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IP Protection Platform DIGITAL PROOF - Partnership Proposal

Partnership Proposal:

Digital Proof on TON - Transparent IP protection and ownership platform

Digital Proof



Ideas Matter! More than ever, in our ever digitized world, securing one’s ‘Intellectual Property’ is becoming an increasingly important facet of product development. From musicians, to artists, R&D centers to co-working space, universities and more, anyone or any company with a unique idea in today’s fast paced world of interconnectivity can quickly have their IP stolen. With patent applications piling on at law and notary officers, innovators are increasingly nervous about these ideas being stolen even before they hit the patent office!
With Digital Proof on Ton, users are able to secure their IP and creations and even during the iteration cycle in a fast and secure manner. Ultimately with cost reduction to lawyers and patent offices, claimants who secure their documents on Ton will be able to get paybacks in the form of tokens.

The FreeTon community can benefit from the platform as it allows anyone or any company to secure documents and also earn tokens in the process.

With the advent of Covid, and the accelerated move to the digit space, it is now more important than ever to make sure that Intellectual Property

Problem Description

With the advent of Covid, and the accelerated move to the digital space, it is now more important than ever to make sure that Intellectual Property is secured and ownership . A study in 2014 suggested that in the US alone $250 billion in intellectual property is lost from the economy *Link. A staggering number that doesn’t take into account individual artists or creators. With the ease of access to data online, anyone could have their ideas stolen and replicated with ease.
Copyright laws protecting IP to some extent can be very difficult, with no clear way of proving ownership. With digitized content both in the blockchain space (i.e. NFT’s) and out becoming prevalent, it is paramount that IP ownership is secured to its owner.

  • Digital IP ownership is hard to secure
  • IP theft is growing year on year in correlation to a more digitized and connected world


DigitalProof is a solution allowing creators to secure a timestamped, digital signature of a file on the Blockchain in a transparent and secure way.

DigitalProof system outline:

  • A platform for single users all the way to Enterprise clients to secure file ownership on a
  • Massive cost reduction for patent firms with an immutability and provenance of files.
  • Simple record of hash, signature and file outline. (File itself does not sit on the Blockchain)
  • Future loyalty program for DigitalProof users who are reducing costs for Law and Patent firms.
  • Whitelabel system to customize and integrate API of DigitalProof into dashboards across multiple
    sectors: R&D Centers, Universities, Co-Working Spaces, law firms and more!
  • Remove the need for NDA and partner vetting.

Solution Specs

The process flow is as follows:

Single Users:

  • A membership or trial is setup and users can begin securing their files on the FreeTon blockchain by
    dragging and dropping files into DigitalProof on Ton website.
  • Users are instructed to fill in ownership info (name, address, telephone etc), with the info saved for
    future use.
  • A signature hash of the file is generated on the FreeTon Blockchain with the separate proof of
    ownership document both downloadable.
  • DigitalProof Verify will verify all downloadable Hash Files on the FreeTon blockchain for future


  • For Enterprise users, DigitalProof will discuss a commercial partnership where API of DigitalProof is
    provided a license to large firms looking to secure their documents.
  • Integration into a client dashboard is made, i.e. a Co-Working dashboard where users are able to
    enjoy the same services as above.
  • Large market segment with 1,000’s of possible clients in many sectors using DigitalProof to secure
  • All generated Hash signatures will sit on FreeTon as above.

Future loyalty

  • With growth, and massive cost reductions, relationships with Law and Patent firms will allow future
    DigtialProof users to receive tokens on FreeTon as loyalty.
  • Potential for automated dividends with returns set up from Law and Patent offices. Building
    longstanding relationships, and reducing costs would allow community dividends for all Digital
    Proof on Ton users / Members. (Partnerships and dividend plan TBC)

Solution Elements

The beneficial elements are as follows :

Security in collaboration

  • Use of blockchain allows induvials and companies to securely collaborate across the board with
    clear evidence of creations.
  • For small companies and startups, proof of ownerships allows deeper and quicker discussions with
    investors looking to vet companies.
  • Companies can also feel more confident sharing their IP creations with investors without the worry
    that their creations will be copied or sent to a third party.
  • Employees can feel more confident working together with micro ownership proofing.
  • When it comes to valuation company co-owners can easily decide how much of a company belongs
    to whom, depending on the level of creation and involvement.
  • Remove the need for an NDA.

Progressive proofing

  • With incremental development, comes the headache of consistency in keeping track.
  • Digital Proof on Ton allows proofing with immensely focused and small increments.
  • Numerous iterative changes can be recorded on the fly with progressive proofing, giving extra
    confidence in the innovation cycle.

Selective proofing

  • Large corporations may not always want their data or certain patents to be made public.
  • Some data for (example a firmware design) must only be available to certain departments (i.e.
    software department).
  • With the scalability and huge cost reduction of Digital Proof on Ton, companies are able to increase
    transparency, reduce costs, and secure IP by providing visibility in a secure manner.

Benefits for system users

Digital Proof allows users to claim and protect their intellectual property instantly on an immutable and secure blockchain. Below are verticals where Digital Proof on Ton will be positioned:
Single Users:

  • Secure IP in a cost effective, secure and immutable way.
  • Fast progressive protection on each iteration.
  • Easy set up for any creator from Musicians to Artists, Writers and more.
  • Blockchain investors could user Digital Proof on Ton to secure their financial statements for
    provenance when declaring any earnings.
  • Potential to earn dividends for any user
  • From single monthly payments to team plans.
  • Provenance, immutability and authenticity all built into a single product.

