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GalaxyOnline Partnership Proposal

This game would definitely benefit from synergy with FreeTON, and vice versa. Implementing a substantial part of the game logic on-chain will push both communities up to the next technological level.


Very interesting game with responsive administration and constant updates. I hope the integration of TON will still happen, because it will become even more interesting to play!


Galaxy game is interesting. I maintain a partnership with Free TON.


Играю больше года. Высококвалифицированная команда разработчиков, игра интересная и увлекает. Возможность поиграть и заработать , это прекрасное сочетание отдыха и развития в сфере блокчейна. Нет случайных людей, все професионалы в отрасли криптовалют. Надеемся что сотрудничество с Фри Тонн даст новый прогресс в игре и скачок в будущее Галактики.


We’ve requested 494k TON Crystal.

Source data:

  1. We have already spent more than 100k USDT in 11 months on the project’s development and testing.

  2. We have a unique product at the Beta stage and the possibility of releasing it at the beginning of 2021.

  3. We request the amount that will be able to use effectively. Otherwise, we are ready to return the tokens back or put the issue to a vote among the Free TON community to redistribute them to other categories specified by us.

According to our calculations, we are ready to break down in detail every cost item and the amounts planned for it:

  1. 200,000 TON Crystal will be used for integration and related expenses for a staff of 23 specialists working for 6 months:

CEO, Deputy Director, Technical Director, Commercial Director, System administrator, Lead programmer, 2 programmers, Game designer (responsible for balancing game mechanics and Economics), 3D graphics specialist, Designer, UI specialist, Android Programmer, iOS Programmer, Smart contract lead developer, Smart contract developer, Russian support service Administrator, English support service Administrator, Head of marketing and advertising, Marketer, Copywriter, Translator, Video director, Video studio host.

Each employee’s pay varies from 500 to 2000 TON Crystal. Some positions, such as Lead Programmer, Android Programmer, iOS Programmer, Smart contract lead developer, and Smart contract developer cost much more than 2000 TON Crystal by default.

This expense item also includes the creation of a video studio with the purchase of equipment for approximately 5000-7000 TON Crystal, and payment for 3 servers for 6 months = 63200 = 3,600 TON Crystal.

Total: (200 000 - 10 000)/6/23 = 1 377 TON Crystal - we get average salary, which is an acceptable norm in case of possible force majeure, for example, if the rate of TON Crystal becomes less than 1 USDT in the short or long term.

It is important for us to guarantee employees’ pay for 6 months even if the exchange rate fluctuates, rather than to let down people who leave their projects to work for us.

  1. 50,000 TON Crystal - advertising expenses for 6 months.

This item of expenditure is also calculated for a 6-month period or 25 weeks. Weekly expenditure for advertising will be 2000 TON Crystal, most of the funds will not be paid to a specific advertiser, but distributed among the community of a crypto blogger who will make an advertising review in his YouTube channel for free, while providing his users with bonus codes to get TON Crystal for registering in the game and participating in game events. This way, we will attract the target audience not only to the game, which is a key task in this cost item, but also to the Free TON blockchain. In a way, we will be Ambassadors for Free TON.

  1. 60,000 TON Crystal - expenses for contests among players for a period of 6 months.

Every month, we need to spend at least 10,000 TON Crystal on the prize pool to conduct contests among players and the Free TON community. The amount less than 10,000 TON Crystal per month will not be significant for the planned implementations.

  1. Creating the history of the game universe and the history of a specific game race (blockchain, including Free TON). The history of game races is an integral part of the game universe and represents the foundation on which the game system is built and developed.

  2. Creating science fiction and humorous stories based on the game (Galaxy Online Fan club -

  3. Creating the style of the Free TON race by the community itself and according to its tastes and preferences. This includes working out the style, visual design and the color scheme for many game elements: spaceships, rockets, planet backgrounds, etc.

  4. Creating a variety of other graphic and visual images in the game.

  5. Creating soundtracks.

  6. Creative work in other important areas, including offline solutions, such as branded clothing items: t-shirts, t-shirts, caps, pens, mugs, souvenirs and so on on a competitive basis.

  7. 30 000 TON Crystal – bug reports.

Practical experience shows that in 11 months we spent more than 10K USDT for these purposes - this is the maximum that we could afford under previous conditions, and this amount was not enough.

In addition to bug reports, we will inevitably have to hire third-party technical audits and full-time beta testers that are not included in point 1.

  1. 90,000 TON Crystal - Airdrop Fund for 6 months.

6 months is 180 days. Game Quests with rewards should be generated daily in the game. this is one of the main motivations for beta testers and players at the initial stage of project development. It is the key to the subsequent avalanche of players from other blockchains. It is only 500 TON Crystal per day, which will be distributed in batches of 1-3 TON Crystal for 1 successfully completed Quest. These are the optimal amounts at this stage of development.

  1. 64,000 TON Crystal - Arena prize pool for 6 months.

One of the marketing strategies that we will develop in the long term is focused on eSports.

We will start laying the foundation for it by holding weekly game tournaments among a limited number of elite players from each Corporation and race (blockchain) in a separate tournament galaxy for just 2500 TON Crystal. These are acceptable amounts at this stage of project development.

This cost entity shows that the funds that we request will mostly go to the Free TON blockchain community, which is already established today, as well as to the community new members, and those expected in the next 6 months.

