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:memo: Rules for keeping a Personal Report

:x: Incorrect filling in of the personal report by the contestant may lead to additional questions regarding the reliability of the data provided.

:white_check_mark: To avoid this, the contestant should:

• Fill out the report in chronological order (by month). Deleting work data for the past months is strictly prohibited;
• Fill in the information in the blue columns only. The green columns are filled in by the editor;
• Ask the editor to update information in the Team Report if you need to update information about yourself in your personal report.

:point_right: Please note that the contestant’s personal report must be identical to the submitted submissions.

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:green_book: New on Free TON Wiki

Summer makes us happy with great weather, and the Free TON Wiki Subgovernance authors and translators delight the community with new, interesting and useful materials.

:high_brightness: June:
• (+) TIP
• (+) Broxus
• (–) Terimler sözlüğü
• (+) Private CryptoNumiz Subgov

:high_brightness: July:
• (+) Initial validators
• (+) =nil; Foundation
• (+) DGO Subgovernance

Materials approved for translation by the editors are marked with a (+) sign, more details can be found in the «Approved for Translation» spreadsheet.

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:loudspeaker: #30 Wiki Renewal Contest: Submission Deadline

We remind the authors of articles and translations that, in accordance with the Contest Rules, it’s recommended to submit the submissions with «Content Creation» or «Translation» work type by 26.07.21, 23:59 UTC.

Please note:

• the submission with a «content» type of work must contain not only a screenshot of your User Report, but also a link to the Wiki-material (Wiki URL).

• the submission may contain only one «Content Creation» or «Translation» work type with a corresponding link to the Wiki-material (Wiki URL). More details here.

The submissions that do not meet this requirement may receive a «Reject» on the vote.

:green_book: Submitting procedure | :memo: Submission template

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