Co-Working Space:

  • With the growth of Co-Working spaces big brands like WeWork can implement the Digtial Proof on
    Ton API into their dashboard.
  • All members, who are mostly innovators and smaller start-ups can benefit from using the platform
    to secure their documents.
  • Simple integration allows seamless use of co-working dashboard, massively brining adoption of the
    FreeTon blockchain to users across the world.
  • As of 2019, there were nearly 19,000 co-working spaces globally each with 100’s of teams, with an
    expectation for this number to grow to 26,000 by 2025. *Link

Universities and Higher Education:

  • Students developing either a new concept for higher education or simply wanting to prove
    authorship of documents can use Digital Proof on Ton through University dashboard.
  • Integration of Digital Proof API into university dashboards allows seamless use of document protection, massively bringing adoption of the FreeTon blockchain to users across the world.
  • Integration of digital books from university would allow fast and seamless proofing of plagiarism avoidance.
  • Potential for loyalty and payouts of Ton tokens to students who use system, cutting costs of proofing for university teachers.
  • With Covid pushing more students to study remotely, proving ownership and avoiding plagiarism will be a paramount endeavor.

Research and Development centres:

  • There are over 13,000 companies classed as ‘Enterprise’ globally, each at a size that would have an R&D centre of their own, and with R&D centers a need to protect innovation is paramount *Link
  • All of these companies can use the system as a complimentary tool to their patent applications.
  • Integration of Digital Proof API into R&D canters allows seamless use of document protection, massively bringing adoption of the FreeTon blockchain to users across the world.
  • Fast and progressive proofing and daily even hourly basis would allow an immense amount of usage on FreeTon. Huge volumes of data will be processed allowing the Blockchain to be massively adopted on a global scale.

Big Pharma

  • The pharma industry was worth $1.25 trillion dollars as of 2019. *Link with 24,000 biotech companies registered in 2014 *Link
  • In Europe alone, during 2017, €10.2 billion was lost in Counterfeiting, accounting for 4% of the entire pharma industry *Link
  • With new drugs constantly being developed, protecting IP in the industry is a huge endeavour that requires simple yet effective methods.
  • Integration of Digital Proof api into big Pharma companies allows seamless use of document, medical protection, massively bringing adoption of the FreeTon blockchain to users across the world.

Patent and Law offices:

  • Patent and law offices themselves are able to use the solution to protect their files, but also implementing files that are processed the many verticals that adopt Digital Proof on Ton.
  • Partnerships with offices will allow education of technology and adoption for IP ownership proofing.
  • With cost reductions, speedy processing of filing and applications, proofing and ultimate assistance in ownership, smart contracts down the line will allow dividends from offices to be made to all Single users of Digital Proof on Ton. Creating an economy and rewards based system for all stakeholders.

Current Status

  • DigitalProof is running on the proprietary blockchain platform DCore since 2019
  • Market scope made in 2018, with multiple IP dispute cases used as benchmarks proving viability of platform (*Link to Law Cases on DigitalProof website)
  • Research and development of solution began in 2018, and launch of product was finalized in late 2019.
  • Multiple vetting and partnerships are pending with Law firms such as ‘Schin & Majduch’.
  • Pricing models and solution is ready as of Mid 2020, and scoping of user acquisition to begin by late Q4 2020 / 2021.

Benefits for the Community:

  • Massive boost of FreeTon usage
    13k Enterprise companies with R&D centers, 25k Universities, 19k Co-working spaces, 24k Big pharma companies and millions of single creators allows a large pool of potential users to adopt and boost the FreeTon blockchain platform. With a plan to caption at least 150,000users by the end 2021 and upwards of 10m users by 2025, the aim is to reduce the complexities around securing one’s IP as well as proof of ownership.
  • Boost use of TON Crystals in the IP proofing
    With more usage, and cost reductions for patent firms, the ultimate goal is to provide incentives to for dividend returns to single users of the platform from large corporations. This will be in the form of Ton Crystal tokens that will be handed out to all users boosting adoption and creating a cycle of exponential growth.
  • Persuasive defense of ownership With a registered file on the FreeTon blockchain, a data, time and hash signature that cannot be erased or tampered with, allows claimants more security.
  • Rewards for community who use Digital Proof on Ton allowing snowball growth and adoption.

Plan of action

Technical & Business Development:

  1. Integrate Digital Proof with FreeTON blockchain and offer an option for Ton Users to secure documents on TON
  2. Partnerships in Universities, Pharma, Enterprise tech companies, Law Firms and more. With focus on Europe, Russia and Emerging Markets where patent disputes are thriving.
  3. Enterprise focus mainly.

Token Request

  1. 380,000 FreeTon tokens (Beginning 190,000/ After Finalising of Integration 190,000)
  2. Three (3) FreeTon tokens per individual user referral fee, paid to Digital Proof, evaluated on a monthly basis.

None of the DigitalProof team members are US citizens.

I suggest you find errors in Free Ton and get a reward. What is the value for cooperation with Free Ton?

I strongly believe this is incompatible with the spirit of Free TON! Information wants to be free, not IP’d to death. This kind of crap enables the old world, not helps the new world. Vote it down!

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Hi thanks for the note.

I would urge you to read what DP does as it’s absolutely in line with open data and decentralised sharing.

Digital Proof is a method to create a digital hash of a file stored on the blockchain. The document itself is not stored.

DP is a method to prove ownership of a creation. A document is put on the decentralised blockchain for EVERYONE to validate and approve. If you are a musician or artist you still need to prove ownership of your creation. That’s what Digital Proof does.

IP protection is of course a very important challenge to crack and is a very relevant use case. Given polarising opinions so far maybe doing an AMA could be a good way to best deliver your idea and answer questions. Recent history shows that AMAs sometimes help to improve the business case.


Hi there,

Thank you for the support, what a wonderful idea. Will be setting up an AMA shortly then.