Best regards,

Galaxy Online project team


The proposal doesn’t look like a partnership. This is more like a VC investment request.

Freeton does not yet have a crownfiding or venture platform.

The Freeton project needs partners with their large userbases and the integration of technology into their everyday life.

also I recommend that you read this document:


Well, this is a great partnership if this will be happen because if this game will being popular or trend, there’s a lot of people are now using freeton by using it as a reward or prize pool, i hope it will be successful.


Hi, everybody. I’ve been playing this game since day one. The game has changed a lot since its creation. Some changes were controversial, but developers listen to their community and make a product for players. Very cool game. I think this cooperation will benefit both sides.


For those who participate in the subscription bounty and receive coins for free, now I think it’s worth thinking about whether it’s worth it to just sell or use them differently? :man_shrugging:

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This proposal is just not worth the tokens. It’s inflated. The stats are not verifiable. Sorry, but it is a complete no for me.


A large number of tokens will be spent in the game again, on the acquisition of game values (ships, energy, solarium, modules) from other players in order to become stronger and receive more bounty through game quests :slight_smile:


Yesterday we processed all the feedback from the forum and telegram chat and are preparing a proposal broken down into a larger number of stages and a request for a small number of tokens from 25k to 42k TON Crystal for a period of 2 months, for which we plan to show the effectiveness of using funds in specific measurable units with transparent reporting.


Where is the updated text? Can’t see it anywhere here.

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The proposal has not yet been revised, we have begun to prepare the text

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When most of the coins are spent or blocked somewhere, this can only mean that the coin will rise in price (so to speak, this is one of the insiders for holders))


KPI (initial commitment)

What can a partnership with Galaxy Online give Free TON?

A new project in the Free TON ecosystem, which aims to continuously and gradually increase the number of Free TON user via the game shell by attracting:

  1. Users of other blockchains: Minter, Tron (and in the future: Ethereum, Cosmos, Waves, Polkadot, Ripple, Monero and dozens of other blockchains).

  2. Crypto enthusiasts using the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, TUSD, ETH, and hundreds of other tokens.

  3. Members of crypto communities and crypto bloggers.

  4. Crypto exchanges traders.

  5. Players who don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Tools for achieving the goal:

  1. Connecting new races (blockchains) to the game is a direct involvement of their community in the game.

  2. Creating new corporations in the game (related to crypto communities, crypto exchanges, crypto bloggers) is a direct involvement of their community in the game.

  3. Creating game quests with rewards for completing them in TON Crystal tokens and game valuables (Solarium) using a smart contract on Free TON.

  4. Mandatory familiarization of players of other races (blockchains) with Free TON and the need to create an account in Free TON for crediting TON Crystal tokens received upon successful completion of game quests.

Obligations that we undertake in the framework of the partnership, according to Stage 1 (Initial integration):

  1. Creating a new Free TON race and base galaxy in the game

  2. Improvement of the current game economics specifically for the initial stage of integration.

  3. Initial integration of Free TON for easy registration/authorization of Free TON users in the game.

  4. Addition of TON Crystal tokens to the Galactic Market for trading with players of other races (blockchains).

  5. Writing a smart contract that will generate and give out daily rewards in TON Crystal for completing quests in the game

  6. Increase of beta testers and popularization of Free TON technologies and TON Crystal tokens via the game.

Token allocation

- Stage 1. The initial token request: 39 000 TON Crystal :

1. 10,000 TON Crystal - Initial integration works described in KPI for 2 months.

2. 8,000 TON Crystal - advertising expenses for 2 months.

Tokens use: TON Crystal will be used gradually, and the emphasis will not be on paying for advertising to bloggers and owners of crypto communities themselves, but mainly on a barter scheme: a blogger publishes ads, and TON Crystals allocated to him go to his subscribers as rewards and are distributed in small amounts among a large number of people.

Reporting: At the end of Phase 1, a detailed report on the use of funds will be provided to the Free TON community.

3. 3,000 TON Crystal - for bug reports.

Tokens use: encouraging programmers among players to search for bugs and vulnerabilities, help in testing game mechanics on the PTA server, etc.

4. 18,000 TON Crystal - the game Airdrop Fund for 2 months.

Tokens use: daily generation of gaming quests, completing which the player will get a virtual TON Crystal token that the player should eventually be able to take to a Space Station (but he may be robbed by other players) and process it on the SS so that the virtual TON Crystal token is destroyed in-game and its real equivalent in TON Crystal is credited to the balance of the player’s account with the possibility to use it on the Galactic Market or to withdraw to player’s wallet linked to the game.

Distribution: prize pool of 300 TON Crystal tokens every day.

Reporting: public, based on Free TON transactions.

- Stage 2. At the end of Stage 1 and reporting to the Free TON community, based on the effect of the work done, tasks, goals and KPIs for Stage 2 will be formulated and additional TON Crystal tokens will be requested for the next Stage 2.


The changes are described above

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Partnership proposal text update


This one looks much better.

May be you can also attract Chatex here, so, the players can buy/sell coins with couple of clicks. It might be a good point.

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We have a built-in gaming exchange, which we are constantly improving and more and more tokens are connected for trading. The TON Crystal will also be added to the exchange. We have not forgiven cooperation with Chatex, but we see no point in including this in the proposal.