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:gem: #36 Wiki Renewal Contest is over!

We are glad to announce that #36 WRC has been successfully completed. Congratulations to community members on well-deserved rewards!

:bookmark: Contest details:
Fair Reward Ratio was 2.5;
106 submissions were submitted;
5 submissions received «Reject»;
56 submissions received the highest score;
• Total amount of rewards, including the jury reward, was 25 896 TON Crystal.

:point_right: The rewards were paid with a correction factor of 0,397317 based on the adopted proposal. Read more about it here.

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:video_camera: Free TON Meetup #71: Wiki SG Global Comparison Report

The Free TON community held its weekly meeting today, September 14, 2021, which included a discussion of technical updates to the network, a demonstration and a recap of Wiki Subgovernance’s interim results.

:loudspeaker: On behalf of the Wiki Subgovernance Team, @anesthesia_v, an active participant, member, editor, and jury member, gave the presentation.

Key points:
• Wiki SG Results (11.2020 — 09.2021)
Comparison of the Free TON Wiki with other Crypto-Wikis
• Community members’ feedback on Wiki articles

:pray: Thank you to everyone for your contribution and active participation in the development of the Free TON Knowledge Base!

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