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:mag_right: Free TON Wiki is looking for article authors!

We’re not sitting idly by! This time we decided to remind crypto enthusiasts outside of Telegram that we keep looking for article authors.

Topics and posts on the following popular crypto forums have been created:


If you love cryptocurrency, understand the principles of the Free TON ecosystem, can write interesting, high-quality and competent articles — welcome to the club :sunglasses:

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:loudspeaker: #21 Wiki Renewal Contest: Submission Deadline

We remind the authors of articles and translations that, in accordance with the Contest Rules, it’s recommended to submit the submissions with «Content Creation» or «Translation» work type by 25.04.21, 23:59 UTC.

Please note:

• the submission with a «content» type of work must contain not only a screenshot of your User Report, but also a link to the Wiki-material (Wiki URL).

• the submission may contain only one «Content Creation» or «Translation» work type with a corresponding link to the Wiki-material (Wiki URL). More details here.

The submissions that do not meet this requirement may receive a «Reject» on the vote.

:green_book: Submitting procedure | :memo: Submission template

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:writing_hand: Authors, we need your help!

As part of the accepted partnership, Free TON is sponsoring the upcoming SiGMA AIBC in Dubai on May 25-26, 2021, as well as a number of other upcoming events.

Free TON will present and sponsor a major offline event for the first time, which is a very important milestone in the development of the community. Free TON Wiki SG is also related to this — links to Wiki articles will be used in presentations at this event.

:point_right: In this regard, we have updated the «Needed Articles» spreadsheet, marking in blue «hot articles» — that is, needing the authors’ priority attention.

:alarm_clock: We have exactly one month to write, modify or translate the highlighted articles! Let’s show the power of Wiki Subgovernance and help the Free TON community look cool at this important event.

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:gem: #21 Wiki Renewal Contest: One Day Left!

We remind participants that the submission process will close on 30.04.21, 23:59 UTC — there is one day left to submit your work (administrative only), hurry up.

We also recommend that you check out the recent changes to the organization of the Wiki Renewal Contest, adopted on February 8th.

:green_book: Contest Rules | :incoming_envelope: How to get paid

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:speech_balloon: Wiki Digest #2

Wiki SG news:
#21 WRC took place
• Added Armenian Wiki section
Introduced the April Wiki update
Approved 8 new articles for translation
Introduced Wiki SG-topics on popular crypto forums
Added «hot articles» to the «Needed Articles» spreadsheet
• Organized the categories and structure of the Wiki language sections

Wiki Articles:
• «Translation» — 28 works
• «Content Creation» — 5 works

Important Free TON events:
• TON Labs raised $6 million from a venture fund
• TON Crystal will be added to the MXC Exchange
• TON Surf wallet has been updated to version 5.2.0
• The average cost of TON Crystal in March was $0.595
• TON Crystal became available on the Uniswap exchange


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:speech_balloon: Interview with Free TON Wiki co-founder

The Free TON author’s blog MOVETON published an interview with Dmitry bitjudge, a technical developer and one of the co-founders of Wiki Subgovernance — the first Subgovernance in Free TON.

This interview will introduce you to Dmitry and the Free TON Wiki Team, tell you how he got into the Free TON community, what he did before and what he is doing now.

Read, comment, ask questions! We will be glad to get to know the members of our community even closer.

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:birthday: Free TON Anniversary

:chains: On May 7, 2020, the Free TON mainnet was launched with the native TON Crystal token.

The blockchain launch was attended by active community members, developers of blockchain solutions (TON Labs, Broxus), cryptocurrency exchanges (Kuna, CEX), as well as the largest new generation blockchain protocol validators — Dokia Capital, Certus One, Chorus, P2POrg.

Today Free TON is a community-driven decentralized blockchain with a unique model of contests and partnerships, and one of the most advanced technology stacks on the market.

:video_camera: For the project’s birthday, offline events were organized in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and there is an opportunity to watch the online broadcast.

#community #holiday

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:card_index: Article text formatting

We remind authors and translators that Wiki has special markup that allows you to format the text of an article for easy reading. It consists of such symbols as «*», «’», «=», «#» and others.

:point_right: Some examples of Wiki markup:
• ‘‘text’’— will give italic text
• ‘’‘text’’’ — will give bold text
• # — makes a list numbered
• * — makes a list bulleted

We encourage authors and translators to use markup when writing articles so that the material is presented to the reader in a clear, structured and, as a result, neat.

:information_source: Read more about Wiki markup here.

‘’‘text’’’ - will give bold text

Thanks :relaxed:
Fixed now.