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FreeWallet x FreeTON partnership proposal

And I also know perfectly well what all this “marketing” is worth from most of the partners who come here only for free TON. The red price of this “integration” is a couple of tens of thousands of dollars.

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You take advantage of the fact that many users of the forum are ordinary people, and they do not know what prices are in the crypto industry.

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IMO proposal is not effective and my vote is NO, because of two main concerns:

  1. If we are talking about decentralization, we need to support a non-custodial services. Freewallet is a totally centralized organization, which keep private key of it’s users. And it may be manipulated by regulators.
  2. The requested tokens according to the user base is clearly exaggerated.

:speech_balloon:FreeWallet Wallet AMA session (ask me anything).

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Можно дажe АМА нe проводить, это грабёж. Листитe только на топовыe кошeльки, всё остальноe нe имeeт смысла и только врeд принeсёт проeкту.

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Я использовал этот кошелек в 2018 году. Мои друзья использовали его. Пока мы не потеряли ETH летом 2018 года. Длительная переписка с саппортом ни к чему не привела. С тех пор я никому не рекомендую Free wallet. Если вам нужно хранить криптовалюту, храните ее где угодно, только не в этом кошельке.

Domain registration date: 2011-07-01
Domain expiration date: 2021-07-01
Domain owner: hidden

Wallet Services Limited

  • Company Number 2541076
  • Status Active
  • Incorporation Date 2 June 2017
  • Jurisdiction Hong Kong

Traffic sources:

Direct Traffic – 66%
Search engines – 19%
Social media – 9%
Referral network – 1,75% (low)
Email – 2%

850 000 visits in last 3 months

App Rating 3.9 based on 8 146 reviews
looks like white traffic

But token request on completion : 1,300,000 is too large request, even inadequate

Nice collaboration. I’m glad for such an event. I will use this wallet!

Dear community!

We pay close attention to the community and hear your feedback. For those with negative comments - we are working hard on improving our product and will do our best to bring maximum value for Free TON and its users.


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