Free TON

FreeTON Wallet for the mainnet

Hello everyone!

We can see that there is plenty of your questions about the free wallet for the mainnet. That’s why we would like to share with you the open-source fork of the official TON wallet with the FreeTON support.

It’s still in beta, so any comments and proposals are welcome!

Get it at


Do you have a permisson to do that?

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In fact, it is under GPL 3 license as the original one, so everything is ok :ok_hand:


Have tried and it looks pretty simple and nice. Thanks!

P.S. The problem is that there is no crystal for free yet :frowning:


It’s a good job :+1:. thank you.
I don’t see the sending option! Is it because there’s still nothing in my wallet?
I transferred from Surf wallet but did not receive it in desktop wallet. It’s on the test network, and desktop wallet is on the main network.
Can anyone who have wallets in the main network send to my address?
Address : EQDzkou7WfS8fThiA5Obw3mJDLnCnuz3S8hLnEYeXKVg3B_j

Let’s test the wallet

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Yeah, you can’t send something if you do not have it :slight_smile:

You also did not receive anythin on our wallet since, as you have already mentioned, it is on the main net.


Hi! Thanks for the wallet! I would like to ask about the addresses of wallets. They looks like EQDzkou7WfS8fThiA5Obw3mJDLnCnuz3S8hLnEYeXKVg3B_j but not like -1:efd9afcf6ebc4d73ccd6dae4e3649cd03d7a985f298c4d2d9bfc99781e8a4422

Can you please explain the difference.

Artem Gorbunov:
Creating the same address in the surf and wallet on the desktop, as well as reading messages.When you copy the address of the wallet to be without registration, example ton://transfer/EQA6BPiVtXVbQNCo4Ch672ZmOan-zXeuJQpOV36dEoVkQrsa

Translator-translate everything into English, and from English to Russian:
Without EQA6BPiVtXVbQNCo4Ch672ZmOan-zXeuJQpOV36dEoVkQrsa 2variant is acceptable.Ability to restore the wallet from the surf .

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First address is base64 encoded data, which contains raw address and ‘bounce’ flag. Bounce flag is used to indicate whether the transfer to an uninit wallet should be returned back.

Ton wallet applications don’t use raw addresses


Thank you @bitmaker !

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Any time :slight_smile:

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Кстати, установил кошелек…простой и удобен…как его по тестить ? могу принять участие в тестировании кошелька

By the way, I installed a wallet … simple and convenient … how to test it *? I can take part in testing the wallet *

Hey body! It’s working - EQB8JHQOw03Yw2I43xrNOEb2kj-VeVL5XbvePST7brwCgIaC
I did it manually, but can’t make deploy

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Well done. Clean UI/UX.

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how do I get coins?


I sent 10 grams from my testnet2 wallet to a new crystal wallet. but nothing came and 10 grams were lost

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This wallet is for real Crystals as it is written in the header. The support if dev will be ready soon.