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Grindez & Free TON Partnership Proposal

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Thank you for having me on the AMA, it was nice to hear feedback on Grindez and speak with the community.

A new update on the development of Grindez! Location services are now enabled on our freelance marketplace. Grindez now allows freelancers to list services with locations added to their listings. Companies and recruiters can search for freelancers nearby or anywhere in the world. Connecting talented professionals around the world for part-time, full-time, and on-demand tasks.

A few more features being developed for Grindez. The implementation of Free TON blockchain is next in order for freelancers and remote workers to be paid for their online skills!

The rating is our personal vision of the attractiveness of the partner offer, based on a number of indicators, such as the value/relevance of the partner offer for Free TON, the team (its publicity/anonymity), audience coverage, the presence/absence of a legal entity, the presence of partnerships with other companies, reputation, etc.

All conclusions are subjective and cannot be taken as advice for action. The analytic team is not liable for any loss that you incur directly or indirectly as a result of or in connection with advice, data, information, estimates, projections, or forward-looking statements provided in the analytic report.

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Hello Free TON community. Thank you for the opportunity to partner Grindez x Free TON. A few things I would like to say…

I don’t think the analytics people understand the significance of the partnership.

Grindez has real people. Real freelancers and real recruiters. It’s growing a crazy amount everyday.

This is an opportunity to bring in widely talented people into the Free TON community. It’s not a short term thing. Think long term. Think use-cases.

Free TON will benefit due to the fact that I’ll be going through startup accelerators and gaining actual traction. So if Free TON partners before all of this happens then it’s a win win.

I am doing everything with Grindez legit 100%, no fake followers, no fake traffic boosts. Because I am building a real company. I am getting real funding through startup Accelerators. I cannot have fake audience numbers to impress the Free TON community like other partnership proposals clearly boast.

The concern should be with how active the users are and if they will join Free TON. I don’t think social media numbers should be a concern for analytics people though.

Most of my users are looking for ways to earn money and participate in communities. They are hungry and they need more communities to help them earn and network!

I think those who are judging should focus on the real-world use case of business partnerships long term use versus over inflated numbers which other companies display.

So if you would like to see Free TON grow as a real-world use case then I think you should consider the pros of partnering with Grindez. I am an established professional and I will not put my reputation on the line just for some quick TON crystals.

If the partnership is not successful then I will return the TON Crystals and we can move on. I think Grindez x Free TON should at least have a chance at partnership. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Good news! I have been accepted to become a writer with Entrepreneur! More reach capabilities! Pending Business Insider article to be published as well!

Other than this, so far this been the best month for Grindez in terms of growth. Web traffic, new user registrations, listings, and features being developed have grown immensely.

I would love some feedback regarding this partnership. If anything needs to be changed within the proposal then please let me know! I can update the proposal as the community sees fit. I know this partnership will provide positive benefits to both communities and I am looking forward to implementing the first stage of development to provide freelancers and recruiters the opportunity to interact with Free TON blockchain for their freelance tasks. With the immense growth happening on Grindez right now, this is optimal time to implement the Free TON blockchain in order for all the new users to have exposure right away when they join vs being existing users on the site. Looking forward to more feedback!

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