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FreeWallet x FreeTON partnership proposal


We support anonymity and have a decentralized vision of the future. However, above all, we support freedom of choice. The more options that consumers and businesses have, be they in the form of a decentralized or centralized system, the better.

Ever since 2016 we have been providing custodial wallet services and currently allow storage of over 100 prominent digital assets, serving over 3,000,000 clients from over 100 countries through a set of seamless UIs across desktop, iOS, and Android. Furthemore:

  1. A team of over 70 striving every day to make the blockchain space better for everyone.
  2. The FreeWallet application is available across 13 languages.
  3. Allows instant and fee-free transactions within the wallet.
  4. We enable user-defined blockchain fees.
  5. Provides the ability to purchase cryptocurrency via debit and credit cards.
  6. Battle-tested and secure - multiple email addresses utilized for transaction confirmation, session control, MFA, and more.

Partnership overview and goals

Most of the major crypto services in the world have custodial solutions. That means that the client wallets and client operations cannot be visible on-chain, only in the accounting system of the service provider. For example, it will not be possible to see on-chain how many client wallets are opened in PayPal. It is very hard to put a strict KPI on how FreeWallet can bring value to Free TON. But that doesn’t mean that the massive client base and customer visibility of FreeWallet cannot be extremely beneficial to the growing Free TON community.

We believe what Free TON needs the most at this point is awareness in the crypto community. It is essential to tell the most people possible about the existence of the TON Crystal token. That is where FreeWallet steps in.

FreeWallet is used by more than 3 million people to store, buy (with bank cards) and exchange cryptocurrencies all around the globe. The way FreeWallet works is that all the cryptocurrencies in the clients wallet that have non zero balance always show up on the dashboard. Most of our clients have not more than two cryptocurrencies active in their account. That means that if we give every FreeWallet client even a small amount of TON Crystals, it will appear in the most visible part of the wallet of more than 3 million crypto enthusiasts.

What will it mean to Free TON? It will mean that:

  • Millions of people will have the option to click through the dashboard and see the TON Crystal historical price chart
  • Will immediately have the option to buy TON Crystals via a bank card directly in the application
  • Even if the client will want to get rid of the token from the dashboard, he or she would have to exchange it for some other cryptocurrency, thus making an operation with Free TON

All these possibilities, combined with:

  • Customer communication in app via push messages and news section
  • E-mail blasts
  • SMM campaign and more

Will give Free TON the much needed quick win effect of boosting massive awareness about the TON Crystal and Free TON in general.

Token request.

Initial token request: 100,000 tokens.

Further steps:

  1. The TON Crystal will be integrated in FreeWallet. That means all functionality available to other assets will be active for the token as well, as well as seamless credit and debit card purchase and payment. 100,000 upon completion.
  2. A community development & engagement campaign will be carried out which would include email campaigns, social media announcements, blog posts, in-app customer communication.
  3. A distribution of Free TON to all users of FreeWallet (more than 3 million users). That means that more than 3 million people will engage with Free TON.

Token request on completion of step 2 and 3:

1,300,000 TON Crystals.

Contact details

Bob Goodspeed
SVP | Business Development

Wallet 0:e27f11a3cc8e352af821eb10620523fd160607a9f743857371d213ff6be5dcce


Хотелось бы вас покритиковать за безопасность. Вы не используете вход по ключу, вы используете бесплатный cloudflare который может просматривать данные что не допустимо для кошелька, вы используете устаревший ssh 7.4 который имеет 2 потенциальные уязвимости, вы располагаете небольшой инфраструктурой, вы используете централизованное хранение кошельков. По мне за такой перечень недостатков невозможно адекватно воспринимать сумму в 1300000


Кошелек у них кастодиальный получается? Никогда не пользовался, хотя слыхал об этом кошельке.

