setup Proposal for #17 WRC.

At the existing exchange rate, the FRR value for this month is: 2.0.

Therefore, the restrictive rewards for #17 Wiki Renewal Contest will be multiplied by this ratio.

Learn more about FRR