Free TON

Hi.Say me something about this token

How are you guys?Say me something about these token.And also hlw can I get it free?

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ты можешь получить его выиграв в одном из конкурсов проводимых сообществом. Или выиграв в бесплатных турнирах по покеру(POKERTON), или выиграв в турнирах проводимых лигой киберспорта(ЛИГА) Обменять токены на фиат ты можешь в Chatex

you can get it by winning one of the contests held by the community. Either by winning free poker tournaments(POKERTON), or by winning tournaments held by the IigA of eSports. You can exchange tokens for Fiat currencies in Chatex

Так же можете стать валидатором (WIKI)

You can also become a validator (WIKI)

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Follow the contests on the forum. See, read what is interesting for you. Also an information group on the telegram channel Free TON.Community

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