Free TON

"Giver Moderators" for Free TON Telegram Channels

Combot is already working with crystals (very impressive!). I think we should give crystals to respected community members (such as @Roman_D, @am_kira, and @Grigoriy2000 who are regularly in the chats to !tip and !rain crystals to other members the channels (focusing on new, high-quality members). This will create hype and bring new members to the channels and community. Also, the “giver-mods” can reward other community members that provide high-quality answers and support to new (and old) members.

If the community/governance thinks this is a good idea, we can add nominations below for giver-mods and vote/favorite (like we did for crypto angels). I think we should have one or two giver-mods in each channel (in very different time zones, if possible). They can be given an allocation for one week or month (for example, 100 TONs/week) to !tip and !rain to other channel members. If they do a good (and honest) job, they can be given additional allocations. The giver-mods should also be rewarded (for example 50 TONs/week) for their time and support. These amounts should be adjusted as exchange prices change.

I do have some concerns about this idea - this could bring too much low-quality traffic that is only looking for free crystals. If we see this happening, we can stop or reduce the allocations. Also, the giver-mods should be careful to not “rain” too much. They should focus on rewarding positive, constructive behavior - TONs should be “earned”, not randomly given away or rained/airdropped, IMO.

If this idea is popular, I will add more structure and details to this proposal.


Hello. Great idea and act out every night among the participants.


Proud to be here. Good job