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Lets encrypt is insecure for forum

Why forum use lets encrypt? Its insecure for forum. Lets encrypt isnt responsible about SSL certificate and where they will go because organisation is non-commercial.

Who said you lets encrypt is insecure?

Lets encrypt org or ISRG (Internet Security Research Group) is non-commercial. Hence they are not responsible if ssl certificate will be stolen.

yes yes, you already said that. but what about insecure factors? at least one, please

Organisation can use for example selling for hackers certificate or use by yourself. If this certificate will fall in bad hand intruder can sniff traffic

Dear @commaster1 is interesting what you introduced here on your topic, but unfortunately it is poor about details and more explanation! So I think will be better for you if you to do some change adding more information and details about what you want to explain us. I think will be easy for us to understand well.

Of course. Lets encypt can send private data without responsible. I suppose to buy ssl certificate or use cloudflare and generate openssl certificate by yourself. You can read about lets encypt more.

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i recommend to skip reading this article and just read first comment by Dominic Robinson

he’s explaining why this judgement is wrong.