I will never recommend this wallet to anyone ) A few years ago, this wallet blocked a good amount of xem coin , at that time it was almost 500 thousand dollars )) they immediately transferred everything from their wallet to their other wallets. They dragged on for more than six months, referring to the fact that the coin allegedly has some kind of label, they were provided with all the data about the purchase, about all transactions, everything that can be provided to them, but they all demanded repeated documents )) when it came to bloggers and began to give publicity to this situation, only then they unblocked the funds…but the most interesting thing is that at that time it was no longer 500 thousand but some 25 thousand dollars as the coin fell greatly in price)) Very good profit turned out with them for six months! Well done!

I would leave step 1 only - 100k TON Crystals. As I see promotions and airdrops don`t work, even more - it makes TON Crystals less valuable!

Basically, there are two major paradigms of a wallet. Naturally wallets can exist in a custodial and non-custodial setup, each of these paradigms has a set of advantages and disadvantages and is naturally fitted to serve a distinct niche of clients. For example the custodial wallets such as FreeWallet are geared towards seamless user experience and has a much higher tolerance for user errors such as loss of keys; in addition it enables much cheaper p2p transactions, in essence being a setup similar to a digital bank but with clear focus on crypto. The key takeaway should be that custodial setup per se cannot be deemed as a product disadvantage, on the contrary, we feel it is our major advantage. A useful comparison is Binance vs Uniswap whereby both providing basic exchange service, each is a product distinct from the other.

A key product characteristic that can be used to gauge the quality of a custodial setup is the security of its custodial infrastructure - our being unparalleled in the digital assets space as we are around for over 6 years, hold vast amount of crypto under custody and have never suffered neither a loss/theft of user assets nor data leakage. That is why throughout all of these years have been and remain one of the leading wallets by userbase and a stronghold of user trust.

We have always focused on excellence of our key product features and we constantly strive to improve our user experience expanding the product mix as much as we can.

Please find an answer to your question here:

While one of our core ideals has always been the privacy of our clients we also take the compliance side of things seriously as it is the core of the long term sustainability of the business we have put our soul into over the last 6+ years of existence.

This is why we adhere strictly to the KYC and AML policy, constantly striving to remain compliant with the latest policies and regulations.

As a part of our compliance efforts and given the extensive period of time we have been in this business we have inevitably come across some a number of cases which we have considered necessary to investigate.

Given the sensitivity there have been cases whereby, in order to remain compliant with our policies and procedures, we had to launch investigation, and so virtually any of our compliant industry peers.

Some of the investigations take longer and some shorter but inevitably depend on the subject of the investigation.

We see that the major hurdle that hampers Free TON expansion is the lack of options to easily buy TON Crystals, especially with fiat money (but with other cryptocurrencies too).

An airdrop by itself may not be very useful. However, the ability to buy TON Crystals with a bank card, combined with the easiest user experience of the “buy TON Crystal with credit card” button just within touch, will be one of the deciding factors to aid Free TON adoption with the mass audience.

For more than 3 million people the TON Crystal tab (that will appear in the wallet) will look like this:


Seems very interesting collaboration. I’d like to invite you guys on AMA session! PM me!

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Maybe there are enough wallets already? not enough of your own? There are well-known wallets, you need to scroll through them, which are really used by everyone . This is the first time I’ve heard about this wallet, no one I know uses it, the project has already been brought to the end by its useless partnerships. This is a serious topic, you need to dig, it’s for you that candy wrappers are distributed right and left without even understanding what it is about. This applies to many partnerships, not just this one

Может быть уже хватит кошельков? своих мало? Есть известные всем кошельки, на них надо листить, которыми реально пользуются все . Я впервые слышу про этот кошелек, им никто из знакомых не пользуется, проект и так уже довели своими бесполезныи партнёрствами. Это серьезная тема, копать нужно, это вам что фантики раздавать направо-налево даже не понимая о чём речь. Это многих партнёрств касается, а не только этого. о

Analytical report freeWallet

This is our partnership analytical report prepared for the “Analytical reports about partners” contest.

Present analytic report is completely based on the data available in the open sources. Due to ethical reasons, personal contact details are partially hidden. The report structures all the publically available information and flags potential interdependancies and inconsistencies. Present report should not be regarded as a verdict or proof of any kind. It is an initial open source intelligence: not all the information gathered or conclusions made can be regarded as 100% legit.




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