Free TON

FreeTon Treasury

FreeTon Treasury.

  1. A significant part of funds may be left in the treasury.

  2. It can help to finance the projects and support community initiatives

  3. The members of Treasury committee may be the most respected members of the community, for example 7 people.

  4. The movement of funds can be done with multi-signature; for example 5 of 7 members Treasury committee can sign the transaction for some purpose.


And this is exactly how its organized now. Please read the Declaration of Decentralization.

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Ops :slightly_smiling_face:

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1.Оставить минимум в казне ,создать команду основных держателей.

2.Развивать,проекты возможно спонсорские,для фильмов,клипов, благотворительности и прочих проектов для популизации в среде сообщества,призывая сообщество финансировать Free Ton в них.
3 Уменьшение комиссии для переводов,разово,бонусно,вкладывает в проект комиссия меньше ,их стабилизация.

good idea. generally the value of a coin is deeply depend on the use cases of that coin. the more usages for the coin, the more value for that coin.
so it is like a VC , right ? @AlexM you mean investment on business ideas on TON blickchain ? similar to EOS VC

How do you plan to take long term position of the treasury commitee in order to make TON is fully decentarized systems?